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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: May 6, 2020

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1 Finance Pty LtdFremantle300849
Abram, Shirley AnneFremantle295333
Accord Group Financial Services Pty LtdFremantle1240822
Allard, Wayne Fremantle279149
Allen, Diana MarinaFremantle275329
Anderson, Timothy CharlesFremantle320028
Aqualife Marine Pty LtdFremantle303293
B & K Judge Nominees Pty LtdFremantle442468
Bailye, Jarrad RussellFremantle332224
Baird, Richard HutchisonFremantle244647
Ball, Brian GeorgeFremantle323691
Barlette, Lesley Fremantle322526
Bartorelli, Neil Fremantle307511
Bartorelli, Neil MarkFremantle1267577
Bavcevic, Natalie Fremantle275332
Benaquista, Michelle AnneFremantle397906
Bentley, Bruce VincentFremantle278577
Bewsher, Anthony Fremantle237954
Bewsher, Marilyn Fremantle287594
Bignell, Gavin PeterFremantle306170
Bird, Barry WilliamFremantle307197
Bishop, Geoffrey Fremantle281771
Bishop, Henry Fremantle281772
Bishop, Henry GrahamFremantle237955
Bizzintino, Nancy FlorinaFremantle464496
Blee, Karen ChristineFremantle1268216
Blyton, David Fremantle1255298
Boat Storage Holdings Pty LtdFremantle319915
Bolton, Adam MichaelFremantle303240
Bossa Finance Pty LtdFremantle1250595
Bowen, Samuel NigelFremantle320120
Briggs, Adam PeterFremantle380914
Brown, Keith DearnFremantle323903
Brown, Norrey MargaretFremantle299487
Brownbill Corporation Pty LtdFremantle440333
Brownbill, Alexander Fremantle419211
Bullock, Graham Fremantle307752
Bullock, Ivan Fremantle273325
C J & H V HallFremantle431172
Caribou Investments Pty LtdFremantle262658
Cattalini, Kirstin LouiseFremantle245852
Cavenagh, Anne MarguriteFremantle290842
Chelsea Finance Pty LtdFremantle320178
Cherry Tree Financial Planning Pty LtdFremantle422408
Chiam, Janet Fremantle429798
Churchill Financial Planners Pty LtdFremantle252817
Cikarela, Patricia AnneFremantle331280
Ciric, Lilly Fremantle306741
Cotton, Paul Fremantle263032
Cruisers Yachts Australia Pty LtdFremantle281157
DE Sousa, Rob Fremantle332114
Darcy, Scott BradleyFremantle1250186
Daslen Pty LtdFremantle261794
Davies, Alexandra LouiseFremantle242530
Dermer, Jeremy VaughanFremantle337854
Devonport, Nicholas PaulFremantle238593
Dfk PA Partners Pty LtdFremantle1250050
Dixon, Kirsten Fremantle305394
Doody, Nicole ElizabethFremantle448794
Drage, Kora AliceFremantle392318
Dreamboats Sales Brokerage And Charters Pty LtdFremantle262665
Duncan, Karlee EllenFremantle326534
Ebor Investments Pty LtdFremantle243892
Ella, Michelle Fremantle466323
Ellis, Rick GeorgeFremantle298305
Everingham, Francis Fremantle1233116
Fahey, Daniella Fremantle283590
Fairhead, Brent Fremantle227115
Farruggio, Salvatore Fremantle455746
Fazio, Sam Fremantle277515
Feps (wa) Pty LtdFremantle319376
Fineside Nominees Pty LtdFremantle258395
Fletcher, Russell Fremantle252888
Foley, Claire PhilomenaFremantle320859
Freightmasters International (wa) Pty. Ltd.Fremantle275082
Fremantle Community Financial Services LimitedFremantle293568
Fremantle Operations Pty LtdFremantle450069
Gahlaut, Dushyant Fremantle1250049
Garton Smith, Robert Fremantle233084
Gavranich, Lisa Fremantle231722
Genesis Travel Pty LtdFremantle228108
Gepp, Corinne LouiseFremantle287046
Gildea, David Fremantle310090
Graham, Ben WilliamFremantle290920
Granview Holdings Pty LtdFremantle312024
Greaves, Silvia Fremantle329085
Grella Pty LtdFremantle341301
Grogan Nominees Pty LtdFremantle283489
Guimbeau, Henry Maxime FredericFremantle294369
Haronga, Neecha ElizabethFremantle455443
Harris, Nathan Fremantle424507
Hartley, Jonathan Richard VictorFremantle341302
Harvey Bay Pty LtdFremantle305037
Hay, Bradley Fremantle307751
Hill, Colleen TeresaFremantle374170
Hollywood Tracey Pty LtdFremantle387818
Howley, Pamela LouiseFremantle256541
International Marine Brokers Pty. LimitedFremantle232377
Janvay Pty LtdFremantle228217
Jerez, Tamara MercedesFremantle397913
John Dethridge Real Estate Agents Pty. Ltd.Fremantle269603
Johns, Simon Fremantle236952
Jones, Jennifer KathrynFremantle397914
Judge, Barry RobertFremantle329664
Karumax Pty LtdFremantle272884
Kastroai, Peter Fremantle275342
Kastropil, Peter Fremantle275638
Kausmann, Regi Fremantle277516
