Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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A & I Warrier Pty LtdNambucca Heads264916
Allen, Peter Donald WilliamNambucca Heads280905
Antway Pty LtdNambucca Heads236190
Aqua Vista Realty Pty LtdNambucca Heads268935
Boyd, Cathryn Nambucca Heads307171
Burgess, Renee SkyNambucca Heads345053
Childs, Maree Nambucca Heads404388
Coelli, Megan Nambucca Heads448386
Collits Holdings Pty. Ltd.Nambucca Heads309772
Collits, Lindsay James VerdiNambucca Heads310858
Dawson, Brad Nambucca Heads335248
Donnelly, Gina Nambucca Heads264877
Dugdale, Bernard LeslieNambucca Heads310999
Duncan, Zena Nambucca Heads259807
Elks, Tanya LynnNambucca Heads274761
Fontas Pty. Ltd.Nambucca Heads254002
G.j Humphreys & L.f HumphreysNambucca Heads398086
Gorringe, Jarrad Nambucca Heads294697
Hughes, Margaret Nambucca Heads280903
KG & ML Oliver & LM WhiteNambucca Heads239943
Kennwal Motors Sales & Service Pty LtdNambucca Heads243858
Kokegei, Georgia Nambucca Heads422871
Lean, Darlene GaiNambucca Heads346000
Lean, Warwick DonaldNambucca Heads346001
Leckie, Vickie LeeNambucca Heads401958
Little, Raymond JohnNambucca Heads312224
Malouf, Nicole Nambucca Heads345246
Mansfield, Gail Nambucca Heads264875
Mcleod, Jacqueline Nambucca Heads345245
Mcqueen, Jacqueline Nambucca Heads254004
Morgan, John Nambucca Heads260337
Mullard, Judith AnneNambucca Heads227579
Mumford, Ronald JamesNambucca Heads260756
Noble, Errol WilliamNambucca Heads248151
Paul, Cathy Nambucca Heads345472
Smyth, Rhett Nambucca Heads311000
Warden, Deborah Nambucca Heads254003
Wattle Properties Pty LimitedNambucca Heads343000
Waugh, Sheryl Nambucca Heads314893
Welsh, Fiona Nambucca Heads259805
White, Lauris Nambucca Heads259809
Whitewater Investments Pty LtdNambucca Heads234402