Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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000 229 336 Pty LtdLiverpool270913
786 Travel Pty. Ltd.Liverpool332311
A C Mcgrath & CO Pty LtdLiverpool270915
A.c.n. 071 401 655 Pty LtdLiverpool273816
Abacus Wealth Solutions Pty LimitedLiverpool471905
Abogado, Anne MichelleLiverpool285853
About Car Wholesale Pty LtdLiverpool294243
Access Prosperity Pty LtdLiverpool463572
Acm Autos Pty LtdLiverpool308322
Acm Liverpool Pty LtdLiverpool308321
Adm Financial Planners Pty. Ltd.Liverpool248340
Aeon International Travel Pty LtdLiverpool310780
Aga Auctions Pty LtdLiverpool345501
Ahmad, Khalid NaeemLiverpool1236728
Ahmad, Naseer Liverpool1278826
All Suburbs Strata Management Pty LtdLiverpool268829
Alshammery, Fakhir Liverpool448072
Ana Financial Planners Pty LtdLiverpool313666
Anand, Prema WatiLiverpool321557
Annross Partners Pty LimitedLiverpool272175
Apex Financial Management Pty LimitedLiverpool292309
Apex Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedLiverpool430965
Argyros, Angelos Liverpool445414
Argyros, Dimitri Liverpool305156
Armishaw & Santoro Realty Pty LtdLiverpool340072
Asgari, Sam Liverpool1248072
Ashcroft Cleaning Services (nsw) Pty LtdLiverpool318263
Astute Prosperity Services Pty LtdLiverpool1270978
Atlas, Rody Liverpool317782
Aujla, Tarandeep SinghLiverpool279078
Ausburn, Robert StanleyLiverpool262112
Avante Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool409134
Ayash, Adam Liverpool249121
Bahemia, Omar Liverpool287000
Bahlul, Alan Liverpool304901
Barbuto, Nathaniel ChristopherLiverpool462826
Barleen Holdings Pty LtdLiverpool320861
Basic, Mirzeta Liverpool281807
Beecroft, Gavin WilliamLiverpool303136
Beo - Travel Pty LimitedLiverpool267077
Beo-finance Pty LimitedLiverpool307968
Beo-media Pty LtdLiverpool1268569
Betanza Pty. LimitedLiverpool228249
Bhimani, Hardik Liverpool309364
Bisotel Rieh Travel Pty LtdLiverpool336971
Bjelan, Nensi Liverpool1274622
Black, Shane Liverpool467669
Blandin DE Chalain, Adam RussellLiverpool319047
Bloom, Dempsey Liverpool1008816
Brnovic, Marko Liverpool259377
Bronte Sienna Pty LtdLiverpool466058
Brydens Financial Advisors Pty LtdLiverpool402668
Brydens Financial Services Pty. LimitedLiverpool240320
Buchhorn, John Liverpool337256
Burton, Evelyn Liverpool294690
Burton, Evelyn ChristenneLiverpool273899
Burton, Mark Liverpool273900
Capra Financial Planning Pty LimitedLiverpool248781
Capra, Sam AlexLiverpool248782
Carbuyers Warehouse Pty LtdLiverpool313491
Castelli, Afrodite Liverpool433063
Casuscelli, Peter PasqualeLiverpool297717
Ceballos, Patricio Liverpool380130
Certified Autos Pty. Ltd.Liverpool1274426
Chand, Neville Liverpool236418
Chau, Chi KietLiverpool383101
Chaudhary, Deepika Liverpool346089
Chengalpet, Balaji KathirveluLiverpool336368
Chopra, Amrit Pal SinghLiverpool1277294
Christos Developments Pty LtdLiverpool315395
Chronopoulos, Danny Liverpool294205
Clemente, Vince Liverpool1246157
Cognetti, Catillo Liverpool250507
Colaiacolo, Frank Liverpool277571
Cole, David CharlesLiverpool253803
Colpan, Devrim Liverpool263444
Connect 4 Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Liverpool339591
Connors, Bruce KennethLiverpool296229
Contemporary Finance Solutions Pty LtdLiverpool435989
Coppins, MY HueLiverpool282248
Corigliano, Domenico AntonioLiverpool338721
Corporate Eagle Pty LtdLiverpool303228
Costi Corporation Pty. Ltd.Liverpool377153
Cox, Brad Liverpool307469
Cra Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool248187
Craig, Warren Liverpool231688
Cupac, Mirjana Liverpool312680
