Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Abello-rodriguez, Patricia East Perth252916
Abn Pty LtdEast Perth299907
Abou-youssef, Doha East Perth284416
Ace Insurance & Financial Planning Pty LtdEast Perth317315
Aceway Nominees Pty LtdEast Perth243770
Adair, Michael East Perth224476
Adams, Shirley AnnEast Perth241743
Adie, Susheela CatherineEast Perth252910
Alexander, Simone East Perth232364
Aliphon, Pamela LynetteEast Perth244365
All Finance Group Pty LtdEast Perth232341
Allan, Marie ErszebetEast Perth241744
Allied Services Pty LtdEast Perth228752
Anthony, Lorraine GayEast Perth306580
Apex Insurance Solutions Pty LtdEast Perth313598
Archibald, Bryce Cameron ClarkEast Perth400703
Armillary Financial Planning Pty LtdEast Perth428526
Ashton, Robyne East Perth310524
Aspire Wealth Planning (wa) Pty LtdEast Perth310622
Atkinson, Rodney DonaldEast Perth250388
Aurisch, Kylie JoanneEast Perth244606
Baczynski, Tammy East Perth325220
Bailey, Amber East Perth440216
Baker, Meryl JuneEast Perth244366
Banasik, Dominika East Perth1244891
Bantleman, Veronica East Perth450267
Barnesby, James AlwynEast Perth258162
Barnesby-johnson, Margaret AnneEast Perth258161
Bates, Erin LaurraineEast Perth241745
Baum, Matthew JohnEast Perth282252
Beardshall, Ruth East Perth332061
Bellgard, Christopher DanielEast Perth1249857
Bettridge, Jennifer JaneEast Perth422934
Biggs, Margot JaneEast Perth259313
Biz-insure Pty LtdEast Perth422933
Bookview Pty LtdEast Perth261563
Boorn, Mark DavidEast Perth241746
Boq Home Pty LtdEast Perth239922
Boutler, Barry ChristopherEast Perth283125
Boxshall, Simon JohnEast Perth317120
Brede, Murray OwenEast Perth306581
Breeze, David LeslieEast Perth274552
Brian, Tony CharlesEast Perth376259
Brice, Naomi MarieEast Perth232362
Brown, Mark JamesEast Perth249760
Brown, Peter East Perth284401
Bryce, Hugh East Perth283131
Bryce, Nahida East Perth283133
Burke, Henry East Perth238823
Button, Garry HughEast Perth259214
Byrne, Lindsay MurrayEast Perth278410
Caldwell, Philip GordonEast Perth259381
Callaghan, Paul JohnEast Perth242631
Campbell, Jeanette East Perth308143
Capital Risk Solutions Pty LtdEast Perth461493
Carlson, Lorraine AnneEast Perth246975
Caslam Insurance Solutions Pty. Ltd.East Perth318152
Cathcart, Karl RobertEast Perth315446
Cavaney, Cathryn AnneEast Perth282251
Centric General Insurance Advisory Pty LtdEast Perth300722
Chan & Naylor Perth Pty LtdEast Perth1247140
Charles, Wayne JohnEast Perth241168
Chen, Ting ShengEast Perth227516
Chilchik, Hylton East Perth331209
Chilchik, Norman MichaelEast Perth318762
City Beach Holdings Pty LtdEast Perth279181
Claessen, John East Perth241385
Clare, Andrew East Perth319788
Clark, Michelle East Perth241747
Clarke, Kayleen MarieEast Perth246979
Clobel Pty LtdEast Perth330482
Cocker, Neil KingsleyEast Perth295463
Coetsee, Elsofie East Perth291812
Cohen, Ivan StanleyEast Perth242186
Coleman, Jodee LeeEast Perth241797
Colonial Insurance Pty LtdEast Perth312273
Connolly, Patrick AnthonyEast Perth259363
Cooper, Timothy RossEast Perth409283
Costley, Neil East Perth455032
Coviello, Jason AnthonyEast Perth1007204
Cox, Allison East Perth241748
Cubbage, Michael RaymondEast Perth263212
Cuff, Kasey BridgetEast Perth300186
Currey, Tamara Fiona HettyEast Perth245656
