Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Abm Corporation Pty LimitedBelrose341758
Adavs Pty LtdBelrose335661
Altonia Productions Pty LimitedBelrose307362
Ashman, David JohnBelrose258180
Austral Oceanic Services Pty LtdBelrose304827
Barber, Paul Belrose279431
Barrington Planners Pty LtdBelrose240311
Bartlett, Gregory JohnBelrose326555
Belrose Financial Advice Pty LtdBelrose1275925
Bgs Capital Management Pty. Ltd.Belrose410996
Bob Holmes Boating Services Pty LtdBelrose262412
Boyers Holdings Pty LtdBelrose1272635
Bradshaw, Anthony KimBelrose281254
Brennan & Powell Pty LtdBelrose248437
Brennan, Craig NelsonBelrose252325
Brian, Anthony DavidBelrose1245131
Brian, Gregory PeterBelrose1245132
Cancellation Covered Pty LtdBelrose1273805
Castino Financial Services Pty LtdBelrose463490
Cbfp2 Pty LtdBelrose471624
Chicago Asset Management Pty LimitedBelrose278642
Church, Jeffrey Belrose307167
Churchill, Shereen Belrose315381
Collins & Associates (australia) Pty LimitedBelrose240329
Collins Financial Services Pty LimitedBelrose309764
Collins, Matthew CharlesBelrose239366
Collins, Russell Belrose239367
Columbus Administration Pty LimitedBelrose414780
Cook, Gregory Belrose318419
Cooper Barber Financial Planning Pty LtdBelrose422782
Cooper, Steven Belrose279430
Couper, Derek BruceBelrose255295
Darcy, Mark JohnBelrose1272636
Financial Markets (australia) Pty LtdBelrose292691
Fraser, Scott JamesBelrose301273
Glen Travel Service Pty LtdBelrose258625
Grossman, Stephen JamesBelrose283410
Hanrahans Financial Planning Pty LtdBelrose281294
Harrison, Stephen JohnBelrose279502
He, Jia Belrose325737
Heathmont Financial Planning Pty LtdBelrose335088
Himalaya Investment Management Pty LimitedBelrose283179
Hughes, Amanda LeaBelrose283411
Hulme, Gail RobinaBelrose1251130
Indemnity Corporation Financial Advisers Pty Ltd & The AP Financial Coach Pty LtdBelrose260395
Intrepid Business Solutions Pty LimitedBelrose305214
Kilgore, Catherine AmandaBelrose330414
Kilgore, Claire CatherineBelrose318257
Lee, Albert Belrose239419
Lloyd, Nicholas James OwenBelrose315027
Lomond Financial Services Pty LtdBelrose318256
Longbon, Daniel MarkBelrose1238426
Lyons, John Belrose293253
Mcewan, Sue Belrose334454
Mcgoldrick, Julian Belrose262098
Mcnamara, Carolyn Belrose239315
Muir, Philip RogerBelrose279321
Nrjla Pty LtdBelrose1261014
Pailagian, Vasgo Belrose267653
Patterson, Philip MakarBelrose305215
Phillips, Adam Belrose290285
Pike, Gary WinstonBelrose362326
Popplewell, Michael EricBelrose326660
Powell, Antony Belrose248193
Read, Bretton TimothyBelrose279792
Respinger, Leo Belrose279503
Riley, Ella Belrose310251
Rowe, John Belrose227118
Rumble, Sara Belrose337869
Rusten, Brian Belrose342186
Saunders, Alistair BrianBelrose273419
Sergienko, Sergei Belrose297742
Shabro Investment Pty LtdBelrose1264176
Shabro, Saeed Belrose469098
Sharif, Aydin Belrose434958
Sharif-akhtar, Jamshid NaderBelrose330608
Staats, Christopher GlennBelrose333111
Targett Wellman Pty LtdBelrose1251129
The AP Financial Coach Pty LtdBelrose245370
The Trustee For Churchill Family Trust & The Trustee For Lloyd Family TrustBelrose1266307
The Trustee For Lloyd Family TrustBelrose1233017
The Trustee For MY Alternative TrustBelrose465163
The Trustee For Ser Family TrustBelrose1267111
The Trustee For Tbg TrustBelrose1245130
The Trustee For The Bag Discretionary Trust & The Trustee For The Gal TrustBelrose305412
Thomaschuetz, Alexandria Belrose295209
Thomson, Jorja MayBelrose1234026
Tornow, Christopher Belrose289563
Vasgo Pailagian & Associates Pty LtdBelrose274318
Wealthcircles Financial Pty LtdBelrose466664
Wood, Jonathan Belrose1264532
Worldview (aus) Pty LtdBelrose290284