Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A.m Iriks & L.m IriksVictoria Park304805
AR & LC Hayes Pty LtdVictoria Park261587
Abbott, Geoff Victoria Park335101
Access Novations Pty LtdVictoria Park321397
Achard, Parris Victoria Park429338
Ackley, Cherie Victoria Park255139
Aden Wholesale Pty LtdVictoria Park278465
Afand, Yama Victoria Park325365
Agf Charter Group Pty LtdVictoria Park441383
Aikman, Ryan Victoria Park428013
Akehurst, Michelle Victoria Park434415
Aldridge, Vanessa Victoria Park436822
Aldus, Cameron JohnVictoria Park329725
Aldus, Stephen CharlesVictoria Park236047
Alexander, David WarrenVictoria Park269594
All Finance Group Pty LtdVictoria Park232341
Alldrive Holdings Pty LtdVictoria Park276461
Allen, Conor Victoria Park438822
Allsop, Brock Victoria Park434410
Anthony, June Victoria Park437681
Anthraper, Matthew Victoria Park279023
Armstrong, Kathy Victoria Park463347
Armstrong, Trudy Victoria Park442480
Ashraf, Rasha Victoria Park327307
Auto Classic (w.a.) Pty LtdVictoria Park253252
Auto Network Pty LtdVictoria Park291258
Aves, Nick Victoria Park255161
Bacon, Clarissa Victoria Park446092
Baker, David Victoria Park436821
Baker, Reece Victoria Park437682
Baker, Ryan WilliamVictoria Park341179
Baldwin, Samantha Victoria Park446093
Ball, Matt Victoria Park318650
Barrington, Mark StephenVictoria Park295031
Beck, Ethan Victoria Park437684
Belien, Lynley Victoria Park441327
Bell, Belinda Victoria Park436820
Bell, Graham Victoria Park442903
Bell, Marni Victoria Park441326
Bennett, Neil Victoria Park456967
Bensley, Peter Victoria Park258343
Benson, Mark Victoria Park317865
Billett, Tony Victoria Park428029
Birchall, Richard Victoria Park438819
Blottin, Tim Victoria Park417365
Blunden, Nicholas Victoria Park331661
Bosley, Simon Victoria Park428027
Branaghan, Rebecca Victoria Park435665
Bray, Luke FrancisVictoria Park410672
Briggs, Jason DarrylVictoria Park283478
Brile -coeur, Davina Victoria Park309619
Brookes, David Victoria Park468876
Browning, Melissa AnneVictoria Park339455
Brunet, Eben Victoria Park434417
Bruno, Francesca Victoria Park428030
Bsm Accountants Pty LtdVictoria Park1253960
Buchanan, Latoya Victoria Park440181
Bui, Kevin Victoria Park430306
Burns, Hollie Victoria Park434408
Burswood Car Centre Pty LtdVictoria Park277303
Bywaters, Sandy Victoria Park440178
C A Sapwell Pty LtdVictoria Park1248302
Capricorn Travel Australia Pty LtdVictoria Park258383
Carroll, Eoin Victoria Park436097
Causeway Motorcycles Pty. Ltd.Victoria Park261848
Cavalier Asset Pty LtdVictoria Park261970
Chaben Holdings Pty LtdVictoria Park342759
Chandler, Timothy Victoria Park436824
Chang, Keegan Victoria Park438818
Chapell, Gregory ToddVictoria Park245858
Chapman, Angus Victoria Park436827
Charleton, Kylie AnneVictoria Park338934
Cherry, Richard Victoria Park435657
City Car Holdings Pty LtdVictoria Park429091
Clements, Leah JoyVictoria Park288108
Clements, Phillip Victoria Park263550
Collis, Mandy Victoria Park258341
Concorde Securities Pty LtdVictoria Park261684
Conlon, Elizabeth AnneVictoria Park261244
Connolly, Declan Victoria Park324133
Coughlin, Pamela Victoria Park308616
Crawley, Richard Victoria Park258344
Cray, Trent Victoria Park454101
Creemers, Holly Victoria Park431823
Cribb, Simon Victoria Park315673
Croome, Richard Victoria Park340596
Crouch, Sam Victoria Park428004
Cta Travel Australia Pty LtdVictoria Park258564
Cummins, Andrew Victoria Park405487
Cunningham, Jeff Victoria Park308554
Cunningham, Tristian Victoria Park428032
D'costa, Tahlia Victoria Park428022
