Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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Agnew, Jason Tuncurry257074
Alliance Strata Group Pty LimitedTuncurry280774
Barton, Frederick JohnTuncurry243257
Basham, Mick Tuncurry262720
Bell, Robert CraigTuncurry270706
Bell, Steven RobertTuncurry1273396
Blyth, Christine MargaretTuncurry1259850
Brown, Ruth Tuncurry1240550
Brown, Ruth LorenTuncurry1239348
Carmody, Melissa Tuncurry262716
Caves, Marcia Tuncurry262718
Caves, Mathew Tuncurry262719
Caves, Peter Tuncurry262717
Crowther, Karen LouiseTuncurry273329
Duffin, Nicholas NoelTuncurry301181
G.m Moss & M WallaceTuncurry431648
Garside, Lucas MartinTuncurry329246
Graham, Scott AnthonyTuncurry318009
Hobson, Jaire Tuncurry414373
Hohnberg, Matthew PaulTuncurry340900
Holbrook, Rebecca Tuncurry1241179
Ian Johnston Motors Pty LtdTuncurry304883
Johnston, Ian EdwardTuncurry310574
Johnstone, Diane Tuncurry266878
Levett, Cassie LeighTuncurry308873
Llifen Pty. LimitedTuncurry275456
Luscombe, Erin Tuncurry264669
Madden, Sandra DawnTuncurry267861
Maher, Alan SidneyTuncurry260966
Mallia, Kylie Tuncurry1253954
Marwell Pty LtdTuncurry1262036
Mccartney, Emma Tuncurry355881
Mcdermott, Terrence Tuncurry231402
Mcmahon, Adam Tuncurry261516
Montesin, Amanda Tuncurry1270594
Montesin, Ashley Tuncurry410254
Morrison, Rhys Tuncurry436912
Murray, Leanne Tuncurry257173
Murray, Steven RoderickTuncurry250535
Novello, Alex Patrick Tuncurry231401
Pain, David BruceTuncurry235857
Peguba Pty LtdTuncurry286237
Pitaree Pty. LimitedTuncurry266947
Regional Financial Solutions Pty LtdTuncurry235517
Shillalae Pty. LimitedTuncurry258779
Silvermate Pty LimitedTuncurry420180
Singh, Jason Tuncurry270964
Slow, Colin Tuncurry256943
Steven R. Murray Pty LimitedTuncurry253250
Sweeney, Debbie Tuncurry414542
T.j MC Dermott & G.m Moss & A.p NovelloTuncurry315985
The Trustee For Midcoast Animal Hospital Unit TrustTuncurry1262310
Torey, Helen Tuncurry266948
Total Strata Solutions Forster Pty LtdTuncurry266876
Vine, Marcia LeaTuncurry243258
Wallace, Malcolm Tuncurry264767
Worth, Pamela JeanTuncurry412010