Cutten, Helen MargaretEast Perth246984
DI Paolo, Shirley BettyEast Perth241750
Datacom Systems (w.a.) Pty LtdEast Perth467479
Davey, Jacqueline ElizabethEast Perth1273246
Davidson, Beverley DawnEast Perth241796
Davidson, Chris East Perth329227
Davidson, Valerie East Perth244368
Davies, Stephen East Perth292455
Davis, Johnann East Perth241749
Dawn Express (wa) Pty LtdEast Perth261301
Dbd Insurance Solutions Pty LtdEast Perth323612
Devine, Gregory JohnEast Perth241892
Dhanjal, Jasdip East Perth309513
Dixon, Lyndal KylieEast Perth241751
Dodd, Jane ElizabethEast Perth241752
Donald, Tina East Perth232344
Donald, Tina EllenEast Perth274162
Downes, Ada CarmenEast Perth269082
Doyle, Karen East Perth257138
Dragonfly Ridge Pty LtdEast Perth280939
Dream International Pty LtdEast Perth272882
Dreja, Jason LloydEast Perth241753
Dressels, Kareen AnnetteEast Perth241754
Dunne, Julie East Perth458244
Earle, Ronise DianeEast Perth241755
Eden Funds Management Pty LtdEast Perth325578
Edman, Mark GerardEast Perth244811
Edrich, Louise BarbaraEast Perth364390
Edwards, John AlfredEast Perth237782
Elliot, Shirley Jo-anneEast Perth310544
Elliott Insurance Services Pty LtdEast Perth329895
Elliott, John ArthurEast Perth329835
Elliott, Philippa East Perth236932
Endeavour Financial Services (wa) Pty LtdEast Perth294803
Feeney, Luke DesmondEast Perth334668
Ferris, Jason JeromeEast Perth241756
First Avenue Property Group Pty LtdEast Perth460844
First Avenue Property Management Pty LtdEast Perth460843
Fisher, Lilian East Perth436552
Fitzsimmons, Chloe East Perth377097
Foster, Lynne MarieEast Perth252914
Foster, Paul AnthonyEast Perth224481
Fountain, Jane MargaretEast Perth241757
Foweraker, Wendy East Perth292124
Fpi Investment Management Pty LtdEast Perth303113
Franklin, Kerry LouiseEast Perth241383
Freestyle Finance Group Pty LtdEast Perth283620
Fulton, Stuart GlennEast Perth230509
Gander, Robert MichaelEast Perth282250
Gardian Insurance Services Pty LtdEast Perth297948
Garrity, Craig East Perth310523
Gauder, Deborah JanetteEast Perth241758
Goh, Elson East Perth319152
Goodridge, Geoffrey LawrenceEast Perth259221
Gordon, Bonita East Perth312396
Gulvin, Kenneth East Perth259289
Hamilton, John RaymondEast Perth263139
Hancock, Laura MarionEast Perth283135
Hanson, Douglas SydneyEast Perth333600
Haque, Saiful East Perth237138
Harris, Michael AlexanderEast Perth388549
Harrisdale Pty LtdEast Perth315826
Harrison, Paul AlexEast Perth324235
Hart, Nicholas JamesEast Perth323743
Hart, Solomon East Perth313642
Hawksford, Allan JohnEast Perth299933
Hay, Mark WilliamEast Perth234470
Hayes, Peter HamiltonEast Perth259374
Hayes, Peter MalcolmEast Perth249822
Helm Financial Planning Pty LtdEast Perth1273245
Henson, Debbie East Perth241759
Hern, Matthew JamesEast Perth238821
Hetherington, Alison East Perth224477
Heys, David East Perth232365
Higgs, Donna MarieEast Perth252913
Hill, Anthony McphersonEast Perth309848
Hodges, Sue Louise MargaretEast Perth241760
Hohmann, Lorraine East Perth405503
Holan, John AndrewEast Perth1267866
Honey, Peter AlbertEast Perth376258
Howells, Rose MarieEast Perth283130
Hugo, Sardi East Perth312397
Hunt, Lisa PatriciaEast Perth241761
Hunt, Tina MargaretEast Perth244364
Hunter, Christine FrancesEast Perth252915
Hunter, Simon JohnEast Perth250744