D'vauz, Leanne Victoria Park456555
Daly, David Victoria Park316474
Dann, Michael Victoria Park435658
Darby, Thomas Victoria Park434115
Davy, Troy AlexanderVictoria Park332075
Demir, Sureyya Victoria Park309620
Denison, Mark Victoria Park410685
Denver, Steven Victoria Park428003
Donald, Heath Victoria Park340765
Doyle, Frank Victoria Park366486
Dubove Pty LtdVictoria Park308615
Dumas, Antoine Judex LindsayVictoria Park416777
Duncan Autos Pty LtdVictoria Park291790
Dunlop, Rachel Victoria Park376116
Duric, Jovana Victoria Park430307
Duzevich, Narelle Victoria Park273979
Eamus, Brian Victoria Park321163
Easifleet Pty LtdVictoria Park279109
Edwards, George Victoria Park428034
Edwards, Luke Victoria Park436826
Elwood, Matthew Victoria Park434407
Emery Group Financial Planning Pty LtdVictoria Park331953
Empowered Wealth Pty LtdVictoria Park293763
Evans, Paul Victoria Park428007
Ezzard, Richard Victoria Park255166
F & I Management Pty LtdVictoria Park261195
Fenton, Christpher JVictoria Park315835
Finance You Pty LtdVictoria Park385289
Fleck, Gillian Victoria Park342617
Forster, Clifford Victoria Park376117
Fred, Sherlock Victoria Park321162
French, Robert Victoria Park412256
Gail Szalla Financial Services Pty LtdVictoria Park438855
Galliott, Charles KennethVictoria Park283919
Gandhi, Mihir Victoria Park438820
Gavran, Ivan Victoria Park434116
General Car Sales Pty LtdVictoria Park329734
Gilday, Mark Victoria Park428037
Gin, SU Victoria Park455354
Goldflame Corporation Pty LtdVictoria Park323328
Gooding, Clive MaxwellVictoria Park332590
Gordon Crump's Duncan Motors Pty LtdVictoria Park269874
Gorrie, Christopher Victoria Park437677
Grant, Lance Victoria Park308610
Gray, Lauren Victoria Park430309
Gray, Rebecca Victoria Park428031
Green, Brittany Victoria Park441820
Griffiths, Paul JamesVictoria Park1253961
Grover, Stephen Victoria Park321164
Gunawan, Jeffrey Victoria Park428026
Gunn, Kelsy Victoria Park434413
Hackford, Jodi Victoria Park442190
Hall, Alan Victoria Park441328
Harken, Lauren Victoria Park441818
Harman, Jarrod DaleVictoria Park331826
Hartley Kawasaki Pty LtdVictoria Park261849
Hartley, Bruce Victoria Park263014
Haunold, Clare Victoria Park470506
Heald, David Victoria Park255348
Hepi, Rana Victoria Park428035
Hern, Matthew JamesVictoria Park238821
Hodges, Shayne RaymondVictoria Park329080
Hoogendyk, Ashley Victoria Park430310
Horne, Jake Victoria Park435664
Hough, Carl Victoria Park468877
Howarth, Rebecca Victoria Park244928
Huckle, Samantha Victoria Park428023
Hughes, Bindy Victoria Park426516
Hughes, Graham Victoria Park315836
Hughes, Jeremy Victoria Park345296
Hunter, Sian Victoria Park428002
IN City Motorcycles Pty LtdVictoria Park261917
Iannello, Jessica Victoria Park428006
Ierace, John Victoria Park258342
Iriks, Scott JayVictoria Park414778
Islam, Rizwan Victoria Park434412
Jackson, Brianna-sarah Victoria Park434405
Jacob, Bruce Victoria Park306821
Jaka Pty LtdVictoria Park276526
Jeffrey, Taryn Victoria Park404868
Jeremy (wa) Pty LtdVictoria Park342592
Jhg Financial Services Pty LtdVictoria Park457875
Joe Newman Motors Pty LtdVictoria Park325378
Johnsen, Dean Victoria Park412254
Jones, Ashley Victoria Park328926
Just, Stephan Victoria Park434788
Kainuku, Sharnee Victoria Park468554
Kamasz, Stuart Victoria Park444292
Kaur, Hardeep Victoria Park283783
Kennard, Christopher Victoria Park434419
Kim, Seong HeeVictoria Park1260871
Knightstar Pty LtdVictoria Park261878
Kystead Pty LtdVictoria Park437270
Larkin, Paul FrancisVictoria Park298253
Lemon, Philip Victoria Park417366
