Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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2M Business Solutions Pty. LimitedManly257507
A.c.n. 110 868 927 Pty LtdManly284007
A.w.b. Financial Services Pty LimitedManly251674
Adams, Michael AnthonyManly446322
Alford, John RichardManly231150
Altitude Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Manly280798
Amalgamated Financial Services Pty LtdManly240304
Anderson, Scott CharlesManly283627
Andreas, Ralph EricManly249206
Asi Corporate Travel Pty LimitedManly378507
Austbrokers Rwa Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Manly292187
Austbrokers Rwa Pty LtdManly279640
Austinspeters Financial Group Pty LtdManly461202
Axcel Business Services Pty. LimitedManly240955
Balis, Constantine Manly466415
Beaumont, Stephen WarwickManly248361
Biarne Capital Pty LtdManly1264781
Black, Daniel WilliamManly402152
Borg, Tony WilliamManly247880
Brown, Andrew StephenManly333081
Brown, Matthew WilliamManly313668
Browne, Christopher DorianManly255814
Budget OZ Travel Pty. LimitedManly295873
Button, Anthony JohnManly328819
Cain, Stuart JamesManly282826
Cameron, Alan Manly266802
Cameron, Murray Manly280349
Carson, Darrell Manly233151
Caulfield, Andrew JamesManly248617
Cavire Pty LimitedManly293347
Cedar Financial Consultants Pty LimitedManly247529
Chan, Josephine Manly411054
Charter Group Financial Services Pty LtdManly413141
Clark, Ben RobertManly298321
Condell Financial Pty LtdManly457925
Condell, Andrew JosephManly411142
Condell, Sean Manly1249624
Coral Coast Cruises Pty. Ltd.Manly274169
Couter, Clayton Manly1232731
Ctrl Pty LtdManly290475
Cxc Travel Pty LtdManly273294
DI Paolo, Robert Manly469203
Dahlstrom, Amy MargaretManly396052
Daisy And Berries Pty LtdManly413459
Darnell, Jeremy PeterManly311939
Dashwood, Helena Manly406673
Davidson, Jennette JeanManly240963
Davidson, Mike Manly259854
Day, Philip Manly260514
Design Elements Group Pty LtdManly403573
Devers, Peter Manly233160
Deyirmendjian, Zareh Manly401080
Dooralong Pty LtdManly442366
Driscoll, Lyndon JohnManly330262
Dunstan, Roger Manly233159
Easysport Australia Pty LtdManly309112
Economides, Polyvios PaulManly309111
Edwards, John IanManly248341
Elco Agencies Pty LtdManly314590
Falzarano, Tonino Manly380550
Femia, Mark Manly328904
Fernandez, Maria Manly1253131
Finlife Financial Services Pty LtdManly297816
Fitzpatricks Freshwater Pty LtdManly1234444
Flower, Campbell RoyManly470611
Forex Capital Management Pty LtdManly382645
Frazer, Greg WayneManly414471
Frazer, Kevin JohnManly247571
Fredericks, Debbie JaneManly285521
Freeman, Ian RonaldManly333752
Furtado, Jerome JosephManly473672
Galoway, John Manly232848
Gerrard, Jenny ClareManly450683
Gilbert, Bradley AllanManly382779
Gliksten, Jonathan Manly432641
Goodland, Fiona LeeManly469963
Gorman, Paul Manly247614
Graham, Nicholas JamesManly318166
Greenwell, Benjamin JamesManly407529
Greg Neville Pty LimitedManly284720
HJ Manly Pty LtdManly1243909
Hall, Kerry JamesManly302293
Hammerhead & Stingray Pty LtdManly322705
Handley-garben, Tim Manly280797
Harvey Business Management Pty LtdManly284721
Harvey, Steven JohnManly1243882
Hastings Corporate Finance Pty LimitedManly253004
Hastings Mezzanine LimitedManly279648
Heathcote, Darren LeeManly1258322
Henaghan, Michael LeonardManly440514
Herbert, Fergus RichardManly1258321
Hill, Michael RobertManly339352
Holiday Shop Pty LimitedManly309051
Holliday, Mary RuthManly320978
Holliday, Matthew Manly320977
Holmes, Michael RobertManly303420
Hook, Jeremy RobertManly310876
Horsnell, Ward GordonManly401270
Howarth, Melanie KateManly1239038
Infin8 Pty LtdManly358711
Investinsure Pty LtdManly297636
Jackson, Peter Manly302294
Jones, Warren Manly291438
Jonovski, Robert AleksandarManly470007
Joyner, Adam DavidManly324204
Keay, Andrew JohnManly427297
Kelly, Ross GeoffreyManly301295
Kelsey, James RobertManly340514
Key Financials Pty LtdManly279733
King, Peter AndrewManly290704
Lalic, Allan Manly405013
Landmark Travel Pty LimitedManly267622
Larsen, John Manly336457
Levy, Caren Manly1243867
