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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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AC Advisers Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East466032
Aanensen, Victor WilliamBentleigh East250691
Adroit Horizon Insurance & Risk Pty LtdBentleigh East1276575
Adventure Destinations Pty LtdBentleigh East321573
Akoojee, Saarrah Bentleigh East408342
Altun, Nur Bentleigh East408358
Amiet, Breeanna LeeBentleigh East410110
Astoria Motors And Body Works Proprietary LimitedBentleigh East261754
Australian Investment Solutions (vic.) Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East245733
Ayton Cerveira, Roshelle PaigeBentleigh East410119
Beavis, Darren NevilleBentleigh East408354
Benjamin, Frank KingsleyBentleigh East242170
Bicer, Cem Bentleigh East1272021
Bios Industries Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East322794
Bisazza, Giuseppe Bentleigh East240684
Blanc Financial Advisers Pty LtdBentleigh East1263325
Blumenkranc, Damian Bentleigh East324868
Bms2 Pty LtdBentleigh East270019
Bodla, Muhammad AliBentleigh East408335
Bodycoat, David JBentleigh East250690
Bottomley, Andrew JohnBentleigh East284114
Bower, Matthew Bentleigh East402929
Britnall, Casey MaeBentleigh East408337
Bruce Carter & Associates Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East238143
Byrnes, Ashley DonaldBentleigh East408357
Callactive Pty LtdBentleigh East316308
Campbell, Chantel Amanada LouiseBentleigh East408348
Carter, Bruce StephenBentleigh East282107
Caruana, Debra AnnBentleigh East470175
Chandra, Shitij Bentleigh East1240868
Charlton, Willoughby Robin JamesBentleigh East235992
Chauremootoo, Louis Emmanuel DamienBentleigh East408359
Christie, Michael AndrewBentleigh East408360
Christodoulou, Michael Bentleigh East232008
Christodoulou, Samantha Bentleigh East408326
Citywide Financial Planning Aust Pty LimitedBentleigh East1234345
Classon, Blair MatthewBentleigh East274069
Colliver, Peter WilliamBentleigh East291587
Commander Systems Pty LimitedBentleigh East275081
Delary-simpson, Kirk Bentleigh East319648
Delos International (australia) Pty LtdBentleigh East324841
Donnenfeld, Miguel Bentleigh East323309
Donovan, Raechelle EileenBentleigh East410120
Downey, Mariah JasmineBentleigh East410113
Drummond, Andrew JosephBentleigh East238594
Elfaggal, Ramy Bentleigh East410112
Elite Insurance Group Pty LtdBentleigh East1233833
Elliott, Donna MareaBentleigh East317002
Exler8 Enterprises Pty LtdBentleigh East342947
Fedortchouk, Arkadiy Bentleigh East408329
Fellows, Kate LouiseBentleigh East436914
Fennelly, Seamus Bentleigh East335407
Fernand, Justin LindsayBentleigh East408347
Financial Lifestyle Planning Pty LtdBentleigh East245757
Fisher, Eyal MeirBentleigh East410111
Franze, Giuseppe Bentleigh East408350
Gager, Kim Bentleigh East300429
Gallagher, Stephanie RuthBentleigh East408324
Gonsalves, Robert WilliamBentleigh East410124
Guberman, Clara CarmelaBentleigh East281095
Gunawardena, Sam Bentleigh East1240719
Habib, Ramen Bentleigh East408343
Hadjiharalambous, Harris Bentleigh East463066
Hall, Casey JayneBentleigh East424054
Hamilton, Lyndal TraceyBentleigh East408330
Harris, Jamie Bentleigh East408338
Heffes, Lucien Bentleigh East294125
Henderson, Lindsay DavidBentleigh East408340
Henricus, Matthew AaronBentleigh East410118
Hung, Andrew JarrodBentleigh East408328
Iliopoulos, Emma LouiseBentleigh East408349