Leung, Daniel Victoria Park430305
Lewington, Vincent KeithVictoria Park454843
Lewis, Tom Victoria Park428025
Li, Xiaoheng Victoria Park434414
Lifemap Technologies Pty LtdVictoria Park287433
Liu, Jessica Victoria Park437680
London, Michael Victoria Park298254
Longbottom, Rachael Victoria Park449539
Lord, Arran Victoria Park441823
Lott, Surika SusannaVictoria Park275343
M.e Adenan & W AdenanVictoria Park310657
Macdonald, Jayde Victoria Park427998
Magill, Amanda Victoria Park428038
Mah, Philip Ser YuenVictoria Park300379
Mahsuri Travel & Tours Pty LtdVictoria Park267175
Male, Chris Victoria Park429339
Mangilaya, Omar Victoria Park435659
Manjit Sekjon & Hardeep KaurVictoria Park331537
Mann, Craig FrederickVictoria Park412806
Mariano, Adrian Victoria Park434411
Martin, Simone Victoria Park437676
Mather, Karl Victoria Park305236
Mccann, David Victoria Park315670
Mcculloch Suzuki Pty LtdVictoria Park273409
Mcdonald, Hannah Victoria Park434397
Mcdonald, Peter LachlanVictoria Park429532
Mcdowell, James Victoria Park446094
Mcginnity, Tiarnach Victoria Park431533
Mcilroy, Lee Victoria Park406401
Mcintyre, Donald Victoria Park270190
Mcmanus, Daniel Victoria Park431825
Merrick, Caylum Victoria Park440182
Millway Corporation Pty LtdVictoria Park261862
Mir, Mohammed AliVictoria Park410684
Mirco, Daniel Victoria Park431824
Moldon, Bryan Victoria Park428008
Moss, Alfred SidneyVictoria Park283114
Naicker, Nikkie Victoria Park434416
Naidoo, Reolan Victoria Park446091
Naidu, Helvin Victoria Park434403
Nash, Darren RussellVictoria Park419937
Naylor, Brittany Victoria Park440176
Neil, Zane Victoria Park440177
Nelson, Jonathan Victoria Park435661
Neo, Patricia Victoria Park428005
Newman, David Victoria Park413046
Ng, May Victoria Park436819
Ngaau, Patrick Victoria Park468117
Ngu, Sharon Victoria Park283781
Nguyen, Duy TamVictoria Park317866
Nugent, Gene Victoria Park436825
O'brien, Felicity LaurenVictoria Park285665
O'brien, Geoff Victoria Park257514
O'reilly, Nicholas Victoria Park428010
Ong, Catherine Victoria Park453407
P N D Motors Pty LtdVictoria Park323338
Panjaroen, Sukum Victoria Park435663
Parker, Germaine Victoria Park428012
Parker, Grant Victoria Park428024
Parkes, Brett Victoria Park305235
Parsons, Brett Victoria Park241636
Patel, Pranav Victoria Park456556
Patino, Adam Victoria Park455316
Peakall, Dylan GraemeVictoria Park1268725
Pegley, Daniel Victoria Park428033
Perks-hewitt, Robert Victoria Park299738
Peter Fletcher Realty Pty LtdVictoria Park269645
Peters, Albert Victoria Park332893
Peters, Sheldon Victoria Park435656
Peterson, Caitlin Victoria Park438821
Petrow, Pamela Victoria Park241637
Petta, Mark Victoria Park454692
Pickering, Gerald Victoria Park241638
Pink, Jarrod Victoria Park436828
Plumb, Robert Victoria Park232345
Potts Group Pty LtdVictoria Park323319
Prior, Daniel Victoria Park430312
Pryor, Eric-john Victoria Park428011
Purely Finance Pty LtdVictoria Park279675
Rai, Sharron Victoria Park434118
Ramsami, Brandon Victoria Park434404
Rao, Eravanan Victoria Park324816
Raphael, Ashley Victoria Park469804
Ratana, Jade Victoria Park441819
Ricupero, Carlo AnthonyVictoria Park222699
Robb, Sheila AnnVictoria Park275348
Roberts, Merv Victoria Park335106
Robin Nominees Pty LtdVictoria Park269455
Rodrigues, Darryl PeterVictoria Park232276
Rohanna Pty LtdVictoria Park267722
Romgem Pty LtdVictoria Park291257
Ruane, Nigel Victoria Park437679
Sadat, Said PadshahVictoria Park337169
Sahai, Sonya Victoria Park431826
Salter, Leigh PeterVictoria Park329540
Samuel, Ronald MichaelVictoria Park228092
