Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A & S Neal Pty LtdRingwood1272784
A & T Lewtas Family TrustRingwood228542
A G Advisers Pty LtdRingwood278606
A.c.n. 102 455 783 Pty LtdRingwood269896
A1 Aussie Lending Pty. Ltd.Ringwood261812
AA Michael Nardella Real Estate Pty LtdRingwood300471
AC Corporate Advisers Pty LtdRingwood1260351
Accacc Pty LtdRingwood407126
Accumen Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Ringwood282746
Addicott Partners Pty LtdRingwood1277792
Aitchison, Dean Charles Ringwood452564
Aitken, Robert StanleyRingwood252429
Allan, Dianne MareeRingwood276871
Allen, Benjamin Ringwood231950
Anderson Lutgens & Co Pty LtdRingwood1239909
Anderson, Pamela MargaretRingwood441560
Andranie Pty. Ltd.Ringwood455934
Andrew, Graeme JohnRingwood296157
Andrew, Stacey LeeRingwood1246919
Anna, Berri Ringwood320760
Anna, Misuraca Ringwood321851
Annkar Nominees Pty LtdRingwood285044
Antolovic, Marija Ringwood326863
Archer Financial Group Pty LtdRingwood466780
Archer, Claire Ringwood330594
Aris, Steve Ringwood382110
Asp Automotive Services Pty LtdRingwood1250644
Ayres, Patrick Ringwood338214
B And N Automotive Pty LtdRingwood472319
Bailey, Anthony PaulRingwood308439
Bansal, Deepak Ringwood1008418
Batancs, Istvan Ringwood455357
Batancs, Steven Ringwood453072
Bates, Joe Ringwood296418
Bayswater Car Sales Pty. Ltd.Ringwood1252326
Bell, Christopher Ringwood1236398
Bell, Steven RodneyRingwood248435
Ben Brown Car Sales Pty. Ltd.Ringwood337075
Bertuola, Lynda MareeRingwood286484
Bielicki, Caroline AnnRingwood353325
Bilyj, Quincey Ringwood1278277
Birchall, Kellie MareeRingwood307050
Blanchett, Paris Ringwood458821
Blume, Daniel Ringwood1261341
Blyton, Peter Ringwood1237789
Blyton, Peter NoelRingwood430363
Bomford, David Ringwood1270064
Borg, Gayle PatriciaRingwood265534
Borrett, Malcolm CharlesRingwood282357
Bratby, Michael JamesRingwood283973
Brian Duke Car Sales Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273609
Bristow, Tania Ringwood239247
Broome, Andrew Ringwood443621
Browning, Travis Ringwood340717
Broxham, Debbie JayneRingwood307967
Burk, Karen LeeRingwood310467
Burke, Michael JohnRingwood235987
Burns, Christopher Ringwood1247160
Burns, Justin Ringwood318391
C & L Stark Enterprises Pty LtdRingwood329293
C.e. Carter & Son Pty. Ltd.Ringwood305591
Calanist Pty LtdRingwood273524
Caldwell, Peter Ringwood318392
Capitalcorp Finance & Leasing Pty. Ltd.Ringwood233929
Cardm Pty LtdRingwood456696
Carr, Cheryl Ringwood1261204
Cgf Insurance Services Pty LtdRingwood253658
Chan, Raymond Ringwood438596
Chellew, Russell LangdonRingwood294196
Clarchet Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273599
Clark, Sharni Ringwood407535
Clarke, Tarra Ringwood385017
Clarkson, Greg Ringwood274361
Cleland, Peter MarkRingwood338932
Coates, Luke Ringwood1239868
Cogger, David Ringwood303319
Coldarpete Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273443
Collins, Graham RiderRingwood270928
Collins, Phyllicity Haitlie BeckerRingwood270927
Compucon Computers (vic) Pty LimitedRingwood314751
Concord Lake Pty. Ltd.Ringwood269560
