Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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All Boats Brokerage Pty LimitedNewport286239
All Solutions Group Pty LtdNewport438781
Anderson, David JohnNewport1253253
Andrew Moore Marine Pty LtdNewport262453
Anthony H Yopp & Associates Pty. LimitedNewport285773
Antill International Marine Pty LimitedNewport402312
Atley, James NicholasNewport242853
Ausail Pittwater Pty LtdNewport262401
Bardsley, David JohnNewport292270
Barlow Mcewan Tribe Pty LtdNewport334905
Barry White Real Estate Pty LtdNewport272230
Bell, Michael Newport271879
Bell, Steven RodneyNewport248435
Bokma, Martin Newport342091
Bray, David BasilNewport262786
Broken Bay Slipway Pty. Ltd.Newport296236
Bronier, Jules Newport262714
Burgess, Mark Newport388336
Chawla, Hariwansh Newport421647
Church Point Charter & Shipping Pty. Ltd.Newport262392
Cini, Gil Newport337267
Csanyi, Adrienne KayeNewport304189
Csanyi, Loretta FlorenceNewport304188
Cutting Edge Adventures Pty LtdNewport394197
D.j.h. Industries Pty. LimitedNewport288313
Damp, Gary ThomasNewport321116
Devakumar Pty LtdNewport1261139
Drew, Jennifer Newport232774
Dunn, Fiona Newport387022
Duodeck Pty LtdNewport309875
Edwards, John BernardNewport244813
Eliadis, Dimitri Newport1001845
Eliadis, Petros Newport291931
Euers, Katherine Newport305313
Euers, Katherine ThereseNewport469571
Even Keel Yachting Pty LimitedNewport262428
Fitzgerald, Glen IanNewport407623
Fleming, Robert JohnNewport438637
Forward, Dane Newport297123
Friis-clark, Doug Newport299330
Furey, Chris Newport301634
Futuristic Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Newport427994
Garnet Imports Pty LtdNewport283420
Garnet Port Pty. Ltd.Newport269906
Gerathy, Bailee MatthewNewport1234054
Glen N Voss Pty LtdNewport1233786
Glen, Wayne Newport336089
Hale, Mathew Newport321483
Hall, Louise Newport308711
Hawkes & Co. Pty. Ltd.Newport228546
Head, Graeme Newport234713
Housesafe Investing Pty LtdNewport469452
Inglis, William Newport1251499
Investing Eagle Pty LtdNewport463039
Investor Cashflow Finance Pty LtdNewport435259
Johns, Robert PeterNewport453720
Jps Finance Brokers Pty LtdNewport428356
Karim, Sarah Newport438828
Lariba Finance Australia Pty LtdNewport309110
Lincoln, William Newport281894
Long, Noni AnabelNewport340187
Martin, Gary Newport247862
Masualto Pty LimitedNewport1265693
Mcdonald, Metka Newport266201
Mclean, Aaron Newport281895
Mcnally, Tresna Newport419190
Moneywise Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Newport302180
Moore, Andrew Newport321067
Moustakas, Gregorios Newport296426
Mulcahy, Frank MartinNewport444604
Murphy, Michael Newport262787
N.m.r. Paredes Pty. Ltd.Newport248012
Newport Real Estate Pty. Ltd.Newport265301
Nightingale, Amber JaneNewport260386
Paredes, Nick SNewport248606
Paul, Darryl KeithNewport294268
Perkins, Craig MaxwellNewport309874
Petrevska, Tamara Newport409085
Phillips, Jeanine RitaNewport333116
Porter, Robert DouglasNewport287003
Raje, Bhavna Newport1000525
Randall, William MichaelNewport1238645
Robert Fleming Pty LtdNewport438635
Rose, Dawn Newport283429
Rowell, William Newport262715
S.n. Nicholson Pty LtdNewport337884
Saunders, Marcel BrianNewport248514
Scamps, Jean-paul Newport295777
Schelbert, Jennifer MurielNewport304029
Shimmel Pty LtdNewport412896
Slinger, Kerrie Newport300994
Smallwood, John Newport324325
Smith, Stephen Newport226686
Sofranko, Kathy AnnNewport315175
Soukhanova, Natalia Newport231107
Spicer-bell, Claire Newport271880
Srbinoski, Natasha Newport277258
Stott, Ella Newport409333
Stroud, John FrancisNewport265221
Sutera, Neil Newport337929
Tait, Prudence ClaireNewport333767
Tanti, Ilona Newport266202
Tarlinton Family Office Pty LtdNewport1272545
The Top Travel Group Pty LtdNewport258281
Total Financial Advice Pty. Ltd.Newport321822
Travelcorp (aust) Pty LtdNewport228658
Voss, Glen NormanNewport1233775
Wadley, Adam JohnNewport1247039
Ward, Robert JohnNewport460725
Waterhouse, Rod Newport287253
William A & Mark R RowellNewport270830
Wiltshire, David RobertNewport258084
Wood, Craig JohnNewport259177
Wood, Keith AlexanderNewport442909
Yates, Tim Newport321482
Yopp, Anton Newport283430
Youfirst Wealth Solutions Pty LtdNewport1248544