Sarath, Daniel Victoria Park441821
Schuitema, Andrew Victoria Park436823
Scott, Bradley Victoria Park470957
Scully, Ehren MichaelVictoria Park1248418
Sekaon, Manjit Victoria Park283782
Selden Developments Pty LtdVictoria Park281001
Sell Consulting Services Pty LtdVictoria Park377420
Shaw, Matthew Victoria Park434117
Shining Light Pty LtdVictoria Park339023
Shoreville Pty LtdVictoria Park261734
Silich, Luke Victoria Park430308
Sims, Bridget Victoria Park428001
Sjw Unit TrustVictoria Park228464
Smart, Cynthia EllenVictoria Park237711
Smith, Jason Victoria Park428009
Smith, Ne-ara KentishVictoria Park440180
Sound Financial Services Pty LtdVictoria Park268669
Sovereign Credit Pty LtdVictoria Park1247643
Spotswood, Lachlan Victoria Park460300
Stardale Nominees Pty LtdVictoria Park261306
Stevens, Beau ElijahVictoria Park464841
Stevens, Karla Victoria Park441822
Stribling, Ray Victoria Park406402
Sturrich Holdings Pty. Ltd.Victoria Park308494
Sumlut, Goon TU RAVictoria Park321169
Sylvester, Jessica Victoria Park434418
Talavera Holdings Pty LtdVictoria Park261743
Tan, Judy Christine Zhoo- Victoria Park232275
Tanzil, Derry Victoria Park1233432
Taylor, John Victoria Park428039
Teague, Rhiannon Victoria Park430539
Teal, Luke Victoria Park454661
Teasdale, Jim Victoria Park428036
The Trustee For Aden Wholesale Unit TrustVictoria Park327413
The Trustee For Lamont Family TrustVictoria Park398648
The Trustee For M & J Roberts Family TrustVictoria Park420393
Theobald, Michael Victoria Park440179
Thompson, Jamie RaeVictoria Park431828
Tieland, Kaytlyn Victoria Park428774
Towers, James Victoria Park454693
Townsend, Matthew Victoria Park431827
Townsend, Steven Victoria Park410665
Trakya Pty LtdVictoria Park267319
Tran, Thanh LongVictoria Park338271
Tripi, Adam Victoria Park435662
Tripp, Alistair Victoria Park408139
Turton Nielsen Pty. Ltd.Victoria Park270625
Two Coins Pty LtdVictoria Park388518
V Gelevitis & D.p Rodrigues & T.p TurnerVictoria Park1248475
Value Financial Services Pty LtdVictoria Park403470
Van Schoubroeck, Peter Victoria Park269596
Vardy, Daniel Victoria Park434406
Varischetti, Fiona Victoria Park344258
Verlian, Stuart Victoria Park338580
Vic Park Auto Traders Pty LtdVictoria Park323320
Virgin, Anne Victoria Park415287
Vistal Holdings Pty LtdVictoria Park235416
Walker, Brett MichaelVictoria Park293923
Walker, Damian Victoria Park428000
Wallace, Michael Victoria Park344011
Wallace, Warren Victoria Park255259
Warawitya, David Victoria Park454301
Warren J Wallace & Jennifer M Lonsdale-wallaceVictoria Park261192
Waru, Kim Victoria Park428028
Waterman, Lachlan Victoria Park437683
Wayne, Christopher MagnusVictoria Park235744
Webb, Ben Victoria Park412255
Wedjago Travel Pty LtdVictoria Park1247759
West Coast Investments Pty LtdVictoria Park267703
West Coast Leasing & Finance Pty LtdVictoria Park261194
West, Casey Victoria Park427999
Wheeler, Lucy Victoria Park429340
Whitmore, James Victoria Park452551
Whitney, Darren Victoria Park315837
Whyte, Robert GeoffreyVictoria Park309251
Wilson, Stephen GordonVictoria Park287213
Winfield, Paul JohnVictoria Park229836
Wishart, Kristie Victoria Park269595
Witkowski, Tyron Victoria Park463345
Wong, Chung Victoria Park434409
Wong, Jeremy Victoria Park435660
Wong, KI OKVictoria Park241640
Woodhouse, Peter Victoria Park412257
Wright, James Victoria Park440183
Xu, Terrence Victoria Park438817
Yap, Rowen Rick WeiVictoria Park245338
Yong, Jason Victoria Park430311
Youngs WA Pty. Ltd.Victoria Park270668
Zhu, Edward Victoria Park437678