Consolino, Melanie Ringwood443790
Consolino, Peter Ringwood1241401
Consolino, Peter JosephRingwood296244
Costa, Mario Ringwood274359
Costabile, Peter DinoRingwood362240
Counting Coins Smsf Pty LtdRingwood1248835
Cranmer, Ricky NoelRingwood471762
Croft, Grant HaroldRingwood237731
Croftvale Investments Pty. Ltd.Ringwood237176
Cross, Meaghan Marienne NicoleRingwood316723
Cruise Auto Sales Victoria Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273608
Cummins, Wayne Ringwood298589
Cvet Corporation Pty LtdRingwood295067
Cvetovac, Philip Ringwood304358
DE Ross, Helen AngelaRingwood310468
DE Villiers, Andre LombardRingwood334401
Dakic, Daniel DavidRingwood1263644
Damatopoulos, Kathleen Ringwood405854
Davis, Carolyn Ringwood1257660
Degoumois, Jane Ringwood448554
Dermentzis, Anastasia Ringwood1271313
Dermentzis, George Ringwood291578
Desconsult Pty LtdRingwood269058
Dick, Barry StewartRingwood239741
Dignam, Martin GeoffreyRingwood296417
Dodgson, Sean Ringwood329927
Duke, Brian Ringwood443014
Duncan, Jennifer MargaretRingwood251631
Dunham, Barry Ringwood454662
Dunlop, Rachel Ringwood376116
Dunstan, Robert Ringwood336765
Durose, Tamara Ringwood1259554
Dwyer, Luke Ringwood452441
Dyke, Oliver Ringwood1278557
Earl, Emma JaneRingwood298497
Easy Pay Cars Pty LtdRingwood446234
Edwards, Catherine JoyRingwood405852
Eefting, Michael Ringwood1254059
Eefting, Michael AnthonyRingwood446576
Ehavendi, Sam Ringwood1261427
Ellum, Robert JamesRingwood265099
Eltaha, Rosalia Ringwood468336
Elza's Motors Pty. Ltd.Ringwood297012
Eno, Peter JohnRingwood260412
Etheridge Proprietary LimitedRingwood252625
Evans, Leigh GordonRingwood1243548
Evolve Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood419351
Faour, Alicia AnnRingwood321727
Fautley, John Ringwood296420
Ferguson, Alison Ringwood342092
Fernandes, Desmond Ringwood280460
Finance Sense Pty LtdRingwood1254934
Financial Lifestyle Partners Pty LtdRingwood1237874
Fitr Industries Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273607
Fletcher, Danielle Ringwood1255070
Flett, Andrew Edwin JohnRingwood1276471
Frank, Kelly Ringwood378354
Fraser, Megan LouiseRingwood1233491
Freros Investments Pty. Ltd.Ringwood1255942
Fry Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood281874
Fry, Peter GurneyRingwood281875
Futuretrax Pty. Ltd.Ringwood452561
Ganguly, Shaun Ringwood1238238
Gardner, Andrew RobertRingwood277992
Garry & Warren Smith GroupRingwood268011
Gemfield Park Pty. Ltd.Ringwood269396
Genesis Motors Isuzu Ute Pty LtdRingwood412328
Gill, Gurbinder SinghRingwood314371
Gleeson, Concietta Ringwood265535
Glenn Taylor Wealth ManagementRingwood1238168
Goold, Natalie JoyRingwood265536
Gramily Pty LtdRingwood1008762
Gray, Raechel Ringwood436432
Green, Kevin EdwardRingwood249148
Gribbrock, Tracey LyndonRingwood232959
Guthrie, Katrina Ringwood461091
Hacking, Gary Ringwood274360
Haden Partners Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood344176
Haden, George Ringwood232315
Haden, Simon DanielRingwood318826
Hahnel, Joanne Ringwood313858
Hales, Mark IvanRingwood326194
Hancock, Henry DavidRingwood1236890
Hapuarachchi, Dulantha Ringwood1265320
