Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: Dec. 7, 2023

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Name Locality ID
A. Magazzu Motors Pty Limited Richmond 436140
Acollinsfp Pty Ltd Richmond 1260963
Akec, Peter Akech Deng Richmond 1305770
All Australian Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Richmond 334204
Allan Financial Planning Pty Ltd Richmond 421339
Angliss, Amanda Richmond 321329
Automotive Lease Packaging Pty. Ltd. Richmond 278797
Autonxt Pty Ltd Richmond 270300
Azoor, Asthar Richmond 1298846
Barnes, Liam Richmond 1302643
Bassat, Paul Moss Richmond 1264079
Birchwood Investments Pty Ltd Richmond 1269206
Blackwell, Cameron Jon Richmond 438928
Bontempelli, Alanna Richmond 422174
Borg, Michelle Richmond 1301558
Briix Group Australia Pty Ltd Richmond 1305234
Brown, Cindi-joy Richmond 1252770
Btc Markets Pty Ltd Richmond 1297122
C&d Capital Partners Pty Ltd Richmond 1298707
Carr, Danielle Richmond 1255190
Cerni, Grant Richmond 1250063
City Automobiles Melbourne Pty Ltd Richmond 325778
Cmib Insurance Services Pty Ltd Richmond 454054
Commercial Loans Pty Ltd Richmond 1282593
Connolly Cerni Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Richmond 1277917
Connolly Insurance Services Pty Ltd Richmond 1240487
Connolly, Amanda Richmond 1240478
Conscious Investment Management Pty Ltd Richmond 1275316
Creigh, Nathan Richmond 1293523
Cresta Funds Management Pty Ltd Richmond 1297856
Critchlow, Adrian Nicholas Richmond 1284234
Cusec Pty Ltd Richmond 1255059
Dalla Lana, Ashley James Richmond 1255060
Damatopoulos, Kathleen Richmond 405854
Debney, Alexander George Richmond 1302768
Derepas, Gavin Richmond 284256
Destination International Holidays Pty Ltd Richmond 426806
Directandeasy Pty Ltd Richmond 1266288
Dutton Financial Services Pty Ltd Richmond 1273718
Dvc & Associates Pty Ltd Richmond 1295894
Ecotone Partners Pty Ltd Richmond 1294239
Elsom, Leah Richmond 1282089
Eltringham, Graeme Andrew Richmond 454056
Evans, Lisa Richmond 1266850
Fleetplus Pty Limited Richmond 270321
Fletcher, Shaun David Richmond 1001756
Flores, Gian Carlo Richmond 1306939
Ford Motor Company OF Australia Pty Ltd Richmond 1299658
Fouvy, Patrick Richmond 311277
G Adventures Pty Ltd Richmond 309956
Geddes, Kristy Ann Richmond 449463
Genes, Jude Richmond 1304645
Gibson, Mark Richmond 239754
Glf II Feeder Pty Ltd Richmond 1296035
Glf II Management Partnership LP Richmond 1292880
Glf II Manager Pty Ltd Richmond 1288372
Glf II Mit Pty Ltd Richmond 1292879
Good Flow Insurance Services Pty Ltd Richmond 442865
Gregory, Adam Todd Richmond 1275318
Grey Innovation Investment Partners Pty Ltd Richmond 1283807
Grey Innovation Ventures Management Partnership I, LP Richmond 1284186
Gulliver, Thomas Richmond 1279464
Guya, Fardowsa Richmond 1269360
Hamilton, Matthew Richmond 1237971
Hancock, Lynda Richmond 354952
Harcourt, Jefferson Grey Richmond 1284244
Harney Stone Racing Pty Ltd Richmond 1258347
Harney, Rachael Dale Richmond 1258350
Harney, Stephen Francis Richmond 1258349
Harris, Miranda (roo) Mcdonald Richmond 1299274
Hensman, Benjamin Phillip Richmond 1294903
Hill, Elizabeth Anne Richmond 449462
Hjorring, Amanda Pramila Richmond 1243195
Holt, Antony William Richmond 1264076
