Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Ad8 Solutions Pty. Ltd.Epping1266102
Alam Holdings Pty LtdEpping1007232
Allcock, Brent Epping249430
Allen, Gerald Epping249508
Amore, Adam Epping1251612
Anderson, Luke DavidEpping442580
Angus James Pty LtdEpping249011
Antonio Lacarruba & Vojislav TijanEpping426611
Aoo Financial Services Pty LtdEpping435288
Apc Advice Pty LtdEpping293540
Arg Group Pty LtdEpping1008970
Armstrong, Ian GregoryEpping291927
Ashby, Robert JamesEpping242927
Asra Financial Consulting Pty LtdEpping1258374
Associated Planners Financial Services Pty LimitedEpping338830
Associated Planners Share Plans Pty LtdEpping276374
Automotive Global Pty LtdEpping288414
Autopact Victoria Pty LtdEpping1256926
Bai, Jenny Epping279425
Bamunuarachchi, Deepthi MalkumariEpping336608
Banham, Francis WilliamEpping268733
Bansal, Dheeraj Epping1273391
Barto, Robert Epping319494
Bawden, David Epping292265
Beam, Andrew JamesEpping307686
Beasly, Roy ThomasEpping249407
Berry, Mark DavidEpping1005864
Best, Russell IanEpping270425
Blake, Nigel Epping249561
Bledisloe Partnership Pty LimitedEpping349921
Body Corporate Management Services Pty LtdEpping240846
Bridge, Gregory Epping242515
Brulet Enterprises Pty. Ltd.Epping1260019
Brydens Financial Services Pty. LimitedEpping240320
Bundey, William JohnEpping270322
Burgess, Philip RobertEpping260394
Burgon, Paul Epping344988
Bvw (vic) Pty LtdEpping358330
C P Financial Advisors Pty LtdEpping1008999
C P Financial Planners Pty LtdEpping253331
Cabree Pty. Ltd.Epping312481
Caithness, Bruce AEpping248743
Cameron, Mark Epping249509
Campbell, Elizabeth Epping251983
Capuana, John PeterEpping1009000
Carrington, Edward John Epping232021
Castletons Financial Services Pty. LtdEpping314189
Chalke, Timothy Epping274173
Chan, Ady ChingEpping295179
Chanmugam, Dhamayanthi Epping439435
Chen, Che-wen Epping233619
Chen, Jia RongEpping327179
Cheng, Alexander Kwok PEpping253576
Cheong, Daniel KelEpping297382
Cheong, Liza PO ManEpping1249304
Chidzey, Mark AnthonyEpping282294
Cho, Woo JooEpping422659
Clark Management Pty. Ltd.Epping242462
Combus Rentals Pty LtdEpping1240437
Compass Wealth Management Pty LtdEpping259996
Curley Investments Pty LtdEpping309890
Cyrus, Adam Epping336741
Czlonka, Jakub Epping344760
DI Pietro, Sofia Epping464662
DU Financial Advisory Pty. Ltd.Epping1276715
Dagworthy, Mark ThomasEpping286004
Delaney, Kevin Epping322091
Dent, Christopher CrawfordEpping250945
Diptech Performance Pty LtdEpping1273600
Discovery Financial Services Pty LtdEpping400645
Dmck Advisory Pty LtdEpping1236473
Drummond, Kenneth ArthurEpping261105
Drummond, Phillip KendallEpping261104
Dsm Properties Pty LtdEpping308397
Du, Tony Zhi MingEpping1003237
Edwards, Paul BernardEpping248129
Elias, Patrick Epping457186
Elias, Stephen Epping230824
Elphick, Mark BradleyEpping269658
Englund, Debra ColetteEpping1257534
Epic Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Epping291183
Epping Realty Pty LtdEpping288222
Fernandopulle, Anthony Johanne DilrukshanEpping447932
Ferrali, Albert Epping263385
Ferrali, Simon RobertEpping293585
Fieschi, Mario Epping314493
Financial Promotions Pty LtdEpping350402
Fok, Kenneth Epping317808
Forge Group Investments Pty LtdEpping1250440
Foundation Partnership Group Pty LtdEpping240447
Fraser, Bruce MalcolmEpping249403
Freedman, Ben Epping357657
Fry, John Epping240847
Gara, Daniel RobertEpping227852
Gasparini, Adrian Epping239885
Gasparini, Shan Epping239884
