Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Abousher, Aiman Caroline Springs325352
Addo, Nana AfiaCaroline Springs339523
Arora, Pooja Caroline Springs1008478
Aviles, Edgar Caroline Springs302022
Azzopardi, Terry Caroline Springs338471
Centre Pty LtdCaroline Springs333282
Chok, Billy Caroline Springs328335
Csb Finance Pty. Ltd.Caroline Springs435570
Cummings, David Caroline Springs339426
Dania, Rohit Caroline Springs344324
Firashta, Azizali Caroline Springs1241837
Galgano, Nino GaetanoCaroline Springs335158
Hedger, Mark ColinCaroline Springs322450
Heycock, David RhysCaroline Springs300065
Jas Advisory Pty LtdCaroline Springs1245252
Karan, Preeti PriyaCaroline Springs314534
Keily, Sherryn LouiseCaroline Springs1268316
Kellock, Craig JohnCaroline Springs284636
Larkins, Narelle JaneCaroline Springs1275556
Lendlease Realty Pty LimitedCaroline Springs272714
Mab Financial Services Pty LtdCaroline Springs439234
Magac Money Solutions Pty. Ltd.Caroline Springs383414
Mazzarella, Tarna LouiseCaroline Springs299017
Meehan, Michael JamesCaroline Springs303201
Mercieca, Maria Caroline Springs310208
Paramon, Moses Caroline Springs296692
Pisasale, Paul Caroline Springs283299
Rai Financials Pty LtdCaroline Springs1241838
Richardson, Paul Caroline Springs451594
Rmt Business Services Pty. Ltd.Caroline Springs232646
Santomartino, Joe Caroline Springs1245351
Selvadurai, Esther TimotheaCaroline Springs340825
Stone, Anthony GrantCaroline Springs409618
Storace, Jason Caroline Springs335558
Strategos1 Pty. Ltd.Caroline Springs317296
Tenaglia, Marc Caroline Springs282480
Tenaglia, Marc RoccoCaroline Springs333361
Testa, Maria VeronicaCaroline Springs232647
The Joseph Corporation Pty LtdCaroline Springs290743
The Trustee For M & M Meehan Business TrustCaroline Springs398393
The Trustee For Magac Family TrustCaroline Springs333391
Ummat, Sourabh Caroline Springs1255442
Western Highway Investments Pty LtdCaroline Springs413573