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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: May 6, 2020

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A.p. Ford Pty. Ltd.Brendale233868
Aman, Melanie Brendale321801
Avery, Danielle ElizabethBrendale331091
Avery, Neil CliffordBrendale250439
Beswick, Matthew JohnBrendale362532
Bettesworth, Dorothy SuzanneBrendale356959
Beyer, Kylie AnnBrendale362533
Britton, Narelle FrancesBrendale292963
Bruce, Craig AndrewBrendale1245408
Carmen (wa) Pty LtdBrendale291998
Coppin, Christopher BoydBrendale273926
Cormick, Kylie Brendale471705
Crain, Ian DouglasBrendale265916
Cranshaw, Patrick JohnBrendale316280
DE Lange, Marius Brendale457030
Dargusch, Tanya JoyBrendale265912
Davison, Steven Brendale428775
Dormant Financial Services Pty LtdBrendale280470
Eastglen Pty. Ltd.Brendale261633
Evans, Ben Brendale428776
Evans, Benjamin Brendale1249841
Fawcett, Pip JaneBrendale265913
Findlay, Casey RenaeBrendale1236730
Fink, Danielle Brendale457426
Flow Financial Planning Pty LtdBrendale1263956
Griffin, Peggy JaneBrendale332531
Growcott, Ross CameronBrendale306243
Gunthorpe, David StuartBrendale243429
Halfpapp, Carey Brendale318145
Hammant, Lee Ann LindaBrendale362535
Hann, Emma LouiseBrendale319580
Harrison, Gavin JohnBrendale246461
Harvey, Brenda DorisBrendale265915
Hbm Electrical Pty. Ltd.Brendale323571
Heath, Diana Brendale1245304
Hedemann, Ben ThomasBrendale314618
Hill, Mark Brendale308591
Hill, Robyn AnneBrendale308490
Holmes, Jason Brendale317372
Holmes, Warren JohnBrendale333328
Hoskins, Steven RichardBrendale383608
Insurance Assist Pty LtdBrendale439494
J.b. Financial Services Pty LtdBrendale282908
JT Automotive Pty LtdBrendale327123
Jobling, Nicholas Brendale410377
K.j Eggins & A WUBrendale1246428
Kerin, Donita AnneBrendale453011
Laing Accounting Pty LtdBrendale1273247
Lutzke, Shayne AnnBrendale362539
Maltman, Naomi Brendale469392
Marks, Greg JohnstonBrendale421093
Mccarthy, Adam JamesBrendale280469
Mccoist, Neil ErnestBrendale231071
Mcnamara, Shaun Brendale327006
Mcquay, Mandy GailBrendale266506
Minnie, Christo Brendale304780
Moulds, Holly-emma Brendale421095
Nautilus Financial Planning Pty LtdBrendale315299
Neil Avery & Associates Pty LtdBrendale250270
Newlove, Jasmine MareeBrendale362536
Nolan, Wayne Brendale468383
Noon, Michael Brendale460888
Parker, Jodie AnnBrendale338903
Parsons, Kirsty MareeBrendale323284
Perigee Finance Pty LtdBrendale316279
Peters Professional Planning Pty LtdBrendale283002
Pine Rivers Community Finance LimitedBrendale265395
Randall, Tracey HonourBrendale314620
Raq Pty LtdBrendale1245407
Rawlings, Joanne Brendale257095
Reardon, Matthew JohnBrendale464661
Reeves, Shaun IanBrendale246119
Remedio, Janine AlisonBrendale278555
Ritter Financial Services Pty LtdBrendale268237
Roberts, Peter JohnBrendale326089
Rvh Consulting Pty LtdBrendale251008
Shapter, Timothy JohnBrendale242511
Srj Smsf Advice Pty LtdBrendale460889
Suzanne Margaret, Pratt Brendale466182
Tang, Arthur Chee KiatBrendale1236013
The Trustee For Autohead TrustBrendale1234488
Tk7 Holdings Pty LtdBrendale457027
Turner, Cheryl IreneBrendale265914
Turner, David Brendale1245287
Turner, David JamesBrendale1245374
Turner, Ray Brendale308598
Van Homrigh, Russell JohnBrendale254408
Walker, Craig Brendale307260
Walker, Craig RussellBrendale311015
Watt, Emma LouiseBrendale332535
Wendt, Cassandra Brendale1235275
Whincop, Wade Brendale1245288
Williams, Bryan JohnBrendale245314
Wilmen, Sonya MarieBrendale260509
Wren, Christopher Brendale295491