Gateway Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.Epping472197
Gault, Matt Epping342368
Geoff Robinson Insurance Agencies Pty LimitedEpping270939
Gillen, Sean Epping249431
Gillies, Caroline JeanEpping239409
Goetz, Guenther FranzEpping258205
Goldring, Rex Epping253844
Gorton, John Epping285026
Goudarzi, Ben Epping300403
Green, Edward DouglasEpping269689
Guenther F. Goetz & Co. Pty. LimitedEpping245716
Hall, Joshua Epping239415
Handley, Susan Epping314200
Hanley, Simon HughEpping263801
Hansen Financial Services Pty LtdEpping287078
Hansen, Geoffrey GordonEpping287077
Harbaksh, Sidhu Epping1235813
Harding, Steven Epping329378
Hardy, Gregory JohnEpping244881
Harris, Mark LocktonEpping248232
He, Yuming Epping1259626
Heron Airlines Travel Pty LimitedEpping258673
Herrero, Mercedes Epping284164
Hickman, Deborah Epping249563
Hickman, Geoffrey Epping242926
Ho, Yu-ying MimiEpping402530
Hodge Financial Planning Pty LtdEpping247651
Hodge, Bradley RonaldEpping247499
Hodge, Warwick RonaldEpping247671
Holmes, Robert CharlesEpping273385
Hongmen Capital Holdings Pty LtdEpping1277836
Horrocks, Graham JohnEpping231212
Hotchies Pty LtdEpping427562
Hubert, Sharyn FayeEpping265850
Hussain, Naveed Epping248236
Hussain, Taimur IqbalEpping1264966
Hutt, Ron Epping291182
Hvala, Oscar Epping335006
IK Taxation Services Pty LtdEpping436119
Iacr Partners Pty LtdEpping443028
Ibna LimitedEpping275040
Innis, Grant RonaldEpping270324
Insurance-investment Services Pty LtdEpping240463
Integra Financial Group Pty LtdEpping247528
Irani, Dinyar Epping239432
J.w. Asean Travel Specialist Pty. LimitedEpping268056
JC Turnbull Pty. Ltd.Epping266644
Jackson, Susan LorraineEpping409812
Jayasinghe, Chandra AsokaEpping308370
Jim Hickman Financial Services Pty. LimitedEpping243126
Jin, Xiaodong Epping1233368
Jones, Wayne Epping421299
Julius, Andrew JohnEpping274067
Just Caravans Pty LtdEpping1278209
K & W Financial Services Pty LtdEpping1009134
Kamtan, Tik Epping330579
Kanlapan, Arsenio JunieEpping405407
Kelly, John FrancisEpping248463
Kerrigan, Garry NormanEpping249512
Kewin, Philip MichaelEpping313637
Kim, Angela OckyiEpping308736
Kim, Won JaiEpping414687
King, Robert AdamEpping249510
Kinsella, Mark JamesEpping1248005
Kobe Insurance Services Pty LtdEpping1253268
Krone, Kenneth FosterEpping263802
Kyeyune, Ronald Epping450236
LE Breton, David PhilipEpping336993
LW Financial Services Pty LtdEpping1269928
Lai, Christopher Epping410226
Law Cooper Pty LtdEpping305629
Law, Peter JulianEpping293052
Lay, Sam Epping342326
Lee, Karen Jo-anneEpping277237
Lee, Yuk King IPEpping233630
Li, Yinghua Epping1277126
Life-style Financial Services (aust) Pty. Ltd.Epping263383
Lindsay, Mark AlexanderEpping283023
Lissner, Colin DonaldEpping241440
Llorente, Felix MichaelEpping287239
Loonastar Pty LtdEpping269680
Lucci, Salvatore Epping328988
Lynes, Erin MarieEpping392576
M & J Simmons Services Pty LtdEpping327966
Ma, Wai HungEpping277018
Macg Consulting Services Pty LtdEpping277599
Mackay, David ScottEpping316978
Mackellar, Vaughan Epping239298
Madon, Ronda Epping302157
Magnano, Alfio Epping1009001
Mark Harris Financial Services Pty LimitedEpping290372
Mark Pearman Pty LtdEpping258665
Martin, David John HowieEpping248284
Mawbey, Tania Epping239307
Mcgregor, Neil EdwardEpping277598
Mckernan, Gus Epping242864
Mclardy Mcshane Dunn Pty LtdEpping1234679
Mcmillan, Jordan HughEpping400313
Menon Brothers Travel Pty LtdEpping266179