Hutchinson, Bridgette East Perth295152
Img Enterprises Pty LtdEast Perth333236
Insure 365 Pty LtdEast Perth1249962
Integrated Financial Services Pty LtdEast Perth242409
Jagiello, Michael StephenEast Perth238822
Jarrott, David WilliamEast Perth245998
Jarrott, William ArthurEast Perth245999
Jennings, Debra MarieEast Perth241762
Jill Stiles & Associates Pty LtdEast Perth411012
John, William RoyEast Perth237141
Johnson, Bryan ClementEast Perth241763
Johnstone, Alison East Perth225039
Jones, Shaun IvorEast Perth316498
Jones, Tracey East Perth241798
Jones-mccallum, Sidonie East Perth306895
Jordan Anthony & DeborahEast Perth244006
Jordan, Anthony East Perth223818
Joy, Bryan RaymondEast Perth263659
Joy, Mark LeonardEast Perth300185
Joyce, Ann ElizabethEast Perth241764
Kaleechurn, Amrish East Perth1273327
Kallenbach, Marilyn AnneEast Perth331929
Kelly, Megan RaeEast Perth332163
Kelly, Sally AngelaEast Perth241765
Kennedy Western Financial Group Pty LtdEast Perth251041
Kliests, Heather East Perth309849
Kotkis, Gavin IanEast Perth242196
Kotkis, Percy East Perth242266
Kotkis, Warren JoelEast Perth242232
Lakevale Nominees Pty LtdEast Perth295817
Lam, Zhanelle East Perth309597
Laming, Christopher East Perth318140
Land, Margaret East Perth319123
Leach, Lesley AnnEast Perth241766
Lennie, Ian East Perth265131
Leo, Donna LauraEast Perth285436
Li, Linda East Perth456227
Liket Insurance Pty LtdEast Perth333235
Lisracken Pty LtdEast Perth289895
Little, Linda East Perth232346
Lloyd, Sharyn CatherineEast Perth252912
Lo'castro, Joseph East Perth241767
Loanscorp Australasia Pty LtdEast Perth306579
Lovegrove, Gail KayEast Perth246980
Lowe, Robert FrancisEast Perth283124
Macdonald, Tracey AnneEast Perth246981
Magic Carpet Tours & Travel Pty LtdEast Perth228500
Mancini, Wendy LouiseEast Perth300079
Manders, Keryn LeeEast Perth315688
Mansfield, Geoffrey ErnestEast Perth259222
Mark Hay Asset Management Pty LtdEast Perth290101
Marston, Sue RaeEast Perth244610
Mason, Brett HaroldEast Perth238820
Mason, Glen PhillipEast Perth277461
Massey, Clinton East Perth315317
Masters, Rebecca JaneEast Perth458852
Matrenza, Doreen Mary TheresaEast Perth241768
Matsinger, Richard MalcolmEast Perth238819
May, Norma MaryEast Perth241769
Mazanetz, Dietmar LeopoldEast Perth259200
Mccann, Janessa MichelleEast Perth252917
Mccormack, Lorrelle DeirdreEast Perth270779
Mccracken, Aaron TroyEast Perth246056
Mcdiarmid, Gavin JohnEast Perth326222
Mcdonald, Kathryn ClaireEast Perth444059
Mcdonald, Rhona East Perth241770
Mcfarlane, Valerie MayEast Perth243301
Mcgrath, Christopher DavidEast Perth259169
Mckenna, Fabian East Perth237931
Mclaren, Tracey East Perth310829
Mcleod, Margaret AnnEast Perth241771
Mcmanus, Justin NeilEast Perth338562
Mcnamara, Chris RobertEast Perth241772
Mcshane, Jeanette East Perth299961
Mec Resources LtdEast Perth297302
Mendelevitz, Gregory East Perth239777
Messer, Kerry AnneEast Perth245654
Migliore, John East Perth311493
Minehan, Julian ChristianEast Perth307218
Mohann, Arrul East Perth255355
Mok, Felicia Chai HoonEast Perth241773
Momentum Planning Pty LtdEast Perth289252
Momentum Wealth Finance Pty LtdEast Perth327470
Momentum Wealth Property Pty LtdEast Perth313220
Monarch Advisory Pty LimitedEast Perth331208