Harmer, John EdwardRingwood230849
Harris, Jennifer Ringwood1275210
Harris, Lisa NicoleRingwood451272
Harvey, Michelle MareeRingwood1247188
Hassell, Stephan JohnRingwood256433
Hauser, Simon PeterRingwood265100
Hayes, Brendan Ringwood1008780
Hayes, Janeen Ringwood320758
Haynes, Marino Ringwood460691
Hayward, Ashley Ringwood354527
Head, Graeme Ringwood234713
Heffernan, Richard MartinRingwood266795
Heinrich, Tyson FrankRingwood1003457
Henwood-white, Jim Ringwood328012
Herold Ross Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood1243028
Herold, Mark AndrewRingwood245981
Hesketh Motor Cycles Pty. Ltd.Ringwood268977
Hewitt, John RossRingwood331862
Hlgm Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Ringwood265336
Hodgkinson, Sarah Ringwood260995
Hodgson, Dorothy Ringwood433192
Holt, Helen MargaretRingwood380044
Hood, Gregory JohnRingwood265656
Hood, Kelly-ann Ringwood265537
Hopkins, Vaughn Ringwood436067
Hrm Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood290446
Hunter, Fiona KateRingwood321234
Hurley, Samantha JeanRingwood290069
Innisfallen Enterprises Pty LtdRingwood340413
International Sporting Tours Pty. Ltd.Ringwood285746
Jalal, Sayeba Ringwood1250818
Jeffery Deans Pty LtdRingwood461417
Jennings, Colin LaurenceRingwood261162
John V Anderson & Stephen G A PotterRingwood322356
Journey Wealth Pty LtdRingwood1277726
Kath & Jack Pty LtdRingwood235582
Katsiavos, Sylvia Ringwood273467
Kenins, Craig AlanRingwood416262
Kevin Green Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood252276
Kha, Henriette Ringwood472750
Kinvig, David JohnRingwood413642
Kline Shipping Pty LtdRingwood1008142
Knowles, Bill Ringwood268377
L & D Corporate Pty LtdRingwood270085
L.j Rose & P.j RoseRingwood332462
Lainez-sanchez, Jose Ringwood1258394
Lakey, Steven DesmondRingwood319893
Lawrence, Emily Ringwood432184
Leahy, Sheryl Ringwood341043
Lee, Alistair DuncanRingwood290899
Leeanna, Russell Ringwood321855
Leonard, Julia AnnRingwood455447
Li, Michael Ting-kinRingwood1252923
Licciardi, Mario MichaelRingwood301917
Ligas, Ania Ringwood398607
Lister, Justin Ringwood410048
Lo, Chun Fai Ringwood1263311
Lo, Ivan Ringwood1259414
Longboard Wealth Pty LtdRingwood1264577
Loten, Dianne Ringwood251432
MS Financial Consultants Pty LtdRingwood432853
Macklin, Nicholas JRingwood1233547
Maddern, John Ringwood1239967
Mainenti, Danielle Ringwood404869
Maroondah Pty. Ltd.Ringwood269719
Marscay Pty. LimitedRingwood273606
Martin, David Roderick OrmistonRingwood247599
Matlioski, Stan Ringwood277940
Mattioli, Marina Ringwood307644
Mcdonald, Benjamin HenryRingwood1261867
Mcgann, Mandy AnnRingwood328734
Mcilfatrick, Colin Ringwood281702
Mcilfatrick, Emma Ringwood442766
Mciver, Samantha MareeRingwood1274030
Mclachlan, Joanne LisaRingwood259523
Mcmahon, Raymond Ringwood235986
Mcneice, David Ringwood298247
Mcphee Mortgage Broking Pty. Ltd.Ringwood441366
Mcphee Securities Pty LtdRingwood386493
Mcphee, David Ringwood428179
Mcpherson, Neil PhillipRingwood291540
Mcqueen, Cameron Ringwood320759
Mde Motors Pty LtdRingwood435303
Melbourne R.v. Centre Pty LtdRingwood273525