DE Croes, Laken Liverpool340314
Daizli, Jim JamalLiverpool313198
Darby Racing Pty LtdLiverpool319960
Dardania, Tim Liverpool281808
Defilippi, Domenic Liverpool383060
Demasi, Aldo Liverpool1264465
Deng, Fai MatthewLiverpool361084
Deo, Anjani Liverpool289927
Despotovic, Stefan Liverpool1264328
Despotovic, Suzanna Liverpool309207
Dhpm Pty LtdLiverpool272174
Doran, Narelle Liverpool276241
Downunder Destination Services Pty LtdLiverpool296945
Dowsley, Christopher Liverpool1236952
Duardo, Carmelo Liverpool331590
Dumbrell, Janet Liverpool308341
Dunn & Horne Pty LtdLiverpool280692
E & L International Pty. LimitedLiverpool228047
Edge Property Partners Pty LimitedLiverpool297659
Elfayoumy, Amr Liverpool454871
Elite Financial Consultants Pty. Ltd.Liverpool250209
Equipment Leasing Group Pty LtdLiverpool315020
Erceg, Radoslav Liverpool356969
Estepa, Yolanda Liverpool289925
Euro Jamp Travel Pty LtdLiverpool320577
Farag, Youssef Liverpool317063
Fedele, Domenic Liverpool231943
Fernando, Peter NishanthLiverpool301458
Ferreira, Miliana Liverpool1251971
Ferreira, Milliana Liverpool309208
Ficad Pty. Ltd.Liverpool467346
Fiduni Pty. LimitedLiverpool326422
Fintana Financial Planning Pty LtdLiverpool1252068
First Destination Pty LtdLiverpool267197
Flaskas, Haralambos Liverpool1002830
Furze, Troy Liverpool332475
G'day Philippines Pty LtdLiverpool1266569
GO Boating Pty LtdLiverpool262407
Garnett, Lyn Liverpool253800
Garufi, Concetto AnthonyLiverpool1245607
Gee, James Liverpool281680
George, Steve Liverpool310569
Georges, Peter Liverpool272567
Gkc Retail2 Pty LimitedLiverpool378197
Goldston, David Liverpool286263
Grabowski, Alice Liverpool239266
Grabowski, Stephen Liverpool322843
Grace, Debbie Liverpool324049
Graham, Amy LouiseLiverpool324051
Gray, Aaron FrancisLiverpool394198
Greenspan Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool324432
Gregoire, John Liverpool464936
Griffith, Robert NoelLiverpool316552
Griffiths, Bob Liverpool402517
Grima, Michael RonnieLiverpool1249818
Gurutravel International Pty LtdLiverpool267138
Hadchiti, Anthony Liverpool320246
Hadchiti, Tony Liverpool302440
Hammoud, Ranae RoulaLiverpool382626
Hannaoui, George Liverpool248182
Harriss, Tanya MayLiverpool324817
Hewson, Belinda JoyLiverpool263530
Higazi, Brian Liverpool299565
Hill, Emma LouiseLiverpool437336
Hochwallner, Manfred Liverpool249372
Hogben, Wayne Liverpool340767
Hooton, Melanie Liverpool294653
Household Finance & Insurance Pty. Ltd.Liverpool320245
Hubbard, Melissa Liverpool308342
Ince, Levent Liverpool324462
Independent Unit Management Pty LtdLiverpool267869
Indraputra, Jaka Liverpool462827
Inlet Estates Pty LtdLiverpool272179
Inonu, Gungor MehmetLiverpool250506
Integrity Real Estate (nsw) Pty LtdLiverpool272172
Investsmart Financial Planners Pty LtdLiverpool331525
Iodice, Armando Liverpool467345
Ivankovic, Joseph Liverpool232001
Jakovich, Luke JosephLiverpool360915
Japan Motorrad Pty. LimitedLiverpool261709
Jeram, Neil Liverpool327622
Jimenez Valdivieso, Alejandro Liverpool340403
Jkg Financial Pty LtdLiverpool337257
John Edmondson VC Memorial Club LimitedLiverpool464470
Joshi, Rakesh MahashankarLiverpool1247874
Joven, Maria Liverpool273999
K & K Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool1234879
Kalanj, Darko Liverpool321235
Karasmanis, John Liverpool231893
Kashan, David ErfanLiverpool1271458
Katon, Malcolm Ernest GeorgeLiverpool1242897
Katsenos, John Liverpool298298
Kbsg Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool1263027
Kelly, Robert JohnLiverpool256483
Kenny, John PhillipLiverpool311001
