Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A & G Financial Advisors Pty LtdMinchinbury1258270
Al-ibrahim, Fiori Minchinbury463995
Atkinson, Ian Minchinbury304903
Aussie Finance Choice Pty LtdMinchinbury395227
Auto City Group Pty LimitedMinchinbury275143
Auto Trader Pty LtdMinchinbury324651
B.l Grech & R GrechMinchinbury295343
Bechara, Helen Minchinbury374689
Bechara, Rita Minchinbury468385
Biegelmann, Michael AlfredMinchinbury332078
Bilbija, Tyrone Minchinbury269536
Cantwell, Thomas GlenMinchinbury1233722
Carbires, Yolande Minchinbury388405
Carrick, David Minchinbury269533
Cokljat, Alem Minchinbury1248001
Colosi, Anita MarkellaMinchinbury352376
Coulton, Jeffrey WayneMinchinbury322191
Dallasen, Charlton Minchinbury312125
Dennis, Karl Minchinbury310321
Elliott, Barry Minchinbury310573
Encarnacion, Benilda Minchinbury233234
Fletcher, Glenn ThomasMinchinbury341817
Georgievski, Goran Minchinbury311246
Gibbson, Jeff Minchinbury341774
Great Western Auto Finance Pty. LimitedMinchinbury262086
Gwaf Pty LimitedMinchinbury267405
Hardy-smith, Benjamin PeterMinchinbury425300
Hennessey, Shayne Minchinbury341775
Holloway, Mitchell Minchinbury318290
Hull, Richard Minchinbury275457
Hull, Richard DennisMinchinbury274920
Ideal Auto's Pty LtdMinchinbury294790
Kelly, Kim Minchinbury310319
Khan, Bart Minchinbury342226
King-gee, Natasha Minchinbury311251
Kinni Pty LimitedMinchinbury309075
Kotelian, Michael Minchinbury341816
Latham-callcott, Mark Minchinbury341411
Lazarevich, John Minchinbury342422
Lledroc NO 18 Pty LtdMinchinbury294789
Mahoney, Nikki Minchinbury1252374
Makaveli Management Pty. Ltd.Minchinbury424641
Manison, Frank Minchinbury304747
Markham, Naith Minchinbury438816
Masharqa, Mousa FariaMinchinbury304165
Mazza, Angela Minchinbury310557
Mccann, Belinda Minchinbury310320
Medina, Ryan Minchinbury440470
Mercer, David Minchinbury342378
Millho Pty. Ltd.Minchinbury269532
Minchinbury Motors Pty LtdMinchinbury276065
Money Now Pty LtdMinchinbury424824
Monte, Nathan Minchinbury410649
Moreno, Brittney Minchinbury457850
Noel Schmutter (sales) Pty LtdMinchinbury271180
Nsw Cheapest Cars Pty LimitedMinchinbury294795
O'shea, Gavin Minchinbury341406
Olliffe, Rob Minchinbury341407
Premier Cars Pty. LimitedMinchinbury328518
Profin Services Pty LimitedMinchinbury234723
Pure Gas Pty LtdMinchinbury340887
Razban, Hayatullah Minchinbury318456
Rice, Aaron JamesMinchinbury464664
Ringo-parsons, Susan Minchinbury1278193
Roberts, Robert Minchinbury295345
Rogers, Lisa Minchinbury1268523
Rogers, Stacey Minchinbury1273929
Rounds, Gordon Minchinbury269534
Saba, Miled ChrisMinchinbury324660
Sadlier, Robert Minchinbury269535
Selin Australia Pty. LimitedMinchinbury289866
Shea, Gary Minchinbury333396
Sheehan, Chris Minchinbury313781
Shepherd, John Minchinbury341408
Srp Finance Pty LtdMinchinbury1278194
Stapleton, Lauren EmmaMinchinbury1238325
Thearle, Anthony James AffleckMinchinbury1258271
Thompson, Kim Minchinbury341409
Thompson, Kim AntonyMinchinbury1237058
Tindale, Douglas JohnMinchinbury341405
United Autos Nsw Pty LtdMinchinbury409963
Valvis, Kerry LindaMinchinbury312625
Vittorias, Leon Minchinbury304429
Wallis, Colin RichardMinchinbury305164
Western City Autos Pty LimitedMinchinbury409966
Whelan, Mike Minchinbury341410
Wholesale Auto City Pty LtdMinchinbury1250864