Morcombe Travel Pty LtdEast Perth258570
Morris, Marilyn AnnetteEast Perth241774
Mudd, Kristopher James RodneyEast Perth470999
Murphy, Sally AnneEast Perth246985
Murray, Kevin JamesEast Perth290936
Murtagh, Belinda Sharyn KimEast Perth331930
N.a Gray & S.l GrayEast Perth1238328
Narthakumar, Sudha East Perth306975
Neal, Alana East Perth309858
Neil-mcqueen, Linda East Perth288300
New Generation Insurance Solutions Pty LtdEast Perth316805
Nikola, Vasil East Perth302807
Niutta, Mark Andrew PeterEast Perth259320
Novastis, Anthoula East Perth243300
O'brien, Kaye DawnEast Perth244605
O'hara, Michael East Perth241386
O'neil, Andrew JamesEast Perth286899
Old Firm International Pty LtdEast Perth243100
Ooi, Eng KEast Perth311601
Paap, Glen TheodorusEast Perth332072
Paap, Shane DarrenEast Perth344969
Pages-oliver, Mark East Perth290036
Painter, Ernest East Perth249589
Paragon Investment Services Pty LtdEast Perth240494
Parker, David RodneyEast Perth259189
Parkinson, Jeffrey WayneEast Perth288803
Parnell, Joanne East Perth294359
Passey, Deisha LouiseEast Perth301812
Pattison, Bernadine East Perth241775
Paul, Cameron East Perth236925
Pecotic Corporation Pty LtdEast Perth449857
Pecotic, Raymond VickoEast Perth269067
Penheiro, Charles AlexanderEast Perth258163
Pereira, Michael East Perth259342
Petrilli, Tania MichelleEast Perth333887
Phillips, Luke EammonEast Perth297947
Phillips-stiles, Pauline MichaelaEast Perth241776
Piersbridge Consultants Pty LtdEast Perth242363
Piesse, Grant East Perth315321
Piesse, Irma East Perth313195
Pilton, Ian MichaelEast Perth246109
Pimm, Rebecca East Perth315320
Plewright, David MarkEast Perth246972
Plowman, Adam East Perth259103
Plumb, Robert East Perth232345
Pos Financial Services Pty LtdEast Perth275654
Powell Investments Pty LtdEast Perth258362
Powell, Dorothy IreneEast Perth306572
Powell, Jacqueline MaryEast Perth241777
Powell, Shirley AnneEast Perth245655
Powell, Thomas GeorgeEast Perth258363
Poynter, Ian PhilipEast Perth317398
Prince, Andrew NeilEast Perth230507
Prior, Andrew ShaneEast Perth339620
Professional Travel Services Pty LtdEast Perth258672
Professionals Insurance Network Pty LtdEast Perth416313
Properjohn, Benjamin East Perth312018
Pyatt, Megan FelicityEast Perth241778
Quinn, Bethan MarieEast Perth241779
Rae, Irene East Perth246982
Rees, James OliverEast Perth287564
Reichlin, Gary East Perth311492
Reimers, Haydn AlistairEast Perth403645
Resul, Karen QazibeEast Perth262215
Richards, Rodney East Perth232347
Richardson, Brett East Perth232342
Ritchie, Marion East Perth244608
Riverstar Investments Pty LtdEast Perth276950
Roberts, Kimberley East Perth259296
Robertson, Anne-marie East Perth243351
Robinson, Jason East Perth241780
Robinson, Jenny AnneEast Perth245657
Rogers, Jennifer East Perth259254
Ross-connolly, Aaron East Perth259100
Rosser, Mark East Perth224480
Roth, Robin East Perth224475
Roy John Pty LtdEast Perth338815
Ryan, Amy ElizabethEast Perth287476
Ryder, Helen EvelynEast Perth241781
SG & VL HuckleEast Perth244417
Sabatino, Maria RosariaEast Perth244603
Sanderson, Hayley LouiseEast Perth433768
Sapphire Glade Pty LtdEast Perth311078
Saulsman, David TaureanEast Perth423067
Savage, Deidre LeeEast Perth244604
Sbw Global Pty LtdEast Perth1244502
Scarffe, Deborah MarieEast Perth244367