Miles, Raymond JohnEpping276372
Mo, Wei Epping1259623
Montagnese, Domenico Epping236281
Mortgage Answers Australia Pty LtdEpping295276
Murphy, Colin Epping416239
Murray, Kim MichelleEpping241990
Musumeci, Robert Epping412593
Nikolovski, George Epping291415
Nott, Matthew RobertEpping321681
O'brien, Aron DenisEpping312087
Olibetty Pty LtdEpping272062
Orion Pacific Finance Pty LimitedEpping276900
Osborn, Sharon MareeEpping1258528
PK Financial Solutions Pty LtdEpping313638
Pacstar Australia Pty LtdEpping322949
Paul B. Edwards Management Pty. LimitedEpping259611
Piatkov, Kostya Epping429960
Poulos, Amanda LouiseEpping1254583
Preston Motors (holdings) Proprietary LimitedEpping243795
Price, Wayne HarryEpping1249942
Priddle, Craig Epping384661
Prime Focus Financial Pty LtdEpping1271525
Priyananda, Manel Epping1236566
Quoyle, Andrew Epping263757
R&d Car Sales Pty LtdEpping1242373
Rachael L Wade And Ian A RobertsonEpping315885
Ramanathan, Alagu Epping1248006
Ray, Susan JenniferEpping247500
Richardson, Matthew Epping388811
Robertson Malcolm, Ritchie Epping333194
Robertson, Ian Epping231714
Robinson, Geoffrey Epping270940
Rodgers, Jefferson FranklinEpping263065
Ryan, Joanne Epping249642
S.c Heinsen & D.m PascuzziEpping299914
Sagepath Financial Services Pty LtdEpping1276717
Salce, Fortunato Epping263384
Saleem, Omar Epping316591
Saliba, Nahren Epping252129
Sammfin Pty LtdEpping454611
Schaafsma, Michelle Epping421302
Seidl, Bruce Epping235779
Seidl, Paul Epping1245142
Shaw, Steven AllanEpping302156
Sheargold, Richard WalterEpping267354
Sheff Secure Finance Pty LtdEpping435560
Simmons, Martyn NevilleEpping309715
Singh, Kawaljeet Epping1255742
Skelton, Craig MurrayEpping312482
Smart Home Loans Pty LtdEpping1233369
Smartline Home Loans Pty LtdEpping234499
Souksamlane, Dennis Epping340201
Stark, Louise NicolaEpping261461
Stephen Andrew Wright & Associates Pty LtdEpping243135
Stokes, Dean PhillipEpping263719
Stow, Craig Epping232020
Stow, Craig AndrewEpping1244459
Straton, Denise Epping291237
Strong, John Epping249643
Su, Ariel YA ChunEpping233559
Suparoo Pty. Ltd.Epping260674
Talbots Investment Services Pty LimitedEpping299753
Tang, Chion Epping239497
Taylor, Kristen Epping239498
Taylor, Mark RobertEpping242607
Taylor, Matthew JohnEpping307939
The Epping Club LimitedEpping433099
The Real Estate Business Pty. Ltd.Epping272760
The Trustee For Advocate Financial Group TrustEpping402689
The Trustee For Lifestyle Unit TrustEpping425461
The Trustee For Rmc Financial Planning TrustEpping412592
The Trustee For The Forge Group Investments Unit TrustEpping1249780
The Trustee For The Walton Family TrustEpping466695
Town & Country Insurance Services Pty LimitedEpping252245
Trimnell Ritchard, Peter Epping242955
Trimnell-ritchard, Shaun Epping277565
Tsakaros, Michael Epping315162
Tyrrell, William AllanEpping1271539
Uhrig, Anette RosemarieEpping427967
Vallis, Paul Epping248897
Van Esch, Bernice RobynEpping253870
Vinson, Terence MichaelEpping270323
Wade, Rachael Epping231713
Walker & CO Financial Services Pty LtdEpping396430
Walpole, Steve Epping223025
Warwick R Hodge Pty LtdEpping247549
Weinstein, Stephen PeterEpping249513
Wen, Wen Epping1248729
Wesek, Adam Epping374682
Williams, Thomas AnthonyEpping263803
Woods, Jennifer KarenEpping1269929
Wright, Stephen Epping242937
Wu, Xiaohua Epping1009131
Xue, Xiaohong Epping1277125
Yen, Harold Epping232327
Zhao, Shuwei Epping323683
Ziviani, Katrina NathalieEpping318589