Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A.s.p. Pty LtdFrenchs Forest248342
Aaron, Lynch Frenchs Forest271771
Aitken, Geoffrey RobertFrenchs Forest429317
Akdagcik, Rick Frenchs Forest315036
Ammann, Susanna Frenchs Forest298570
Andrich, Benjamin Frenchs Forest1235664
Arnett, Matthew BrianFrenchs Forest282147
Arrue Ramos, Daniel Frenchs Forest302532
Ashton, Garry Frenchs Forest284400
Ashton, Janne Frenchs Forest281901
Australian Life Settlements Pty LtdFrenchs Forest359775
Bainbrigge, Toni Frenchs Forest343944
Baker, Matthew Frenchs Forest320821
Baraket, Michael Frenchs Forest250312
Baraniak, Andrew Frenchs Forest410948
Baretto, Mark Frenchs Forest301016
Barnes, Mathew Frenchs Forest317611
Bertincourt, Jean-francois Frenchs Forest337653
Beyrouthi, George Frenchs Forest315563
Birk, Jeff Frenchs Forest292184
Bolinder, Kurt Frenchs Forest336538
Bowden, David EdwardFrenchs Forest287778
Bray, Aaron Frenchs Forest462680
Burgess, Chad TimothyFrenchs Forest308800
Byrnes, Netti Frenchs Forest311782
Campbell, Noel WilliamFrenchs Forest271772
Carson, Lee-anne Frenchs Forest281137
Cavallaro, Joseph Frenchs Forest295441
Chung, Hyun JongFrenchs Forest298939
Cividino, Steve Frenchs Forest311784
Contes, Joe Frenchs Forest281142
Cowie, Kellie Frenchs Forest1247939
Craw, Jordan Frenchs Forest285495
DE Saxe, Marshall Frenchs Forest284283
Dell Australia Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest332822
Dixon, David Frenchs Forest303698
Dowd, Vince Frenchs Forest279097
Esser, Joseph Frenchs Forest281139
Ezibuy Pty. LimitedFrenchs Forest304653
Falsone, Louise Frenchs Forest306149
Financialethix Pty LtdFrenchs Forest335805
Firminger, Rohan Frenchs Forest301017
Fisher, Greg JohnFrenchs Forest341097
Foo, Nessa Frenchs Forest255816
Gagen Financial Services Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest253150
Gagen, John NeilFrenchs Forest248687
Galofaro, Charles DavidFrenchs Forest248685
Gazzolo, Nicholas Frenchs Forest292181
Genesis Finance Group Pty. Ltd.Frenchs Forest1237328
Gentile, Tom Frenchs Forest281138
Giannakopoulos, Terry Frenchs Forest338459
Gifford, John Frenchs Forest309091
Gladwin, Neil Frenchs Forest281141
Glover, Anthony Frenchs Forest332488
Goddard, Antony Frenchs Forest298561
Guarino, Eugene RichardFrenchs Forest405395
Halpin, Guy Frenchs Forest291061
Havenstein Financial Services Pty LtdFrenchs Forest248690
Havenstein, Geoffrey WilliamFrenchs Forest248240
Henery, Francis Frenchs Forest338253
Hodge, James Frenchs Forest241921
Hosking-richards, Ian JamesFrenchs Forest270793
Huang, FU AnitaFrenchs Forest301399
Hubb Strategic Advice (aust) Pty. LimitedFrenchs Forest308468
Imei Pty LtdFrenchs Forest296467
Inverarity, Marian Frenchs Forest305249
Jack, Brendan Frenchs Forest379629
Jackson, Michael AntonyFrenchs Forest331375
Jacobs, Beau Frenchs Forest325188
Jeffery, John Frenchs Forest277613
Jetaway Connections Pty LtdFrenchs Forest267158
Jones, Lauren Frenchs Forest343647
Karnofel, David JoeFrenchs Forest291062
Khan, Mohammed Mushtaqur RahmanFrenchs Forest235881
Kiely, John Frenchs Forest242889
Klompas, Michael Frenchs Forest337296
Koray, Sinan Frenchs Forest285496
Kremer, Gabriella AlejandraFrenchs Forest390494
LE Roy, Paul Frenchs Forest283044
Lamarra, Mario Frenchs Forest292182
Lamm, Scott CharlesFrenchs Forest306943
Lamplough, Phillip GFrenchs Forest248124
Lanai (australia) Pty LtdFrenchs Forest301831
Lawch, Michael JayFrenchs Forest272100