Keegan, Alison SarahFremantle462311
Kelly, Robert NeilFremantle308231
Kelman, Lisa Fremantle256553
Kennedy, Elizabeth SarahFremantle397915
Kenny, Jenny MarieFremantle249029
Keyhole Pty LtdFremantle333478
Kiely, Nadia Fremantle277518
Kinnear, Peter JamesFremantle303967
Ladhams, Helen MairiFremantle240066
Lawrence, Thomas Fremantle231842
Lbm Old Pty LtdFremantle319687
Lee, Peter DonaldFremantle237800
Long, Justin Fremantle1008576
Loverleyjubbly Pty LtdFremantle396334
Lyndon-james, Anthony Fremantle232378
Lyons, Jeannie AUFremantle310470
Mahony Family TrustFremantle323316
Marchese, Lucia Fremantle293431
Margyne Pty LtdFremantle277886
Martin Box Marine Holdings Pty. Ltd.Fremantle262672
Martin, Michael AloysiusFremantle293176
Mcauley, Shannon LouiseFremantle397916
Mcfacc Pty LtdFremantle408478
Mcintyre, Aaron JohnFremantle323152
Miller, Chelsea Renai WebsterFremantle313724
Mirgo Pty LtdFremantle267770
Mitchell, Caitlin AnnFremantle1264339
Moonen, Matthew Fremantle246073
Neumann, Nicky Fremantle290317
O'halloran, Jennie MarieFremantle319166
O'neill, Felix Fremantle428748
O'reilly, Lawrence Fremantle227116
O'reilly, Lawrence EdwardFremantle231841
Olifent, Angela SarahFremantle329814
Omodei, Nathan RobertFremantle233166
Oxlade Enterprises Pty LtdFremantle350206
Oxlade, Jonathan AndrewFremantle340423
Parkins, Trevor Fremantle263034
Parkinson, Hollie JaneFremantle295672
Pearks, Josephine Fremantle1257288
Pearson, Brooke ElizabethFremantle256535
Pemberton, Anthony Fremantle426817
Peter Lee & Company Pty LtdFremantle237205
Petta, Giovanni John Fremantle232063
Phillips, Stephen AndrewFremantle338543
Port City Pty LtdFremantle297657
Port Financial Services Pty LtdFremantle302810
Power And Sail Boat Brokerage Pty LtdFremantle400802
Press, Richard SeanFremantle265120
Primenet Holdings Pty LtdFremantle280678
Raccuia, Antonio GiuseppeFremantle312927
Ramirez, Laura SofiaFremantle299486
Rego, Jason Fremantle277517
Retzlaff, Amy MichelleFremantle270214
S J & M FazioFremantle277384
Sagebush Pty LtdFremantle293268
Santoso, Pandhu WicaksonoFremantle1242215
Sarich, Eric Fremantle266584
Scholz, Hendrica ElizabethFremantle289237
Shack & Kerr Motors Pty LtdFremantle267732
Sherborne A.c.a. Cargo Services Pty. Ltd.Fremantle305036
Shore A.s. Pty LtdFremantle1257287
Sikora, Lola Fremantle301096
Siranovic, Suzanne RuthFremantle300913
Sirena Investments Pty LtdFremantle269642
Smal, Robyn Fremantle275350
Smal, Robyn LouiseFremantle277397
Smith, Anthony EdwinFremantle238072
Smith, Jennifer Fremantle1248068
Smith, Megan PatriciaFremantle1242160
Southern Cross Wealth Management Pty LtdFremantle310853
Spagnolo, Mark Fremantle1241855
Spence, Kathal KesterFremantle1273592
Spezzacatena, Nicoletta Fremantle275351
Starfix Pty LtdFremantle314084
Styles, Wayne Fremantle263033
The Trustee For Abscondi Unit TrustFremantle461912
The Trustee For Cormack Family TrustFremantle1248058
The Trustee For Dermer Family TrustFremantle455433
The Trustee For H Bishop Family Trust & G.a BishopFremantle237952
The Trustee For The Dty Unit TrustFremantle330715
The Trustee For The Greaves Family TrustFremantle463639
The Trustee For The Margyne Family TrustFremantle464605
Thornton, Julie Fremantle328331
Tilley, David Fremantle255361
Tootell, Darren LewisFremantle392525
Transmarine Shipping Agency Pty. Ltd.Fremantle270988
Travel Arcade Pty LtdFremantle258691
Travel Services Group LimitedFremantle269170
Trolio, Giampietro Fremantle306942
Two Wheel Ventures Pty LtdFremantle1008404
Vallance, Katherine MaryFremantle314861
Vaz, Tanya Fremantle313620
Vaz, Tanya SherilynFremantle319505
Vicsail Yachts WA Pty LtdFremantle440855
Visia Pty LtdFremantle442129
Vodanovic, John WilliamFremantle292651
Vogue Property Pty LtdFremantle314022
Wallace, Scott Fremantle302495
Weeber, Jayne HelenFremantle256534
Westlink Logistics Pty LtdFremantle283031
Wheatley, Brianna Fremantle300544
Williams, Simon MorriceFremantle270488
Wiltrading Stace Pty LtdFremantle331766
Wong, Ricky MornayFremantle252909
Wyke, Angela BarbaraFremantle255993
Yan, Hanyang Fremantle1237782
Your Local Finance Pty LtdFremantle460729
Zagami, Stefano Fremantle246221
Zeston (wa) Pty LtdFremantle307750
Zito, Stephen SimonFremantle256347
Zta Polo Pty LtdFremantle282112