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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Jan. 11, 2021

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A&k Veterinary Services Pty LtdRowville1263256
Aaa Mortgage Services Pty LtdRowville437003
Acn 089 961 580 Pty LtdRowville300588
Afi Distribution Holdings Pty LtdRowville398650
Alara Home Loans Pty LtdRowville1278290
All Transport & General Insurance Services Pty. Ltd.Rowville1254145
Aow, Pennie Rowville369447
Aow, Ricky Rowville369448
Baker, Chris LeighRowville1245361
Barker Financial Services Pty LtdRowville251677
Barker, John AnthonyRowville249127
Barna, Borislav Rowville1262971
Barry Hayes & Assoc. Pty. Ltd.Rowville288124
Barton, Glenyce Rowville1240055
Becic Nominees Pty LtdRowville272819
Bhungard, Rebecca JuneRowville366006
Bodger, Laura JasmineRowville1278291
Bunevicius, Tarryn JaneRowville1265772
Burke, Stephen FrancisRowville352161
Burridge, Fiona JaneRowville279601
Business World Developments Pty. Ltd.Rowville276005
C & S Teo Pty. Ltd.Rowville389257
CB Advice Pty LtdRowville1245265
Carmichael, Nicholas JonRowville339009
Carollo Horton & Associates Pty LtdRowville400855
Carollo, Anthony Rowville252066
Carollo, Giuseppe DavideRowville1241392
Carollo, Michael Rowville1242766
Carollo, Susan ElizabethRowville351256
Cavanagh, Patrick ShaneRowville1256335
Chan, Bee Rowville462805
Chan, Siew WongRowville244724
Chawda, Pravin Rowville1258678
Chowdhury, Jamil Rowville1251169
Clementson, Francis JohnRowville279758
Connell, Campbell AndrewRowville304056
Cowan, Leonie GayeRowville278601
Credience Pty LtdRowville1235247
Deane, Sally Rowville332307
Dega Partners Pty LtdRowville467019
Del Carmen Caro, Jacqueline Rowville286471
Derrick Gray Insurance Nominees Pty. LimitedRowville237193
Dickson, Denham Rowville377159
Dissanayake, Athula Rowville236145
Dozzi, Wayne KRowville297784
Drysdale, Zachary PeterRowville1270684
E Azzam & M AzzamRowville289021
Eddie Kane Pty. Ltd.Rowville248464
Elancol Pty LtdRowville275156
Ellul, Tracey LouiseRowville416158
Esler, Kenneth RaymondRowville286958
Essential Finance Pty LtdRowville396834
Fagan, Julianne Rowville461120
Fagan, Julianne LouiseRowville265508
Faife, Kristin GerardRowville1249706
Fang, Lin Rowville1257311
Ferriss, Bassenta Rowville421795
First Choice Property Invest Pty. Ltd.Rowville286679
Friendship Travellers Pty. Ltd.Rowville262256
Fryer, Cameron Rowville366779
Galashchuk, Luke Rowville389587
Girling, John Rowville231661
Gonzalez, Alex JoseRowville286475
Gray, Derrick William CarlisleRowville237773
Gray, Peter JohnRowville300392
Gupta, Mukesh Rowville337825
Hayes Girling Financial Pty LtdRowville328698
Hayes, Barry Rowville231645
Hew, Shannon Rowville1236892
Hill, Kandice Rowville252127
Hoong, Roy Rowville341581
Hoosen, Dehana Rowville290359
Hulley, Lisa MichelleRowville1279816
Ingram, Danielle MareeRowville293552
International Company Services Pty LtdRowville1239816
J.k.m.n. Williams & Associates Pty. Ltd.Rowville228452
Jones, William JohnRowville1008560
Kane, Aaron EdwardRowville285094
Karamchandani, Vikas Rowville463900
Keily, Damien MichaelRowville380581
Kennedy-borg, Jodi MareeRowville461121
Kingston, Karen BelindaRowville265853
Kuberalakshmi Pty LtdRowville455852
Kuzmic, Bojan Rowville300614
Lad, Minesh KumarRowville322801
Land, Jason Rowville312228
Lawrance, Natasha Rowville430314
Lee, Jonathan Cheng KoonRowville264250
Lobo, Clement EverestRowville342038
M Power Financial Services Pty LtdRowville1007004
Mac Insurance & Financial Services Pty LtdRowville1007652
Macfarlaine, Sylvia Rowville287530
Marasco, Michael Rowville321448
Marshall, Christopher Rowville231644
Mayadunne, Joseph SumithRowville1006990
Mcwilliams, Quentin Rowville385457
Mirchandani, Rajesh Daniel NareshRowville1236732
Montes, Trinidad Rowville298300
Muir, Phillip AshleyRowville291418
Munjal, Umesh ChandRowville427819
Murali, Sanyasikodamaggi NavilappaRowville1275322
Naidu, Kalyanasundaram Rowville455846
Nashed Enterprises Pty LtdRowville1007739
Nicholls, Murray JohnRowville236282
Northern Property Alliance Pty LtdRowville437654
O'brien, Janelle Rowville1272007
Pearson, David RobertRowville293558
Peiris, Hanwedige MudithaRowville333955
Persistent Super Pty LtdRowville1271212
Phanivong, Pam Rowville289269
Powell, Shelley AnneRowville269193
Prg Holdings Pty LtdRowville470555
R.j. Travel Pty. Ltd.Rowville228574
Radovanovic, Suncica Rowville300487
Real Estate Management & Marketing Pty LtdRowville272818
Reddy, Sushma Rowville454639
Rippah Pty LtdRowville1251297
Robstonrisk Pty LtdRowville465613
Rogan, Joy Rowville269056
ST Ledger, Darren PatrickRowville327152
Safi, Mustafa Rowville294609
Samios, Tracey Rowville279617
Shah, Nilay NaveetbhaiRowville1271213
Shami, Maher Rowville1236439
Siau, Philip Yen TshungRowville321410
Singh, Vinay BahadurRowville1283881
Slattery, Anthony ThomasRowville1276192
Slc Wealth Management Pty LtdRowville1008559
Solohub, Peter Rowville283808
Spruhan, Mick Rowville461119
Stevenson Financial Group Pty LtdRowville1255082
Stevenson, Michelle MuinyukRowville246405
Stevenson, Nigel Rowville303167
Stokes, Anthony PeterRowville351495
Stone, Robert AlanRowville246166
Stone, Simon GeoffreyRowville1283414
Sugiandi, Michael Rowville290366
Surman, Andrew CharlesRowville429657
Sweerts, Byron AnthonyRowville290078
Sweerts, Julia Rowville297177
Tangram Financial Pty LtdRowville338098
Taranto, Aldo Rowville1235250
Teo, Clement Loon HockRowville325786
The Greenmount Investment Trust & The Tomeo Family TrustRowville403483
The Trustee For Wellington Village Vet Unit TrustRowville1252226
Thompson, Justin Rowville320719
Tota, Nazario Rowville248883
Turner, Kylie Rowville1246871
Twentyten Consulting Pty LtdRowville1240054
Tzinis, Andrew Rowville1244665
VJ Financial Services Pty LtdRowville1283882
Vaka, Jordan DaleRowville335966
Vincenzino, Laura RachelRowville409487
Vissenjoux, Allan BurtRowville237233
Vural, Enis ErmanRowville448205
Walker, Sally Rowville293564
Walker, Sally SarahRowville426500
Walker, Sara VictoriaRowville323289
Walker, Sara Victoria MaryanneRowville1236213
Williams, Andrew Rowville426501
Your Next 4x4 Pty LtdRowville1277028
Zhang, Wei Rowville233457