Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

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2 Easy Finance Pty LtdCannington1256642
Action Motors Pty LtdCannington380905
Aljufri, Zainal Cannington386775
Allclass Auto Pty LtdCannington1239185
Alltime Investments Pty LtdCannington305406
Anderson, Jack Cannington1252373
Armenti, Anthony Cannington328769
Ascent Financial Planners Pty LtdCannington1239241
Ash Enterprises (wa) Pty LtdCannington274448
Athena Capital Australia Pty LtdCannington261604
Austpride Pty LtdCannington332911
B.w Backhouse & D.m BackhouseCannington308904
Bartlett, Jane Cannington455625
Bempasciuto, Frank Cannington412253
Boardman, Rebecca Cannington244501
Bobowski, David Cannington415288
Bresland Consultants Pty LtdCannington354995
Brown, Tom Cannington438006
C & J Global Pty LtdCannington293856
Caminiti, Anthony Cannington284712
Catterall, John AndrewCannington296853
Cheng, Yuk Ting Cannington1256643
Chhaya, Dipti Cannington386773
Cleary, Elizabeth AnnCannington337851
Cook, Jeremy Cannington441269
Coronet Court Pty LtdCannington256595
Coronet Court Unit TrustCannington228178
Davies, Peter MaynardCannington283564
Dencorp Financial Solutions Pty LtdCannington261827
Dencorp Planning Services Pty LtdCannington1009244
Denver, David PeterCannington281625
Denver, Jennifer AnneCannington282232
Donaghy, John Cannington336161
Ebbg Pty LimitedCannington261782
Equios WA Pty LtdCannington436180
Fabcar Pty LtdCannington316211
Farm Cove Pty LtdCannington275730
First Class Nominees Pty LtdCannington270637
Frank Bempasciuto Family TrustCannington325884
Gartland-abbott, Mary Cannington285331
Ghangas, Dharambir Cannington1265028
Goyal, Munit Cannington439784
Gr8 Corporation Pty LtdCannington279110
Gr8 Superannuation Services Pty LtdCannington386042
Gregson (wa) Pty LtdCannington336140
Grq Pty LtdCannington272872
Harsha Holdings Pty LtdCannington269873
Hekmat, Mir Cannington466556
Higson, Clinton SethCannington327908
Icg Realty Pty LtdCannington314916
Jensen, Eric Cannington304523
Jkl Investments (aust) Pty LtdCannington1237987
Jones, Steven Cannington415289
Joyce, Lauren Cannington469649
Kwas, Kwas Cannington256539
Lim, Arthur Cannington456320
M&j Logistics Pty LtdCannington455626
MO & RK Investments Pty LtdCannington334974
Mansory Holdings Pty LtdCannington456323
Matthyser, Aleksandra Cannington455627
Mays, Scott Cannington386769
Mills, Damien Cannington325038
Mocen Pty LtdCannington325885
Montie, Hilary Cannington256562
Murphy, Jane Cannington412319
Musca, Giuseppe Cannington287215
Musca, Michaela AnnCannington327909
Mwanyalo, Andrew KachilaCannington450317
Ngo, Nicolas K Cannington387534
Nunis, Matthew Cannington469648
O'neill, Carol LesleyCannington256346
Oliver Dunkel Pty LtdCannington281954
Pano, Marwan Cannington283460
Parente, Chiara Cannington426470
Parker, Grant Cannington446954
Parker, Nigel JamesCannington1239242
Parkland 1998 Pty LtdCannington269858
Pearcy, Michael Cannington416345
Penton, Michael WilliamCannington291429
Perkins, Debbie AnnCannington327910
Perth Hybrid CentreCannington420734
Pileggi, Leteisha CourtneyCannington331619
Quadrant Property Group Pty LtdCannington308158
Raphael House Pty LtdCannington261968
Roberts, Rachel Cannington467387
Robins, Simon Cannington429335
Robinson, Ferne Diane ManuhiriCannington1234913
Rogers, Lee-anne BettyCannington305765
Sanchez, Ivi Cannington340769
Semmens, Aleisha CherieCannington467918
Sohrabi, Reza Cannington345978
Southside Autos (1981) Pty LtdCannington269867
Stagg, Timothy JamesCannington337852
Stapelberg, Norma LouiseCannington1243315
Steele, Ric Cannington321168
The Bagga Family TrustCannington332383
The Steele Investment TrustCannington321167
The Trustee For Southside Unit TrustCannington1262866
Tomek, Silivie Cannington311567
Total Autos (1990) Pty LtdCannington267723
Wahoo Holdings Pty LtdCannington304541
Wannberg, Laura Cannington465401
Wright, Neil AnthonyCannington302385