Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Abisam Pty LtdParadise Point319533
Acn 131 952 086 Pty LtdParadise Point335508
Acn 164 350 547 Pty LtdParadise Point1251551
Akin, Mine Paradise Point415372
Anderson, Christopher JohnParadise Point332524
Anderson, Hayley HelenParadise Point286187
Australian Financial Planning Organisation Pty LtdParadise Point431314
Battista, Krista Paradise Point461122
Birtles-crute, Ian GordonParadise Point333602
Burnett, William GraemeParadise Point444274
Butler, John HenryParadise Point341282
Cannon, Amy NicoleParadise Point405401
Chessum, Jim Paradise Point262898
Citadel Finance Pty. Ltd.Paradise Point272512
Cliff, Shannon Paradise Point381690
Coles, Sophie ClareParadise Point332972
Dimatulac, Maria JesecaParadise Point1235828
Douglas, Jodie LouiseParadise Point435196
Dysart, Patrick JamesParadise Point285835
Ebert, Amie LeeParadise Point429385
Effective Management Pty LtdParadise Point297556
Egarr, Margaret ClareParadise Point265905
Favaloro, Bree CrystalParadise Point407799
Finn, Matthew LukeParadise Point455451
Four Leaf Development Pty LtdParadise Point1256773
Gallaty, Colleen MarieParadise Point277221
Gettings, Anthony CharlesParadise Point287524
Gilbert, Stefanie Paradise Point461123
Godfrey, Ragan LeighParadise Point403342
Graham, Adam Paradise Point1250227
Graham, Kelsey KateParadise Point332974
Grays Professional Services Group Pty LtdParadise Point283323
Greening, Mac Paradise Point325320
Greening, Phoebe Paradise Point325321
Hammant, Kristy-lee Paradise Point265908
Hart, Cody JohnParadise Point1251519
Hillsea Pty. Ltd.Paradise Point272513
Hollindale, Bridget GeorginaParadise Point265906
Hope Island Real Estate Pty LtdParadise Point436477
Hughes, Michael AllenParadise Point310673
Jh1 Pty LtdParadise Point465893
Karakatsanis, George MichaelParadise Point243514
Lee-leong, Cilla Paradise Point414157
Lettice, Peter Paradise Point439752
Marks, Cheyanne MauleneParadise Point473076
Martin, Aleksandra Paradise Point1240402
Millar, Grant Paradise Point462055
Morgan, Jenny AnneParadise Point332975
Motor Yacht Sales Australia Pty LimitedParadise Point344809
Onley, Clive HuxleyParadise Point412836
P E Financial Pty LtdParadise Point416732
Pancur, Patrick Paradise Point299449
Parker, Kristy WildaParadise Point439662
Paynter, David LeslieParadise Point1008674
Philbrook, Sharon DeborahParadise Point415158
R.w. Management (runaway Bay) Pty. Ltd.Paradise Point272514
Rasmussen, Krstine AnneParadise Point301368
Ritchie, Siobhan HelenParadise Point431841
Savinn Pty LtdParadise Point1233001
Sawyer Planning Pty LtdParadise Point286566
Sawyer, Lawrence ReginaldParadise Point242560
Seabrook, Liberty May ScottParadise Point412514
Sheather, Catherine Paradise Point1255546
Stewart, Angela LouiseParadise Point265911
Superswitch Pty LtdParadise Point1249372
The Point Partners Pty LtdParadise Point1246813
The Trustee For Blue Douglas Investment TrustParadise Point1237193
The Trustee For Corporate One Business TrustParadise Point424865
The Trustee For Paul Hill Family TrustParadise Point319966
Trob Pty LtdParadise Point228584
Vertullo Real Estate Pty. LimitedParadise Point272515
Vinnicombe, Simon Paradise Point1233000
Watts, Yvonne MaryParadise Point265907
Westra Van Holthe, Lisa Paradise Point337343
Wilkinson, Paris EstelleParadise Point407803