Schoof, Lennard AndrewEast Perth326830
Seddon Insurance Services Pty. Ltd.East Perth243991
Seddon, Gordon East Perth257028
Sentry Group Advice Pty LtdEast Perth302809
Sentry Group Wealth Pty LtdEast Perth322582
Sfr Solutions Pty LtdEast Perth1007205
Shah, Vimalkumar East Perth1253850
Shah, Yogesh East Perth1249963
Shah, Yogesh Amrital RupshiEast Perth454949
Sharpe, David East Perth237326
Shaw, Joanna East Perth320456
Shine, Siobhan ThereseEast Perth246978
Shoraka, Alireza East Perth278114
Shortte, Kelvin East Perth1006366
Silvalake Flexi Finance (wa) Pty LtdEast Perth289399
Simmons, Faye MareeEast Perth241782
Sis Insurance Brokers Pty LtdEast Perth433771
Sleight, Mark RogerEast Perth1244501
Smartside Investments Pty LtdEast Perth346946
Smith, Howard MichaelEast Perth246974
Smith, Jennifer LeeEast Perth246977
Smith, Joyce Jennifer MarjorieEast Perth241783
Smith, Kelly LeanneEast Perth252911
Soul Communications Pty LtdEast Perth276826
Sparkes, Derek RichardEast Perth238378
Srodzinski, Colleen FayeEast Perth244609
Stampone, Kim AnitaEast Perth246973
Stannard, Linton JamesEast Perth241784
Stevens, Peter RobertEast Perth249783
Stubbs, Danielle East Perth283132
Subidyo, Azale East Perth322571
Sukhan, Iryna East Perth290392
Swede Corp Pty LtdEast Perth334009
Szonyi, Andrew Stephen GordonEast Perth283813
Taylor, Christopher JamesEast Perth415204
Terrill, Shenette SharnelEast Perth241785
The Cps Unit TrustEast Perth376260
The Unique Loan Company Pty LtdEast Perth315827
Thor Management Pty LtdEast Perth302806
Time Corporation Pty LtdEast Perth302340
Tinsdale, Julie East Perth325757
Tomkinson, Simon JeffreyEast Perth241387
Tonev, Jillian RosemarieEast Perth241786
Travellers Choice LimitedEast Perth430980
Treacher, Karen AnnEast Perth241787
Triplett, Renae East Perth320692
Tubbs, Ian JamesEast Perth246186
Turnbull, Craig SimpsonEast Perth310694
Turrington, Joanne NicoleEast Perth244607
Turton, Claire ElizabethEast Perth282458
Tyson, Joan MaryEast Perth241788
Urbanowicz, Dominic East Perth323007
Vallence, Bernard East Perth259150
Valles, Jennifer AnneEast Perth246976
Van Gasselt, Hank East Perth260510
Venn, Linda East Perth241789
Ventris, Eric JohnEast Perth241790
Verryt, David East Perth289484
Vision Risk Consultants Pty. Ltd.East Perth422848
Walker, Andrea East Perth241791
Walsh, Kim MaryEast Perth241793
Wardrobe, Teresa AnnEast Perth244602
Watson, David MartinEast Perth239514
Webb, Jeremy RichardEast Perth1242471
Webber, Jenny AnnEast Perth241792
Welch, Andrew JohnEast Perth238828
Wells, Robert DarrylEast Perth225775
Wells, Sue DebraEast Perth241794
Wentworth Mutual Investment Management Pty LtdEast Perth278491
Westclub Pty LtdEast Perth296706
Westcourt Insurance Services Pty LtdEast Perth319062
White, Kylie AnnEast Perth246983
Whiteman, Val JoanEast Perth241795
Willett, Christian PeterEast Perth297772
Williams, Benjamin RayEast Perth249785
Wilson, James HowardEast Perth289015
Wilson, Robert East Perth313599
Wong, Cheng ChingEast Perth345847
Wong, Ricky MornayEast Perth252909
Woods, Mark JoachimEast Perth242757
Wright, Reba AnnEast Perth244362
Wsp Pty LtdEast Perth276624
Yates, Samantha AnneEast Perth306050
Yelash, Natasha MelanieEast Perth244363
Ymyf Perth Pty LtdEast Perth353205
Young, Adrian PeterEast Perth311237