Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: July 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Alderson, Emma Kate Geelong 300882
Allen, Ronald Hugh Geelong 1310199
Alliance Advisers Pty Ltd Geelong 223030
Altson, Robert Douglas Geelong 1309924
Apex Advice Pty Ltd Geelong 1296045
Argyle Square Pty Ltd Geelong 1309795
Arthur, Shane Anthony Geelong 415717
Aulex Private Wealth Pty Ltd Geelong 1302303
Barling Finance Pty Ltd Geelong 323615
Baulch, Charles Ronald Philip Geelong 315704
Bottams, Melissa Geelong 1303838
Bourke, Paul Edmund Geelong 331086
Brussel, Michael Andrew Geelong 442545
Buultjens, Trevor Godfrey Jude Geelong 326339
Calder, Cassandra Emily Geelong 1309274
Chalmers, Adam Bremner Geelong 1297425
Clark, David John Geelong 249747
Control Finance Pty Ltd Geelong 1307449
Corbey, Carol Ann Geelong 335950
Cull, Megan Margaret Geelong 1254570
Daly, Sarah Jade Geelong 1302040
Danton Holdco Pty Ltd Geelong 1289594
Direct MY Wealth Pty Ltd Geelong 1280954
Durro Investments Pty. Ltd. Geelong 323086
F. & P. Burge Proprietary Limited Geelong 323647
Galle, Belinda Geelong 1264773
Geelong Lifestyle Financial Planning Pty Ltd Geelong 243571
Goel, Nick Geelong 1246136
Gulati, Ruchir Geelong 1256233
Harvey Thomas Travel Pty. Ltd. Geelong 256635
Henry, David John Geelong 264941
Henry, Jarred Geelong 1003232
Hitch, Kirsten Geelong 293995
Howard, Callum Geelong 300338
Hughes, Shilo Geelong 1300477
Income Solutions Geelong No.2 Pty Ltd Geelong 1286624
J.b Cleary & H.b Mccartney & D.i Willder & Wmc Holdings Pty Ltd Geelong 1245401
Johnston, Andrew Geelong 1267918
Kelly & Associates Financial Services Pty Ltd Geelong 1254946
Kelly, William Ambrose Geelong 1254947
Kennedy Wealth Pty Ltd Geelong 1310095
Kennedy, James Lachlan Geelong 1002531
Kermond, Luke Geelong 415910
Leeniyagoda, Viradha Tharaka Geelong 1264576
Lees, Alison Joy Geelong 1255100
Liz Mcrae Finance Pty Ltd Geelong 1293401
Lorbeer, Jonathan Lindsay Geelong 469771
M Edward Finance Pty Ltd Geelong 452972
Mahon, Melinda Ann Geelong 344588
Martin, Shane Roy Geelong 1308791
Mclachlan, Troy Geelong 1255710
Mcrae, Elizabeth Kate Geelong 1008760
Milne, Amy Maree Geelong 388940
Moran, Sean Geelong 1243324
Moyle, Christopher Stuart Geelong 1309923
Mulcahy & CO Lending Geelong Pty Ltd Geelong 1267686
Nairn, Michaela Mary Geelong 1309925
Nguyen, Vincent Geelong 1296433
O'callaghan, Denis Geelong 264218
O'driscoll, Mark Geelong 1266540
Oeur, Chanthy Geelong 1006164
PK Invest Pty Ltd Geelong 430470
Patel, Manishkumar Dineshbhai Geelong 1288347
Patterson, Aidan Michael Geelong 1292144
Planwell Financial Group Pty Ltd Geelong 432087
Preece, Jeremy Paul Geelong 1309926
Proficient Management Pty Ltd Geelong 413759
Quach, Bao Long Geelong 295176
Rex Gorell Motors Pty. Ltd. Geelong 317290
Rogers, Maddison Geelong 462834
Rogers, Nathan Geelong 338230
Roper, Wendy Sue Geelong 1002579
Rpbj Pty Ltd Geelong 307035
Ryrie, Karen Anne Geelong 284643
Saunders, Scott Peter Geelong 1255977
Sciarrone, Pasquale Geelong 300101
Sciarrone, Samuel Jack Geelong 1296317
Sheridan, Simone Geelong 1269202
Slattery, Darren Paul Geelong 1245404
Spencer, Mathew Luke Geelong 343469
Sturges, Bree Louise Geelong 1300905
Tersteeg, Timothy John Geelong 473136
Tgj Pty Ltd Geelong 435584
The Trustee For Geelong Truck Company Unit Trust Geelong 1283301
The Trustee For Greensmith Family Trust Geelong 1265601
The Trustee For Gwa Unit Trust Geelong 1295076
The Trustee For Proficient Management Unit Trust Geelong 1267108
The Trustee For The Konnect Investments Unit Trust Geelong 1297424
Thomson & CO Pty Ltd Geelong 435984
Thomson, Sarah Jane Geelong 318242
Vervest, Melissa Geelong 1309613
Wealth Planning Solutions Pty. Ltd. Geelong 334972
Whitmore, Elizabeth Charlotte Macdonnell Geelong 1265637
Williamson, Benjamin Donald Geelong 396823
Wray CO Pty Ltd Geelong 1298932
Wray, Adam Geelong 276922