Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 3, 2019

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Beaumont, Samantha LouiseMurray Bridge320221
Bielby, Jarrod Murray Bridge282938
Biz-oz Pty LtdMurray Bridge325609
Blacket, Ruth Murray Bridge396372
Blue, Kayla Murray Bridge397976
Bormann, James CarlMurray Bridge254679
Bormann, Narelle SuanneMurray Bridge254680
Bretag, Jo-anne LeeMurray Bridge337997
Brown, Holly DawnMurray Bridge320722
Brown, Kate MarieMurray Bridge243727
Budarick, Anthony Murray Bridge340713
Burgess, Paula Murray Bridge304555
Clayson, Malcolm JohnMurray Bridge315577
Cocks, Deidre Murray Bridge274213
Cronin, Megan Murray Bridge333292
Currie, Glenn AlexanderMurray Bridge337063
D.a Cocks & S.r CocksMurray Bridge266171
D.j. & M. Warner Pty. Ltd.Murray Bridge250922
D.r Murdoch & M.r MurdochMurray Bridge259848
Davis, Kimberley MoniqueMurray Bridge310838
Dealership Development (aust) Pty LtdMurray Bridge297887
Dutton Motors Proprietary LimitedMurray Bridge261768
Duttons Adelaide Hills Pty LtdMurray Bridge423800
E. & C. Dutton Nominees Pty. Ltd.Murray Bridge269842
Eglinton, Kate LouiseMurray Bridge344427
Eichler, Kayla Murray Bridge283283
Eichler, Pamela Murray Bridge333294
Farnham, Kelvin GilesMurray Bridge292358
Fiegert, Tricia GlenysMurray Bridge325984
Fischer, Rick SimonMurray Bridge341412
Franklin Parade Pty LtdMurray Bridge246336
Goonan, Grant Murray Bridge314046
Goonan, Kym MarieMurray Bridge237677
Goonan, Lynette Murray Bridge314045
Gowling, Kate LouiseMurray Bridge439832
Graeme Searle & Associates Pty. Ltd.Murray Bridge252493
Hill, Emily Murray Bridge1249987
Hill, Tony Murray Bridge309312
Hincks, Fiona MichelleMurray Bridge1241446
Honeychurch, Gaye MicheleMurray Bridge237678
Jamelle Park Pty LtdMurray Bridge254678
Jenkins, Eben Murray Bridge333293
Johnson, Mark Murray Bridge255636
Johnson, Mark GrahamMurray Bridge250408
Leonard, Debra Murray Bridge1246970
Lovelock, Wesley Murray Bridge314102
Lovelock, Wesley JohnMurray Bridge255658
Maddaford, Marcus PaulMurray Bridge248857
Mann"s Motors Proprietary LimitedMurray Bridge315287
Mann, Kiah BreeahnaMurray Bridge419045
Matulick, Tiffany KayMurray Bridge296145
Mcloughlin, Scott JamesMurray Bridge278666
Morgan, Deanna EliseMurray Bridge255659
Murdoch Insurance Brokers Pty LtdMurray Bridge250214
Murdoch Insureinvest Pty LtdMurray Bridge243739
Murdoch, David Murray Bridge250405
Murdoch, Margaret Murray Bridge255633
Murray Bridge Motor Company Pty. Ltd.Murray Bridge336722
Murraylands Marine Pty LtdMurray Bridge262619
NV Financial Planning (sa) Pty LtdMurray Bridge1241445
Napier, Douglas ArthurMurray Bridge302597
Nichols, Alison Murray Bridge291054
O'sullivan, Kaitlin Murray Bridge443272
Owens, John Murray Bridge281838
Ozkose, Ilknur Murray Bridge310839
Padman, Stuart GMurray Bridge284466
Perrey Bozzetti Financial Planning Pty LtdMurray Bridge466514
Phillpott, Danni Murray Bridge1254359
Pilgrim, Brett Murray Bridge308252
Pym, Joshua Murray Bridge423903
Rainey Investments Assets Pty LtdMurray Bridge243728
Rainey, Brian MaxwellMurray Bridge255655
Rainey, Giorgina AngelaMurray Bridge255657
Scannell, Jeremy Murray Bridge255637
Schapel, Tim Murray Bridge377070
Schopp, Christie Murray Bridge342371
Schroeter, Lisa MareeMurray Bridge295962
Schubert, Eve Murray Bridge307027
Schubert, Michelle AngelaMurray Bridge299732
Searle, Graeme ArthurMurray Bridge252767
Sickerdick, Karl Murray Bridge1236393
Simon, Corey Murray Bridge467724
Sinclair, Rachel LouiseMurray Bridge312070
Spurling, Deanna EliseMurray Bridge302598
Sullivan Close Pty LtdMurray Bridge409960
Sullivan, Christina Murray Bridge283282
Sutton, Marita Murray Bridge257196
Taylor, Lucy AnnaMurray Bridge428903
Taylored Home Loans Pty LtdMurray Bridge300044
Thiele, Rosemary Murray Bridge343242
Traeger, Francine ClaireMurray Bridge316206
Trezise, Julieanne MichelleMurray Bridge1008922
Tyerman, Andrew Murray Bridge1244255
Voumard, Robert ByrneMurray Bridge266845
Wachtel, Sharon Murray Bridge251499
Warner Todd Insurance Services Pty LtdMurray Bridge277443
Warner, Desmond JohnMurray Bridge249503
Warner-todd, Robyn Murray Bridge251500
Wcoa Pty LtdMurray Bridge264108
Wehrman, Melanie AnnMurray Bridge276740
Welch, Maureen Murray Bridge255635
White, Elissa Murray Bridge322848
Williams, Lance DonaldMurray Bridge341345
Williams, Luke Murray Bridge255634
Wood, Gordon Murray Bridge304923
Woolford, Dean Murray Bridge278447
Yates, Karen Murray Bridge333174