Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Abbott, Ruth Eight Mile Plains241652
Accounting Intelligence Financial Group Pty LtdEight Mile Plains314068
Accounting Intelligence Pty LtdEight Mile Plains311940
Acn 141 903 317 Pty LtdEight Mile Plains1233827
Advice For Life Pty LtdEight Mile Plains290204
Albassit, Mazin Eight Mile Plains1251327
Anamthuruthy, George Eight Mile Plains341094
Andrews, Darin PeterEight Mile Plains318025
Andrews, Delyse Eight Mile Plains241653
Ashurst, Scott AndrewEight Mile Plains283419
Atm Tours Pty. Ltd.Eight Mile Plains258277
Auld, Archibald JamesEight Mile Plains395967
Aulfrey, Marissa Eight Mile Plains432129
Australian All Energy Solutions Pty LtdEight Mile Plains302891
Australian Financial Checkline Pty LtdEight Mile Plains314366
Ayre, Richard BrianEight Mile Plains250746
Bahlmann, Julian Eight Mile Plains1237318
Berkeley, Adrian JosephEight Mile Plains260293
Betts, Gail Eight Mile Plains344345
Bindon, Tina Eight Mile Plains419229
Birch, Matthew Eight Mile Plains420433
Blank, Tony Eight Mile Plains241704
Boyle, Lisa MareeEight Mile Plains384519
Bradbrook, Laurence Eight Mile Plains306997
Brandt, Evelin Eight Mile Plains278329
Brookes, Matthew LeeEight Mile Plains384515
Brown, Gregory Eight Mile Plains413668
Brown, Teresa LynneEight Mile Plains384524
Buchanan, Scott Eight Mile Plains322350
Burns, Diana MaeEight Mile Plains311703
Burstow, Paul Eight Mile Plains322351
Butler, Lyn Eight Mile Plains436094
Cameron, Kate Eight Mile Plains305548
Capitalcorp Finance & Leasing Pty. Ltd.Eight Mile Plains233929
Carlson, William RossEight Mile Plains328220
Casalaina, Joseph PhillipEight Mile Plains328002
Cfoc Pty LtdEight Mile Plains296365
Chan, John Eight Mile Plains285014
Chappell, Tim Eight Mile Plains306693
Chen, Min Eight Mile Plains331814
Cheng, Ronald Hing KeiEight Mile Plains343569
Cheung, Ronald Ming WahEight Mile Plains273777
Chong, David Eight Mile Plains436606
Chong, Rosalind Tyam HeongEight Mile Plains1242289
Christofis, Nektarios Eight Mile Plains239361
Claxton, Vaughan RobertEight Mile Plains283319
Cleary, Joseph Eight Mile Plains384518
Clout, Jacqueline Eight Mile Plains241655
Club Body Corporate Pty LtdEight Mile Plains379221
Club Financial Advisers Pty LtdEight Mile Plains433161
Club Loans Pty. Ltd.Eight Mile Plains342778
Cna Investments Pty LtdEight Mile Plains240300
Coleman, Benjamin JamesEight Mile Plains291427
Collins, Brian BasilEight Mile Plains328432
Concierge Wealth Pty LtdEight Mile Plains464788
Convery, Alisha RosalieEight Mile Plains328219
Cooper, Gregory LeonardEight Mile Plains248179
Cornwell, Mary Eight Mile Plains241699
Crawford, Robert DennisEight Mile Plains259401
Credit Choice Finance Pty. Ltd.Eight Mile Plains408873
Credit One Pty LtdEight Mile Plains334712
Crosland, Paul RichardEight Mile Plains298824
Cth Finance Solutions Pty LtdEight Mile Plains296187
Cth Finance-link Pty LtdEight Mile Plains1254950
Cunningham, David EllenEight Mile Plains373461
Curran, Oriel Eight Mile Plains323119
Cuthbert, Kevin VincentEight Mile Plains226335
DU Toit, Thomas Eight Mile Plains317131
Daniels, Lori Eight Mile Plains317753
Davis, Donnell Eight Mile Plains294692
Dawson, Adam Eight Mile Plains275841
Dean, Delwen RuthEight Mile Plains303424
Debaycoh Holdings Pty LtdEight Mile Plains343383
Denney, Paul ThomasEight Mile Plains384520
Denys Moss Financial Services Pty LtdEight Mile Plains249251
Designed Wealth Pty LtdEight Mile Plains327249
Dillon, Ian GeorgeEight Mile Plains289156
Ding, QI Eight Mile Plains274472
Domigan, Samantha Eight Mile Plains427442
Doonan, Chriss Eight Mile Plains299331
Dougherty, Desmond Eight Mile Plains344341
Dunne, Belinda KimEight Mile Plains322381
Edl Contracting Pty LtdEight Mile Plains1247286
Eisenmenger, Ray Eight Mile Plains241677
Eva, Karl Timothy AmosEight Mile Plains339245
Evans, Paul RobertEight Mile Plains303087
Fang Yuen, Anne Eight Mile Plains344344
Farmer, Judy Eight Mile Plains309273