Insuranceguru Private Ltimited Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East1234348
Jacobs, Rory-john Bentleigh East408351
Jacquin, Fabrice Jean-francoisBentleigh East408362
K Delary-simpson & M.r Victor-simpsonBentleigh East319647
Kakolyris, Jerry Bentleigh East452907
King, Abel Bentleigh East408339
King, Michael JamesBentleigh East328349
Korot, Renata Bentleigh East327183
Lafaele, Charleen TafaogaBentleigh East412926
Lal, Nikitin Bentleigh East328672
Lettey, Peta AmyBentleigh East410114
Limardiono, Gary Bentleigh East1243463
Lindo, Aimee KathrynBentleigh East408334
Lynch, John Bentleigh East259880
Mackie, Jeffrey ThomasBentleigh East258222
Makoutonin, Vladimir Bentleigh East310547
Makutonin, Vladimir Bentleigh East430741
Marchese, Julia Bentleigh East408341
Mazen, Amro Bentleigh East410121
Messenger, Rick TroyBentleigh East408323
Milne, Alyssa Rani CaitlinBentleigh East410117
Mitchell, Brennan Bentleigh East443805
Mohammed, Kaleemullah MahmoodBentleigh East452788
Moran, Patrick Bentleigh East412929
Myc Pty LtdBentleigh East1275935
O'brien, Jessica LouiseBentleigh East412925
OZ Lend Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East304853
Officeworks LtdBentleigh East269258
Oliver, Daniel ReeceBentleigh East408353
One World Travel Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East270089
P.i.c. Management Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East267194
Painter, Chandresh KailashvadanBentleigh East1234347
Passaris, Anthony Bentleigh East285092
Pelts, Galina Bentleigh East236302
Pepicelli, Antoinette Bentleigh East288887
Perera, Patrick ShanakaBentleigh East408336
Pham, Tonia NhiBentleigh East410115
Pham, Tuan AnhBentleigh East410122
Pricop, Cristian Bentleigh East408327
Rabot, Jolie BernadetteBentleigh East408325
Raitsin, Pavel LeonidovichBentleigh East323617
Ramanayake, Anushka PriyanganiBentleigh East408345
Rock Wealth Pty LtdBentleigh East338730
Rogers, Monique JoyBentleigh East410116
Rogers, Rhiannon JadeBentleigh East408344
Sabel, Gerald KevinBentleigh East335286
Scf Wealth Pty LtdBentleigh East456772
Sedgewick, Tracey IreneBentleigh East408352
Shah, Manthan PhupendraBentleigh East408333
Shbaro, Amani Bentleigh East412928
Sherpa Financial Group Pty LtdBentleigh East1236433
Sibilia, Anthony LesterBentleigh East408346
Silver, Bradley Bentleigh East1276578
Singh, Krishna KumariBentleigh East235995
Smith, Brendan RaymondBentleigh East408332
Smith, Cameron GrantBentleigh East258246
Smith, Travis BlairBentleigh East258245
Sotiriadis, Sotirios Bentleigh East412927
Stathopoulos, Periclis Bentleigh East1266454
Steel, Tim Bentleigh East427607
Stylianou, Christopher Bentleigh East467177
Sudarshan, Sampath Raghavan Bentleigh East1233306
Sunandar, Ivan Bentleigh East424078
Szmerling, Micaela JoanneBentleigh East400665
Tangram Financial Pty LtdBentleigh East338098
Thomson, Leisel CarmenBentleigh East410123
Tonkin, Matthew GlennBentleigh East408355
Treweek, James PeterBentleigh East408331
Trivedi, Kalapi Bentleigh East403680
Vaka, Jordan DaleBentleigh East335966
Verberne, Gareth StephenBentleigh East1272020
Vigilance Financial Services Pty LtdBentleigh East1007604
W N J Pty. Ltd.Bentleigh East308906
Whelan, Mark AnthonyBentleigh East267806
White, Sean Denhem AnthonyBentleigh East1263324
Wijayasinghe, Shehan Bentleigh East1249492
Williams, David PeterikaBentleigh East408361
Yeo, Mark Por AYBentleigh East439014
Zoumis, Nicolas Bentleigh East248891