Keshavarzi, Behrang Liverpool254346
Khan Motorcar CO Pty LtdLiverpool295550
Khoury, Domenic Liverpool346039
Kobra, Nusret Liverpool268261
Koh, Richard Him OngLiverpool247956
Kontominas, Ross Liverpool332752
Kopeliaris, Tamara Liverpool452065
Kovacic, Joseph Liverpool332452
Krishnamachari, Ramarathinam Liverpool232182
Krivosic, Marijana Liverpool442398
Kula, Fetuanimoekie Liverpool454145
Kumar, Lovesh Liverpool301546
Kumar, Satendra Liverpool1243443
Kumaragamage, Don SisiraLiverpool277640
L Feng & B PengLiverpool296751
LA Delfa, Francesco GiuseppeLiverpool230945
La-spina, Darren DomenicLiverpool1003837
Lapszewicz, Jack Liverpool263968
Lassa Investments Pty LtdLiverpool414107
Lawform Financial Services Group Pty LtdLiverpool315532
Le, John Liverpool406156
Leclerc, Alex ReneLiverpool329806
Leonardi, Tina Liverpool345808
Limitless Group Australia Pty LtdLiverpool1234331
Limitless Lending Australia Pty LtdLiverpool462828
Lloyd, Chris Liverpool338722
Loan Securities Australia Pty LtdLiverpool1236084
M & M Filo Travel Pty LtdLiverpool295342
Macarthur Travel Pty. LimitedLiverpool228493
Mai, Sydney Liverpool323698
Mao, Fang Liverpool1272502
Mapp, Chelsea-anne Liverpool1234356
Martin, Allan FrancisLiverpool299896
Martin, Angela Liverpool340316
Martin, Kenneth RogerLiverpool299651
Matar World Travel Pty LtdLiverpool1266450
Matthews, Wayne Liverpool305041
Mazevski, Danny Liverpool313444
Mcguinness, Timothy Liverpool466105
Mcnamara, Natalie Liverpool466068
Mega Travel Pty LtdLiverpool282803
Mendoza, Abelardo Liverpool308340
Meryl Mcdonald Travel Pty LimitedLiverpool278191
Mifsud, Joseph CharlesLiverpool352893
Mmt Future Wealth Financial Planning Pty LtdLiverpool247521
Moffat, Adam GlenLiverpool449246
Mohammed, Shareek Liverpool277570
Mohammed, Tafizul Liverpool1270976
Molina, Oliver Augustine ALiverpool233356
Moneytopia Pty LtdLiverpool413373
Mortgage Cafe (nsw) Pty LtdLiverpool288996
Multi Finance & Investments Pty LtdLiverpool300238
Murdocca, Anthony Liverpool230946
Murphy, Carl JamesLiverpool466067
Murphy, Warren JamesLiverpool271764
Muscat, Garrison AndrewLiverpool1276228
Naqvi, Ammar Liverpool1260995
Nelson, Aimalefoa Liverpool278714
Nelson, Lawrence Liverpool232174
Nemaz, George Liverpool341922
Nghiem, Nina Liverpool247916
Nguyen, Anh Xuan TrucLiverpool1272501
Nguyen, Matthew LongLiverpool281809
Nkasu, Franklin Liverpool1252073
Oshana, Ilona Liverpool318162
Overseas (lmd) Travel Service Pty LtdLiverpool257741
Oztech Securities & Investments Pty LtdLiverpool401441
Ozyhealth Pty. Ltd.Liverpool317905
Pacific Home Loans Pty LimitedLiverpool457796
Pagnin, Max Liverpool252864
Parker, Alexandra Liverpool412368
Parkin, Toni JoyLiverpool291668
Patel, Meeraben Liverpool309367
Pearl Finance Group Pty LimitedLiverpool467668
Pecotich, Katie Liverpool1005854
Pham, Son Liverpool331161
Player, Julie ElizabethLiverpool262213
Plummer, Geoffrey Stephen MontgomeryLiverpool459183
Polbro Pty LtdLiverpool315584
Popovic, Peter PetarLiverpool1267874
Prnjak, Nancy Liverpool309369
Pustahija, Gordana MariaLiverpool340317
Q Interactive Pty. Ltd.Liverpool272180
R Stambolis & V StamboliLiverpool318657
Ramarathinam, Sujatha Liverpool232181
Ramirez, Ronald Liverpool467359
Raptime Pty LtdLiverpool272173
Red Tie Pty LtdLiverpool1277295
Regojevic, Miroslav Liverpool1274623
Relm Integrity Group Pty LtdLiverpool386213
Richardson, Darren JohnLiverpool294204
Rios, Enrique Liverpool289013
Rojas, John Liverpool280501
Ronin Financial Services Pty LimitedLiverpool442867
Ross, Rodney Liverpool325989
Rubas, Zenaida Liverpool289924
