Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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29 Talbot Pty Ltd & Lsrs Practice Pty LtdMalvern East1233346
AB Phillips Professional Lines Pty LtdMalvern East337017
Abacus Australia Ltd.Malvern East270482
Abicat Pty LtdMalvern East442953
Adapt Wealth Management Pty LtdMalvern East408772
Alliance Capital Financial Services Pty LtdMalvern East441640
Amelfi Pty. Ltd.Malvern East328839
Anderson, Sarah Malvern East466846
Anderson, Susan MargaretMalvern East431957
Aponso, Suren DiyalMalvern East225938
Apten Financial Solutions Pty LtdMalvern East335460
Astanin, Jorja Malvern East1001585
Attardi, Vincent Malvern East247056
Aussie Financial Management Pty. Ltd.Malvern East398186
Avata Develop Pty LimitedMalvern East1263902
Baird, Joanne Malvern East247054
Barnes, Alan CharlesMalvern East1252456
Bolt, Kevin WilliamMalvern East244305
Bridgeview Capital Pty LtdMalvern East339629
Brown, Stephen RobertMalvern East338290
Budge, Peter RobertMalvern East230572
Burns, Rachel CatherineMalvern East1007817
C.j.dwyer Pty LtdMalvern East407807
Camm, John PatrickMalvern East298387
Carter, Vanessa KarenMalvern East286487
Chefs ON The Run Corporate Racing Pty LtdMalvern East290339
Chong, Aaron Malvern East1242496
Chong, Joo Malvern East1242497
Closeburn Pty. Ltd.Malvern East352655
Collins, John NoelMalvern East449200
Contessotto, Augusto Malvern East340428
Copperhead Harvest Pty LtdMalvern East247254
Cox, Brett Malvern East1233917
Crombie, Frank Malvern East329929
Destination Group OF Companies Pty LtdMalvern East269382
Don, Nicholas RobertMalvern East300483
Dwyer, Paul Malvern East277034
Fabian, John Malvern East398187
Fabian, John MichaelMalvern East244822
Fast Track Finance Group Pty LtdMalvern East272684
Fca Insurance Services Pty LtdMalvern East308222
Fitzgerald, Carolyn JoanMalvern East342259
Funding Direct (australia) Pty LtdMalvern East305611
Fundit Finance Pty. Ltd.Malvern East1008932
Goodbell Pty LtdMalvern East445391
Greenman, David Francis HallamMalvern East428689
Griffiths, Michelle LouiseMalvern East233146
Gross, Anthony David LandaMalvern East236794
Gumley, David AlanMalvern East230570
Harding, Lynette Jose MarieMalvern East265565
Harrison, Ian Malvern East273280
Harrison, Russell AlanMalvern East263171
Harrisons Financial Services (aust) Pty LtdMalvern East268217
Harrisons Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Malvern East268218
Helix Incentive Design Pty. Ltd.Malvern East314111
Hellings, Jodie Malvern East247055
Henry, Maureen Malvern East265566
Hoch, Jamieson RandallMalvern East263310
Hottet Pty. Ltd.Malvern East1253639
Ian Hutchison & Associates Pty. Ltd.Malvern East248931
Integrated Wealth Planning Pty LtdMalvern East428584
Jazownik, Melanie JaneMalvern East265567
Jobling, Leigh WinstonMalvern East231839
Johnson, Kelly Malvern East278524
Jones, Jenny LouiseMalvern East318087
Jongebloed, Benjamin Malvern East1250630
K2 Finance Pty. Ltd.Malvern East1255563
Kannan, Vinitha Malvern East345700
Keating, Sara LouiseMalvern East240609
Kloszynski, Jason GeorgeMalvern East1262744
LE Deux, Frederick GerardMalvern East339630
Liesis, Julius CharlesMalvern East226509
Lord, Christopher Malvern East280463
Maccora, Adam Malvern East437436
Mahony, Brett JohnMalvern East250445
Mallard Business Solutions Pty LtdMalvern East435173
Malliaras, Tony Malvern East441639
Markos, George Malvern East226027
Martin, David JamesMalvern East240863
Maxxim Pty LtdMalvern East295366
Mcdonald, John Malvern East226508
Mcgivern, Daniela Malvern East265569
Menzies, Tracy LeeMalvern East294202
Milburn, Patrice Malvern East265568
Miller, Robyn BernadetteMalvern East279608
Millington, Frank Malvern East249572
Mosaic Solutions (aust) Pty LtdMalvern East407849
Murphy, Edward AshleyMalvern East226433
Neubauer, Alf Malvern East299114
Nlg Leasing Pty LtdMalvern East438170
Operation Transformation Pty. Ltd.Malvern East244280
Owens, Darren Malvern East231840
Peake, Barry JMalvern East326038
Petsinis, Michael Malvern East306424
Phillips, Todd DanielMalvern East408189
Proctor Major Wealth Partners Pty LtdMalvern East1233920
Prodromidis, George Malvern East265679
Property Owners Management Pty LtdMalvern East402454
Purves, Mark Malvern East256522
Raj Financial Pty LtdMalvern East457502
Rasakulasingam, Sugul Malvern East1264321
Recurrent Wealth Pty LtdMalvern East431966
Rhodes, Gregory Malvern East453320
Richards, Paul GeoffreyMalvern East294203
Richards, Sally AnneMalvern East285512
Robertson, Marcus DuersMalvern East350345
Rowett, Robert WilliamMalvern East339631
Sampson, Neville Malvern East226659
Scandizzo, Phillip Malvern East236524
Shamrakov, Lawrence LevyMalvern East447547
Spencer-gardner, John RaymondMalvern East323226
Spitzen Pty. Ltd.Malvern East1256851
Stojanovski, Michael Malvern East341050
Stubbs, Adrian Malvern East277965
Sullivan, Karen MarieMalvern East342260
Sunflight Holidays Pty LtdMalvern East228070
Tag Financial Services Pty LtdMalvern East230969
Team Australia Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd.Malvern East276893
Templeton, Mark Malvern East231838
Tendai Travel Pty. Ltd.Malvern East258099
Tetteroo, Diane Malvern East330967
The Trustee For Abicat TrustMalvern East441980
The Trustee For Amelfi Unit TrustMalvern East327669
The Trustee For Insureasy Business TrustMalvern East455794
The Trustee For Proctor Major Wealth Partners Unit TrustMalvern East1233918
Trans Tasman Insurance Solutions Pty LtdMalvern East350344
Van Marle, Julian RobertMalvern East318092
Vella, Oswald JohnMalvern East277289
Wake, Stephen AndrewMalvern East408193
Wang, Zitao Malvern East233666
Wentzel, Dudley Malvern East313443
Wentzel, Dudley GeorgeMalvern East332920
Wilmann, Nicole Marie IletteMalvern East322244
Windsor Advisory Pty LtdMalvern East340418
Wyer, Kerrie LeeMalvern East265727
Zycinski, Jadwiga Malvern East245668