Fernandes, Aloysius DesmondEight Mile Plains310812
Fleischer, Katrina ElizabethEight Mile Plains1273706
Forbes, Paula Eight Mile Plains295139
Forrest, Daniel JayEight Mile Plains292638
Fp2 Financial Services Pty LtdEight Mile Plains424690
Fuller, Benjamin Eight Mile Plains299124
Fung, Alexander Eight Mile Plains259107
Furst, Mieczyslaw Eight Mile Plains274078
Gagliostro, Katerina Eight Mile Plains1006667
Gallagher, Jacqueline AnnEight Mile Plains248976
Garner, Nicola Eight Mile Plains1259847
Garnham, Tony BarryEight Mile Plains281448
Ghadban, Melhem Eight Mile Plains464787
Gowlett, Bruce WilliamEight Mile Plains285752
Grell, Naomi Sarah-louiseEight Mile Plains1006976
Griffiths, Hayden JamesEight Mile Plains301208
Haligowski, Troy JasonEight Mile Plains338150
Han, Nigel PatrickEight Mile Plains418681
Hancock, Marilyn Eight Mile Plains322491
Hansen, Marco Yngvar ThorstenEight Mile Plains462851
Hare, David Eight Mile Plains260383
Harmsworth, Donna Eight Mile Plains314246
Harrison, Colin Eight Mile Plains241624
Hart, Mark AndrewEight Mile Plains302436
Hatton, Joyce Eight Mile Plains342536
Hawken, Nicole Eight Mile Plains436903
Heremaia, Dale Eight Mile Plains383588
Hill, Ashley DarrenEight Mile Plains1259428
Ho, Sew Dan KarenEight Mile Plains233485
Hogan, Rod Eight Mile Plains255838
Holvast, Jacob Eight Mile Plains337753
Hooper, Lindy Eight Mile Plains431132
Howden, Judy Eight Mile Plains241602
Jag Partners Strategic Wealth Pty LtdEight Mile Plains1237316
James Xiao & Associates Pty. Ltd.Eight Mile Plains384123
Jamieson, Anastasia Eight Mile Plains1237317
Johnson, Morgan RohanEight Mile Plains460730
Katalinic, Marino Eight Mile Plains306519
Kearney, Mark Eight Mile Plains312129
Kennedy, Adam John SutherlandEight Mile Plains264763
Kenny, Cindy LeeEight Mile Plains433377
Kercher, Anne MarieEight Mile Plains322488
Kercher, Douglas Eight Mile Plains322489
Kirk, Peter JohnEight Mile Plains238879
Landmark (qld) LimitedEight Mile Plains275322
Landmark Insurance Agencies Pty LtdEight Mile Plains359614
Landmark Operations LimitedEight Mile Plains275140
Lassen, Christine GayleEight Mile Plains1001445
Lau, Christopher KennethEight Mile Plains293816
Lau, Waikay Eight Mile Plains424689
Lee, Eileen Eight Mile Plains241626
Lim, Richard Eight Mile Plains429956
Limbach, Vanessa EllenEight Mile Plains299537
Liu, Joe Eight Mile Plains332885
Lofts, Bradley JohnEight Mile Plains263344
Luamanu, Gene Eight Mile Plains298766
Lyons, Sally Eight Mile Plains241660
Macrow, Ian FairbairnEight Mile Plains269189
Maguire, Stephen Eight Mile Plains305002
Mahe, Gina MarieEight Mile Plains337405
Mai, Roger SelwynEight Mile Plains296369
Maples & CO Pty LtdEight Mile Plains344558
Maples, Jeffrey JamesEight Mile Plains289989
Mapp, Dylan Eight Mile Plains275842
Martin, Ceri Eight Mile Plains382893
Massey, Karen Eight Mile Plains290270
Mathew, Thomas Eight Mile Plains301713
Mcdonough, Judith Eight Mile Plains419231
Mcdougall, Debra GayeEight Mile Plains405247
Mckenzie, Matthew Eight Mile Plains292721
Mcpherson, Carolyn LeanneEight Mile Plains289157
Mileva, Monika Eight Mile Plains311190
Miller, Barry JohnEight Mile Plains298055
Minifie, Elicia AnneEight Mile Plains384521
Mojica, Shana Eight Mile Plains342905
Money Now Pty LtdEight Mile Plains424743
Morales, Osvaldo Eight Mile Plains344343
Moss, Denys PieterEight Mile Plains248074
Muir, Luke Eight Mile Plains1004413
Nashed, Jack JosephEight Mile Plains298798
Newman, Suzanne Eight Mile Plains299125
Ngai, Kenna Wing KitEight Mile Plains384522
Niblett, Bronson Eight Mile Plains344347
O'sullivan, Nadia Dong GUEight Mile Plains233460
Oatley, Darren Eight Mile Plains314229
Oh, Angie Eight Mile Plains286833
Online Capital Pty LtdEight Mile Plains318050
Orchard, Tony MahendraEight Mile Plains343822
Orr, David SpencerEight Mile Plains294924
Orr, Jill AileenEight Mile Plains224757
Pager, Stephen WilliamEight Mile Plains310301
Palmer, Glen StuartEight Mile Plains296039
Parker, Simon Eight Mile Plains1007558