Ruhs, Klaude Liverpool299350
Ruhs, Tina Liverpool268577
Russell, Christopher JohnLiverpool248186
S & Y Private Wealth Pty. Ltd.Liverpool445413
SK Holidays Pty LtdLiverpool464853
Saha, Partha Liverpool470533
Sahay, Ravikesh Liverpool289923
Said, Mohamed Liverpool382942
Sami, Govind Liverpool292740
Santrac, Myra Liverpool337403
Savic, Bozidar Liverpool273872
Savic, Olga Liverpool274600
Seasay, Sekou Liverpool263624
Sebadia TrustLiverpool1245606
Shabab, Sherbin BinteLiverpool1251119
Shamon, Tracey Liverpool329807
Sharma, Sachin AnandLiverpool331524
Sharma, Sarojini LataLiverpool305286
Siackhasone, Voravong Liverpool336840
Sikman, Marina Liverpool308980
Simmons, Thomas Liverpool308339
Simon Perri (real Estate) Pty LimitedLiverpool300777
Simons, Brooke Liverpool249373
Singh, Navin Liverpool289926
Sipa Financial Pty. Ltd.Liverpool1232970
Sir Tel-link Pty LtdLiverpool353413
Siriphokha, Sigo Liverpool1268491
Smart Phone Mobiles Pty LtdLiverpool444458
Smarta Strata Pty LimitedLiverpool269031
Smith, Barry Liverpool402518
Smith, Gregory MartinLiverpool259601
Soral, Dhirendranath Liverpool1245050
South Western Realty Pty LtdLiverpool272176
Southside Taxation And Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool1247870
Stambolis, Ray Liverpool227505
Stichter, Donald Liverpool378234
Sunbury Trading Toys & TV Games Pty. LimitedLiverpool324548
Sutton, Jeff Liverpool267870
Syed, Masum ALLiverpool413374
Sykes, Sarah JoanneLiverpool345580
The Faster Way Pty LtdLiverpool296864
The Manalis Trading Trust & George NemazLiverpool271007
The Real Estate Shop (nsw) Pty LtdLiverpool272178
The Trustee For Atlas Wealth Advisory TrustLiverpool1278286
The Trustee For Easy Living Investments TrustLiverpool1276229
The Trustee For The Chau TrustLiverpool442282
The Trustee For The Homsure Unit TrustLiverpool1277590
The Trustee For The Paca Family TrustLiverpool1262266
Tikellis, Stefanos Liverpool454867
Topcic, Mario Liverpool247517
Topcic, Michele Liverpool247701
Toscano, Robert Anthony JohnLiverpool431754
Totaro, Francesca Liverpool340318
Tracey, Katharine AnneLiverpool377054
Tran, Thanha Liverpool291449
Tran, Yim HaiLiverpool327197
Trans-west Financial Services Australasia Pty LtdLiverpool341331
Transcom Insurance Services Pty LimitedLiverpool276870
Travel Air International Pty. Ltd.Liverpool279659
Travel Link International Pty LtdLiverpool298383
Trend Financial Pty LtdLiverpool402686
Triestate Pty. Ltd.Liverpool272177
Vaccaro, Katherine MargaretLiverpool276745
Varghese, Anitha Liverpool1242016
Vella, Mary Liverpool252311
Venkataya, Narayan Liverpool278715
Villar, Edgar Liverpool324050
Vip Financial Group Pty LtdLiverpool286684
Virtus Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool409199
Vujanic, Aleksander Liverpool325629
Vujasinovic, Nensi Liverpool453915
Vujinovic, Mila Liverpool314703
Walker Consulting (australia) Pty LtdLiverpool1250196
Walker, Leonard Liverpool267742
Walker, Michael MalcolmLiverpool1250202
Wells, Kim MareeLiverpool466066
Western Media Promotions & Tours Pty LimitedLiverpool267338
White, Col JamesLiverpool262245
Wondena Pty. LimitedLiverpool453739
Wong, Chin TeckLiverpool292310
Wong, David Liverpool281010
Wong, Jeanne Wing-yinLiverpool296807
World Travel CO Pty LtdLiverpool1243254
Wsa (liverpool) Pty LtdLiverpool284497
Yahanpath, Shantha PriyaLiverpool281913
Yen, Ivan Liverpool320889
Yenkaiya, Subramani Liverpool291591
You Super Pty. Ltd.Liverpool467514
Zaccagnini, Gianfranco JohnLiverpool238002
Zaccagnini, Tony Liverpool231942
Zingara Group Pty LtdLiverpool397713
Zoom Car Loans Pty LtdLiverpool336192