Leach, Jamie Frenchs Forest309090
Lee, Julia Frenchs Forest301018
Lee, Oscar Frenchs Forest304801
Leung, Claudia ChauFrenchs Forest232220
Lifetrack Financial Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest306656
Loehr, Greg AlanFrenchs Forest328649
Maldonado, Mark Frenchs Forest295444
Marek, Bart Frenchs Forest295443
Marshman, Tammy ZenaFrenchs Forest312365
Mcbryde, David RobertFrenchs Forest267031
Mcgarrity, Kathleen Frenchs Forest268868
Mcpherson, Lachlan Frenchs Forest343646
Mcsorley, Justin Frenchs Forest1263870
Meldeau, David Frenchs Forest310888
Mendoza, Alex Frenchs Forest282872
Metro Strata Managers Pty. Ltd.Frenchs Forest288516
Micher-allen, Colin Frenchs Forest317610
Morrow, Blake Frenchs Forest295442
Mulligan, Hannah ThereseFrenchs Forest302534
Naera, Delos Frenchs Forest376181
Nagel, Darryl Frenchs Forest282873
Novak, Steven Frenchs Forest306397
One Wealth Financial Pty LtdFrenchs Forest429318
Optionetics Pty LtdFrenchs Forest271761
P G Lamplough Pty LtdFrenchs Forest248584
Paddison, Kenneth GrahamFrenchs Forest328668
Page, Andrew Frenchs Forest304800
Patricia, Farmilo Frenchs Forest297933
Pearsall, Devon Frenchs Forest292183
Perosh, Emila Frenchs Forest281763
Pham, Nicholas Frenchs Forest343648
Prior Strata Management Pty. Limited.Frenchs Forest268277
Prior, Ian Frenchs Forest268278
Profit Strategies Australia Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest292179
Reid, Graeme FraserFrenchs Forest273286
Richards, Jane Frenchs Forest401485
Russell, Alard Frenchs Forest329548
SG Fleet Salary Packaging Pty LtdFrenchs Forest270414
Salz, Ronald Frenchs Forest249258
Sedgwick, Angus DavidFrenchs Forest359774
Sengchanh, Virakone Frenchs Forest278073
Separa, Mervin Frenchs Forest335748
Seymour, Kristine Frenchs Forest301600
Sheppard, Kenneth AllenFrenchs Forest298562
Simpson, Patrick Frenchs Forest292180
Siow, Dominic Frenchs Forest304802
Skyline Real Estate Pty Limited.Frenchs Forest280725
Small Ship Adventure Company Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest267756
Smith, Chester Frenchs Forest311783
Smithson, Joanna Frenchs Forest306395
Soliton Scientific Pty LtdFrenchs Forest431428
Springtime Financial Group Pty LtdFrenchs Forest446835
Stening, Peter Frenchs Forest259556
Takianos, George Frenchs Forest446834
Target Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Frenchs Forest332887
Terra Studio Pty LtdFrenchs Forest471800
The Car Allowance Company Pty LtdFrenchs Forest309771
The Financial Coach (aust) Pty LtdFrenchs Forest240341
The Lanai Organisation Pty LtdFrenchs Forest271760
Thomas, Robert GrenfellFrenchs Forest283176
Thornhill, Peter JeffreyFrenchs Forest309471
Timothy Scott, Pesut Frenchs Forest297290
Tonoli, Robert Frenchs Forest267030
Toumazis, Andrew Frenchs Forest335804
Tsihlis, John Frenchs Forest327327
Tsiolis, Chris Frenchs Forest273265
Tsonis, George Frenchs Forest352185
Van Den Brink, Lorraine Frenchs Forest333080
Vogel, Mike Frenchs Forest281140
Wade, Michael NealFrenchs Forest272101
Walker, Timothy Frenchs Forest321679
Watanabe, Yukiko Frenchs Forest296684
Wealth Alliance Pty LtdFrenchs Forest333086
Webejammin Pty LtdFrenchs Forest291038
Wheeler, Martin BruceFrenchs Forest470001
Wilson, Christopher PhillipFrenchs Forest342334
Wilson, Matthew Frenchs Forest331070
Young, Steve Frenchs Forest279089
Zanchetta, Andrew Frenchs Forest404170
Zhu, Xiaoyi Frenchs Forest327339
Zomaya, Peter Frenchs Forest311785