Meridian Brokers Ringwood Pty LtdRingwood1239869
Merritt, Nicholas JohnRingwood1248834
Michelle Harvey Enterprises Pty LtdRingwood1247189
Millsome, Steve Ringwood442096
Mirabile, Sally Ringwood320763
Missen, Colin WilliamRingwood246072
Mitchell, Stephen JamesRingwood334431
Moonen, Shaun Ringwood445848
Morris, Andrew WilliamRingwood1243029
Morrow, Peter CadellRingwood1258442
Moss, Catherine JoyRingwood1242038
Moye, Faye AllysonRingwood317518
Murphy, Dominic JohnRingwood285265
Muskens Bourke Travel Pty. LimitedRingwood228498
Muto, Patrick Ringwood296421
Nab Financial Planning Ringwood Pty LtdRingwood472689
Naicker, Nikkie Ringwood434416
Ncn Pty LtdRingwood324507
Neal, Susan LeighRingwood1272785
Nicholas, David Ringwood443015
Nolan, James CliffordRingwood1268311
O'connor-price, Wayne Ringwood1243493
ON Q Prosperity (vic) Pty LtdRingwood341566
Oakwood Grange Pty. Ltd.Ringwood261735
Obsidian Finance Pty LtdRingwood297107
Oliver Cox Pty. Ltd.Ringwood418975
Oliver, Craig Ringwood308551
One Financial Group Pty LtdRingwood247809
Ormiston Martin Pty LtdRingwood418023
Ostle, Kate LynelleRingwood417657
P.a Payne & P.s PayneRingwood435069
P.g Brown & M HaynesRingwood426226
Parker, Diane CarolRingwood265538
Parkins, Craig WilliamRingwood284068
Parr, Gabrielle KateRingwood321806
Parry, Kerry IreneRingwood321807
Pathways2wealth Pty LtdRingwood1262687
Patrix Prestige Pty LtdRingwood296422
Patterson Cheney Pty. Ltd.Ringwood243809
Payne, Danelle Ringwood328931
Payne, David Ringwood454944
Payne, Paul Ringwood436066
Pellegrino, Fausta Ringwood273477
Penaluna, Tim Ringwood398608
Peter Stevens Motorcycles Pty. Ltd.Ringwood270647
Petermark Agencies Pty LtdRingwood428185
Pit Lane Motorcycles Pty LtdRingwood298525
Plose, Stuart Ringwood1243261
Plus 61 Pty LtdRingwood1258443
Postma, Julie AnnRingwood446575
Pradem Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood465331
Pradem Pty LtdRingwood446577
Project Performance (australia) Pty LtdRingwood228792
Puddy, Shanyn Ringwood269703
Pugh, Gary Ringwood385018
Pymm, Richard JamesRingwood264955
Ralph, Craig WilliamRingwood247554
Ramjee, Niranjan Ringwood416586
Ramsden, Andrew RobertRingwood341106
Reid, Michelle Ringwood406540
Relocation Logistics Australia Pty LtdRingwood259093
Renfore Pty LtdRingwood266672
Ringwood Auto Sales & Services Pty LtdRingwood1249172
Ringwood City Motors Pty LtdRingwood429921
Ringwood Trading Pty LtdRingwood432382
Robert, Hamilton Ringwood320762
Romar Nominees Pty. Ltd.Ringwood267712
Rossi, Alfredo Ringwood1237796
Russell, Leeanna Ringwood320761
Russell, Timothy EvanRingwood315293
S & G Truck Sales Pty LimitedRingwood324229
Sadler, Sue Ringwood265544
Sadler, Susan Ringwood380179
Safary, Kawos Ringwood1253770
Schmitz, Mary Ringwood301976
Scott, Alana Ringwood434400
Scott, Belinda Ringwood273486
Scutt, Trevor Ringwood298289
Sedon, George Ringwood454838
Shark Motors Pty. Ltd.Ringwood288798
Sharpe, Colin WilliamRingwood443451
Shaw, Jane ElizabethRingwood265539
Shea, Melissa Ringwood1263445
Sheals, Sharon Ringwood1256215
Sheehan, Kathleen Ringwood265540
Shelton, John FrancisRingwood1247595