Hughes, Gail Maree Richmond 420760
IN Travel Group Pty Ltd Richmond 470574
Imsure Group Pty Ltd Richmond 1267199
Ishak, Sam Richmond 1305958
James Lane Motors Australia Pty Ltd Richmond 1266461
Jindal, Anshul Richmond 1272698
John Hill & Associates Pty. Ltd. Richmond 258635
Johnson Partners Investment Services Trust & The Trustee For B & J Shannan Family Trust Richmond 1264444
Johnston, Jordan Aron Richmond 1296264
Kaiser, Paul Richmond 1233516
Kalatzis, Nicole Richmond 1294073
Kapoor, Vishal Richmond 416766
Kauri Wealth Management Pty Ltd Richmond 1280146
Killeen, Scott Richmond 1301557
King, Garth Richmond 469156
Krasnostein, Daniel Richmond 445358
Kyriakou, Christopher Richmond 1294040
LE Grand, Michael Francis Richmond 1306670
Lark Funds Management Pty Ltd Richmond 1290904
Leckey, Richard Anthony Richmond 337715
Lee, Leila Richmond 1260350
Lees, Russell Lloyd Richmond 1001046
Lewis, Timothy John Richmond 1259035
Licciardi DI Stefano, Sam Ignazio Richmond 285854
Long, Meagan Richmond 466088
Lucerne Australia Pty Ltd Richmond 1237281
Lucerne Funds Pty Ltd Richmond 1299102
Lucerne Private Pty Ltd Richmond 1299522
Luxe Travel Pty Ltd Richmond 340634
Macquarie Auto Village Pty Ltd Richmond 442585
Martiensen, Ross David Richmond 1271984
Maugi, Tanisha Richmond 1305243
Mcheileh, Samar Richmond 1299273
Mclardy Mcshane Financial Services Pty Ltd Richmond 325088
Mclardy Mcshane Horsham Pty. Ltd. Richmond 1239412
Mclardy Mcshane Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Richmond 320055
Mclardy Mcshane Kapoor Pty Ltd Richmond 1265965
Mclardy Mcshane North Coast Pty Ltd Richmond 1246810
Mclardy Mcshane Nsw Pty Ltd Richmond 444546
Mclardy Mcshane PI Pty Ltd Richmond 1289330
Mclardy Mcshane Private Clients Pty Ltd Richmond 1233470
Mclardy Mcshane Queensland Pty Ltd Richmond 1269674
Mclardy Mcshane S.a Pty Ltd Richmond 1275461
Mclardy Mcshane Trade Credit Pty Ltd Richmond 436098
Mclardy, Donald Cameron Richmond 262190
Mclardy, Nick Richmond 1234542
Mcshane, Georgia May Richmond 1302801
Mcshane, Mike Thomas Richmond 262193
Mcteare, Kristen Richmond 1303407
Mehta, Divya Richmond 1280070
Mercer Motors Pty Limited Richmond 328521
Mercieca, Jamie Lee Richmond 315053
Meredith Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. Richmond 337713
Micevski, Daniel Richmond 1267772
Milgrom, Adam Simon Richmond 1283680
Mitzeliotis, Toula Richmond 1233509
Moore, Kathleen Linda Richmond 262200
Mullen Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Richmond 1251527
Mullen, Darren Richmond 1251528
Murdoch, Geoffrey Stuart Richmond 337714
Murphy, Anthony Christian O'callaghan Richmond 1002282
Newell, Chelsea Kate Richmond 1299275
O'neill, Andrea Richmond 1277966
O'neill, Scott Richmond 1235319
Oreskov International Pty Ltd Richmond 1298845
Oreskov, Adriana Richmond 1001524
Panorama Financial Services (aus) Pty Ltd Richmond 1303106
Paterson, Alistaire Richmond 1305236
Penkethman, Mark Richmond 1269207
Personal Financial Advice Pty Ltd Richmond 311276
Petrusch, Lee Anne Sharon Richmond 262211
Power, Stephen Gerard Richmond 271533
Professional Risk Solutions Pty Ltd Richmond 1297007
Property UX Pty Ltd Richmond 1274768
Quinn, Paul Richmond 331787