Pashen, Craig Eight Mile Plains231786
Patel, Mukesh Eight Mile Plains321125
Paull, Nicolette Eight Mile Plains344342
Penny, Steve Eight Mile Plains241661
Pettitt-brown, Andrew Eight Mile Plains320291
Pope, Melanie Eight Mile Plains444625
Portsmouth, Ryan Eight Mile Plains344340
Powell, Shane Eight Mile Plains305456
Poynter, Anthony Eight Mile Plains322352
Pratt, Random Wayne LachlanEight Mile Plains229527
Proctor, John Eight Mile Plains306434
Property Club Financial Planners Pty LtdEight Mile Plains402303
Property Club Loans Pty LtdEight Mile Plains472423
Pulla, Venkat Eight Mile Plains344346
Puller, Errol JohnEight Mile Plains328298
Quest Enterprises Pty LtdEight Mile Plains384131
Quill Group Financial Planners 1 Pty LtdEight Mile Plains238810
Racq Operations Pty LtdEight Mile Plains234978
Rankin, Lynette Eight Mile Plains359613
Redman, Geoffrey DonaldEight Mile Plains238883
Ren, Guanglai Eight Mile Plains1274153
Renny, Daljit SinghEight Mile Plains337406
Reynolds, Paul Eight Mile Plains303746
Richard Ayre Consultancy Pty LtdEight Mile Plains411177
Robertson, Donna Eight Mile Plains322490
Robinson, Paul Eight Mile Plains286362
Robinson, Samantha Eight Mile Plains429127
Rod Hogan Pty LtdEight Mile Plains255460
Ronai-horuath, Susan Eight Mile Plains285316
Russell- Oldham, Keith StuartEight Mile Plains327366
Rutherford, Amy LouiseEight Mile Plains340488
Ryan, John MatthewEight Mile Plains384523
Saines, Peter AndrewEight Mile Plains384516
Salmela, Henri Eight Mile Plains419230
Sandilands, Rona Eight Mile Plains304574
Sarkies, Lorraine Eight Mile Plains434484
Sauvage, Rita Eight Mile Plains300991
Schoonder, Rayleen MayEight Mile Plains296227
Scott, Graeme Eight Mile Plains290271
Shapiro, Simon Eight Mile Plains405102
Sheffield, Karen DaleEight Mile Plains395966
Silvola, Markus Eight Mile Plains296640
Simpkins, Anusha Eight Mile Plains429957
Smith, Pamela Eight Mile Plains374501
Smith, Warren LeeEight Mile Plains238881
Stanford, Kirin Eight Mile Plains342218
Stanley, John Eight Mile Plains413667
Stella, Jeffrey AnthonyEight Mile Plains261462
Stewart, Adam Eight Mile Plains282849
Stewart, Susan Eight Mile Plains241705
Stone, Gregory Eight Mile Plains335077
Strickland, Robert Eight Mile Plains335523
Stumer Investments Pty LtdEight Mile Plains375252
Stumer, Jamie Eight Mile Plains336410
Su, Connie Eight Mile Plains301888
Sum, Danny Eight Mile Plains455848
Sun, Haiyang Eight Mile Plains338298
Swain, Jessica Eight Mile Plains472422
Swiericzuk, Gwen Eight Mile Plains241669
Tafea, Ligifamamotu Eight Mile Plains395968
Tapping, Kathryn Eight Mile Plains290232
Taylor, Deborah Eight Mile Plains430376
Tcb Supermarket Pty LtdEight Mile Plains439471
The Trustee For Mwfs TrustEight Mile Plains440171
Thomas, Joan Eight Mile Plains248637
Tito, Ngaire Eight Mile Plains432150
Tohiariki, Ngahuia Eight Mile Plains1236528
Treskow, Robert Eight Mile Plains373462
Treton-loof, Heather AnneEight Mile Plains317754
Trevenar, Justine Eight Mile Plains263388
Trussell, Kent WallaceEight Mile Plains328218
Tummarello, Aldo Eight Mile Plains298206
Tyler, Prudence MaeEight Mile Plains421264
Vegnendaal, Yvonne Eight Mile Plains405101
Vincent, Belinda JaneEight Mile Plains301133
Walizada, Ashmat Eight Mile Plains1272507
Walsh, Matthew JamesEight Mile Plains344554
Watt, Jillian Eight Mile Plains289155
Wealth Managed Corporation Pty LtdEight Mile Plains332223
West, Sylvia Eight Mile Plains326525
Whaanga, Charmaine Eight Mile Plains335078
Wilkinson, Lesley Eight Mile Plains431201
Williams, Cherie Eight Mile Plains312130
Williams, Sarah ElizabethEight Mile Plains445861
Williams, Tania LeighEight Mile Plains1234610
Wilson, Troy KevinEight Mile Plains285751
Woodrow, Katrina Eight Mile Plains394437
Wratten, Helen Eight Mile Plains249196
Xiao, James Eight Mile Plains233462
Xing, Sally FeiEight Mile Plains429953
Your Risk Protection Specialists Pty LtdEight Mile Plains383065
Zunker, Desley RaeEight Mile Plains279062