Sibbison, Brett MichaelRingwood287116
Siebel, Dick Ringwood249344
Silvers, Thomas Frank Ringwood278899
Singh, Dilkanwar Ringwood396422
Singla, Rohit Ringwood455998
Sjm Financial Enterprises Pty LtdRingwood321299
Slattery, Brett AntonyRingwood472686
Smith Wagner & Associates Pty LtdRingwood385445
Sommerville, Craig KnightRingwood1258183
Spot Smash Repairs Pty LtdRingwood337483
St. Martin's Investments Pty. Ltd.Ringwood321730
Stapleton, Edward Ringwood253421
Steven & Fausta PellegrinoRingwood228565
Stevenson, Donna Ringwood304359
Stewart, Mark CharlesRingwood314388
Stolfa, Maurice Ringwood1260690
Stone Financial Services Pty LtdRingwood318837
Streamline Travel And Cruise Pty LtdRingwood1234343
Sugiandi, Michael Ringwood290366
Sunus Concepts Pty LtdRingwood470556
Taylor, Glenn AndrewRingwood278505
Taylor, Ronald EdwardRingwood235988
The Elite Consulting Group Pty LtdRingwood304357
The Trustee For Aman Family Trust & The Trustee For R&r Enterprises Family TrustRingwood1260884
The Trustee For Audio Trends Unit TrustRingwood323573
The Trustee For Belford Wealth Management TrustRingwood428537
The Trustee For Bellgray Family TrustRingwood1232885
The Trustee For Cjb Motors Trust & The Trustee For Lat Motors TrustRingwood337726
The Trustee For Gill Private Wealth Family TrustRingwood1251965
The Trustee For Julian Brady Wholesale TrustRingwood435360
The Trustee For Kvw Bucci Investment TrustRingwood433335
The Trustee For Nicholas Busuttil Family TrustRingwood438323
The Trustee For Orfanidis Family TrustRingwood342705
The Trustee For PF Family TrustRingwood325982
The Trustee For Peter Beamish Motors TrustRingwood328121
The Trustee For Pretty Family Trust NO 2Ringwood458443
The Trustee For Ringwood Trading Unit TrustRingwood1266298
The Trustee For Smith Trading TrustRingwood468899
The Trustee For The John Fautley Family TrustRingwood308550
Thewlis, Matthew Ringwood1246501
Thompson, Wayne Ringwood337620
Tire Seal Australia Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273605
Tom Tully Pty. Ltd.Ringwood248720
Tower Financial Solutions Pty LtdRingwood315454
Travel IS Fun Pty. Ltd.Ringwood228450
Tricarico, George Ringwood415434
Tristane Pty. Ltd.Ringwood257535
Tully, Thomas WilliamRingwood248719
Twywil Pty LtdRingwood315392
Uberti, Gus Ringwood273496
Vanderhorst, Peter Ringwood271053
Vidakovic, Martin Ringwood289836
Vine, Eric Ringwood235989
Vong, Ricky Ringwood1258006
Wagner, Manfred Ringwood239288
Wallwork, Rebecca Ringwood256354
Wellard, Herta Ringwood287454
Westlake, Bill Ringwood271101
Whyte, Karlee JadeRingwood415615
Whyte, Kristian Ringwood434598
Williamson Partners Financial Planning Pty LtdRingwood1258444
Wilson, Craig AnthonyRingwood265542
Wilson, Daniel Ringwood328374
Winter - Cox Motors Pty. Ltd.Ringwood273604
Winterling, Michael Ringwood320017
Wise, Michelle Ringwood307728
Witchell, Sally JillRingwood265543
Witham, Kevin Ringwood239863
Wizbang Consulting Services Pty. Ltd.Ringwood452104
Woods, Michael Ringwood319119
Woodward, Emma KateRingwood302679
Wynack, Edmund Ringwood274358
Yu, Jason Ringwood466779
Zhao, Nick Ringwood448379
Zwarts, Marlene Ringwood336272