Rate Chaser Pty Ltd Richmond 1301789
Reynolds, Derek Richmond 271534
Reynolds, Kellie Richmond 271536
Reynolds, Noel Richmond 271538
Rice, Geoffrey Richmond 271539
Richards, Phillip David Richmond 456169
Richardson, William Nicholas Richmond 1283172
Rogers, Jorgia Richmond 1303482
Roy, Tushar Richmond 1243196
Sammut, Jason Christopher Richmond 1278339
Scale Investors Pty Ltd Richmond 1299272
Scuderia Automotive Group Pty Ltd Richmond 1278797
Sean Simmons Travel Pty Ltd Richmond 420140
Shepherd, Scott Richmond 1260964
Spci 1 Pty Ltd Richmond 1255503
Square Peg 2018 Pty Limited Richmond 1267016
Square Peg 2020 Pty Ltd Richmond 1281708
Square Peg 2022 Pty Ltd Richmond 1294904
Square Peg Advisors Pty Ltd Richmond 1292757
Square Peg Capital Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd Richmond 1239419
Square Peg Capital Pty Ltd Richmond 445355
Square Peg GT Pty Ltd Richmond 1292756
Square Peg Global Fund 2015 Pty Ltd Richmond 1239415
Square Peg Israel No. 1 Pty Ltd Richmond 1239420
Square Peg MP 2018 LP Richmond 1267017
Square Peg MP 2020 LP Richmond 1281710
Square Peg Managers Pty Ltd Richmond 1274000
Square Peg Managing Partner, LP Richmond 1239416
Square Peg Opportunities 2022 Pty Ltd Richmond 1294905
Square Peg Opportunities Pty Ltd Richmond 1281709
Square Peg Ppi Pty Ltd Richmond 1239417
Square Peg South Yarra Pty Ltd Richmond 445354
Square Peg Technologies Pty Ltd Richmond 1294902
Square Peg Ugp Pty Ltd Richmond 1273998
Square Peg VC Pty Ltd Richmond 1282371
Stait, Darren Richmond 339243
Steendam, Joel Michael Richmond 1306985
Sultana, Carmen Mary Richmond 1275122
Tait, Cameron Richmond 1287547
Taylor Terrace Pty Ltd Richmond 451325
Team Inspect Pty Ltd Richmond 1305205
Tehan, Kevin William Richmond 319031
Teska & Carson Pty Ltd Richmond 316531
The Trustee For AA Insurance Trust Richmond 1298762
The Trustee For Fuller Business Trust Richmond 1278182
The Trustee For Ralph Taylor Family Trust Richmond 1262733
The Trustee For Stait Family Trust Richmond 1262951
The Trustee For The Zagame Mcl Trust Richmond 1265927
The Trustee For Wilson Pateras Financial Services Trust Richmond 1285562
The Trustee For Zagame Automobile Trust Richmond 1265926
Thomas, Steve Richmond 1239410
Thompson, Gavin Murray Richmond 284655
Thurston Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Richmond 1289317
Thurston, Stephen Craig Richmond 1282296
Tominc, Matthew Rudi Richmond 1275317
Trinh, Jesse Richmond 1304610
Trinity Financial Advisory Pty Ltd Richmond 1267771
Truckineasy Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Richmond 1241346
Tsf Management Pty Ltd Richmond 1277610
Tua Australia Pty Ltd Richmond 1248669
Valorem Pty Ltd Richmond 1305204
Van Der Pligt, Luke Richmond 331654
Varapodio, Susan Gaye Richmond 421189
Viccap Travel Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd Richmond 1239421
Victoria Capital Advisers Pty Ltd Richmond 1239418
Victorian Strata CO Pty Ltd Richmond 1290822
Vida, Justin Richmond 1280061
Vsopp Wealth Pty Ltd Richmond 1280886
Webb, Jodie Maree Richmond 458022
Wei, Xin Richmond 1268539
Wheatley, James Thomas Richmond 1001623
Wood, Iain Alexander Richmond 1302767
Yang, Rachel Ei Richmond 1283180
York Insurance Group Pty Ltd Richmond 1279462