Lindsea Pty LimitedManly1254563
Lykles, Deborah Manly469960
Maciver, Ian Manly284287
Mainview Investments Pty. LimitedManly262556
Manly Financial Services Pty LtdManly321127
Manly Travel Service Pty LtdManly234650
Mark W Giffin & Gilmore J MclachlanManly228255
Martin, Edward ChristianManly1266965
Mcgrath, Murray JamesManly240966
Mckenzie Financial Pty LtdManly472116
Mckenzie-young, Therese NicoleManly429905
Mcmurray, Aaron KeithManly298320
Meggitt, Peter CharlesManly247660
Miramar Underwriting Agency Pty LimitedManly320283
Mitchell, Jaron StephenManly290796
Monprop Pty LimitedManly272185
Moore, Patrick JosephManly231152
Morton, Ralph WynneManly283591
Muir, Philip RogerManly279321
N.m.b. Pty LtdManly278827
Naveco Pty. LimitedManly269893
Neville Ward Direct Pty LimitedManly257920
Nielsen, Peter RaymondManly383147
Nolan, Phillip RaymondManly223859
Nunan, Gregory Manly329884
O'brien Risk Solutions Pty LtdManly1248763
O'brien, Peter AndrewManly1248764
O'brien, Sean DavidManly1254564
O'donnell, Thomas EdwardManly1257192
O'grady, Ryan PatrickManly468529
Oceana Yacht Brokers Pty LtdManly259853
Odell Capital Pty LtdManly472123
Opal Wealth Management Pty LtdManly315547
Optimum Insurance Services Pty LtdManly291220
Ovation Travel Pty LimitedManly420249
Pailagian, Raffi Manly231026
Pailagian, Vasgo Manly267653
Parity Pty LimitedManly463732
Perkins, Tony RaymondManly232060
Personal Cfo Pty LtdManly311938
Peters, Carolyn Manly442367
Phoenix Financial Solutions Pty LtdManly308403
Pike, Gary WinstonManly362326
Pinesso, Elvio Manly251132
Porteous Pty LimitedManly281691
Preece, Thomas ChristopherManly1259288
Price And Partners Finance Pty LtdManly1253259
Price, James Edwin CharlesManly336052
Price, Jason KentManly1253260
Pringle, Arthur Manly239475
Queensland Marine Services Pty LtdManly232847
Quinton Financial Pty LtdManly462150
Rando, Veronica LynneManly309688
Revemere Pty. Ltd.Manly262580
Riordan, Simon Manly340922
Risk Holdings Pty LimitedManly436743
Robert Williams & Associates Pty LtdManly267214
Roberts, Michael Manly301180
Rogan, Mark Manly308402
Ronai, Daniel Manly284330
Safety First Planning Pty LtdManly466568
Salmon, Matthew JamesManly302817
Sandhu, Leo Manly320999
Seabrook, Wayne Manly337187
Self Managed Super Consultants Pty LtdManly422937
Sengchanh, Virakone Manly278073
Simpson, Anthony Manly1233382
Ski Japan Travel (aust) Pty LtdManly273753
Smith, Amanda Manly342121
Smith, Amanda JaneManly291226
Smith, Erin Manly406094
Spickova, Katerina Manly1234386
Spirit Marine International Pty LtdManly442738
Square Top Pty LtdManly260513
Stackpool, Hugh Manly1264782
Stephen W. Beaumont Pty. LimitedManly248068
Stephens, Matthew LloydManly298322
Stephenson, Pennie Manly262848
Strata Real Estate Services Pty LimitedManly266725
Stubbings, Richard JamesManly260515
T.r Perkins & P.r SchlagManly316295
Tasman Technology Pty LimitedManly419428
Tezzared Pty LtdManly467151
The Trustee For The Virtue Family Settlement TrustManly1249462
The Trustee For Your Corner Group Unit TrustManly456646
Thistle Trading Pty LtdManly276286
Tms Capital Pty LtdManly281920
Traders Gcf Pty LtdManly447827
Travel & Living Pty LimitedManly257650
Travelogistics Pty LtdManly302562
Tuckervision Pty LtdManly279111
Tyndall Capital Pty. Ltd.Manly415909
Tyndall, Leo AnthonyManly314826
Tyne, Justin Manly324141
Utami, Nural RahmaManly1278101
Value Investment Partners Pty LtdManly409849
Varinya Pty. Ltd.Manly272186
Venrick Pty. Ltd.Manly467152
Vickers, Karen SusanManly224392
Viljoen, Fred Manly260516
Virtue, Anthony DavidManly239509
Walker, Michael FrancisManly250702
Walker, William JManly239995
Wall, Susan Manly311285
Ward, Sean RobertManly284423
Wattle Payments Pty LtdManly1266964
Webb Financial Services Pty LtdManly428380
Webb, Joshua Manly428379
Webber, Anthony JosephManly255815
Woodlawn Capital Pty LtdManly404309
Wrentrav Pty. Ltd.Manly261371
Xplora Capital Management Pty LtdManly1264344
Xultan, Fahnaldo Manly1278100
Ycg Mda Pty. LimitedManly1260484
Ycg Wealth Management Pty. LimitedManly1260483
Zuckerman, Nathalia Manly1233705