Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 3, 2019

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A.c.n. 103 351 828 Pty LtdBelconnen230970
Absolute Insurance And Financial Services Pty LtdBelconnen252484
Ackroyd, Kylie Belconnen369259
Adrichen, Gemma Belconnen335133
Akinyi, Sharon Belconnen335137
Alchin, Jeff Belconnen255023
Alexander, John Belconnen279896
Allen, Bonnie JoyBelconnen313817
Allen, Russell Belconnen423575
Alsford, Drew Belconnen352028
Anderson, Daniel Belconnen319040
Anderson, Felicity Belconnen254997
Andreatta, Adrian Belconnen418484
Arndt, Louise Belconnen258805
Auld, Samantha Belconnen437775
Austen, Stuart Belconnen412666
Aviram, Tal Belconnen397837
Ayre, Julia Belconnen255091
Bacova Holdings Pty. Ltd.Belconnen233878
Badenoch, Symon Belconnen282924
Bahrami, Morteza Belconnen1245906
Bailey, Sandra Belconnen279910
Bajramovic, Megan Belconnen305477
Baker, Nicole Belconnen383199
Baker, Tara LeeBelconnen362415
Ballantyne, Renae Belconnen255066
Barbaro, Rachele Belconnen320223
Barisic, Bruna Belconnen299495
Barnett, Michelle Belconnen416408
Barresi, Lina Belconnen258807
Barresi, Lisa Belconnen254922
Barreto, Annette Belconnen416025
Bartel, Kristi Belconnen405426
Bates, Robyn KatherynBelconnen466259
Bator, Leo Belconnen255059
Belconnen Automotive Pty LimitedBelconnen409833
Bell, Daniel Belconnen373764
Benedictos, Dennis Belconnen293930
Bentley, Dominic Belconnen456801
Bergild, Mark Belconnen335424
Betts, Ross Belconnen254919
Betts, Steven Belconnen279917
Bibrowicz, Nikolai Belconnen335139
Blackman, Daniel Belconnen255060
Blackman, Daniel GlennBelconnen1250815
Blackshaw, Warren Belconnen315732
Blasi, Silvana Belconnen333320
Bleich, Christiane AngelinaBelconnen313833
Blencowe, David Belconnen397838
Blunt, Tracey Belconnen261140
Bogg, Katie Belconnen327226
Bond, Joshua Belconnen345093
Bono, Carmelina Belconnen341726
Bormann, Ashleigh Belconnen423258
Bourke, Sam Belconnen320352
Boyinapalli, Archana Belconnen473633
Bradley, Stuart Belconnen403069
Brandon-baker, William Belconnen423257
Brennan, Linda Belconnen289217
Brettell, Jeremy Belconnen324088
Brill, Jasmine Belconnen328359
Brimax Pty. Ltd.Belconnen255934
Brooks, Kay Belconnen279898
Brown, Dayna LeeBelconnen362414
Brown, Jarred Belconnen335140
Brown, Jeff Belconnen320217
Brown, Sage KevinBelconnen384223
Browne, Abbey Belconnen307481
Buchtmann, Huw Belconnen255125
Buckley, Carmen Belconnen258816
Bunfield, Kirsty Belconnen293931
Butt, Sharon Belconnen292134
Buttriss, Katrina Belconnen261134
Byrne, Christopher Belconnen314332
Byrne, Melanie Belconnen302781
Byrne, Wayne Belconnen232097
Caesar, Kylie Belconnen337778
Caesar, Sarah Belconnen294155
Callaghan, Angela Belconnen357204
Callaghans Financial Services Pty LtdBelconnen343034
Callaghans Pty LtdBelconnen278654
Callesen, Chloe Belconnen293932
Campaner, Sandra Belconnen279921
Carberry, Michael Belconnen293933
Carey, Melissa Belconnen315266
Carlin, Tim Belconnen254998
Carling, Dave Belconnen254918
Carroll, David Belconnen279891
Castellari, Justin Belconnen279897
Cec Hodgkinson Real Estate (belconnen) Pty. Ltd.Belconnen272547
Chaloner, John BoothBelconnen260977
Chamberlain, Lauren Belconnen255208
Chamberlain, Sue Belconnen254924
Charge, Trish Belconnen255212
Chow, Monica Belconnen254992
Clarke, Patrice Belconnen255118
Clear, Frances Belconnen293934
Clews, Hannah Belconnen299494
Cock, Noel Belconnen279905
Cocks, David Belconnen294042
Coe, Allan Belconnen338191
Cole, Anita Belconnen279888
Coleman, Michelle Belconnen1232771
Collareda, Patricia Belconnen403497
Collins, Alex Belconnen299492
Collins, David Belconnen293935
Colman, Samuel GuyBelconnen462938
Condemi, Anna Belconnen255063
Connellan, Paul Belconnen255217
Connolly, Daren Belconnen333323
Conran, Meredith Belconnen293936
Cooper, Heather Belconnen309492
Corcoran, Frances Belconnen309460
Corkran, Justin Belconnen290799
Cortez, Alec Belconnen321366
Cowling, Sue Belconnen333321
Craw, Donna Belconnen255064
Cryer, Kathryn Belconnen320734
Cummings, Phyllis Belconnen294156
D'amico, Mauro Belconnen294157
DB Finance Australia Pty LtdBelconnen1277658
DB Property Company Pty LtdBelconnen466260
DE Clifford, Chloe Belconnen466475
Dahl, Jurgen Belconnen294043
Davies, Alison Belconnen258821
Davis, Simon Belconnen293254
Deakin, Sonja Belconnen437776
Decak, Amy JoanBelconnen343437
Delacy, Jacinda Belconnen314362
Densten, Michelle Belconnen319039
Dent, Kevin Belconnen255096
Depares, Caterina Belconnen279930
Dickson, Rees Belconnen437772
Dillon, Beth Belconnen320733
Dixon, Nicole Belconnen324092
Doherty, Brendan Belconnen296660
Domantay, Cherry MaeBelconnen313815
Donohoe, Jason Belconnen437769
Donohue, Lesley Belconnen294158
Donohue, Taryn Belconnen279911
Donovan, Jemma Belconnen258812
Donovan, Sam Belconnen255062
Dove, Matthew Belconnen384944
Dove, Matthew RichardBelconnen384220
Dowling, Fiona Belconnen335138
Draca, Danijela Belconnen261123
Dragila, Mladen Belconnen324089
Dunstan, Claire Belconnen416409
Ebbs, Rachael Belconnen422361
Edwards, Bronwyn Belconnen373762
Edwards, Darren Belconnen258814
Edwards, Sharon Belconnen293937
Elite Car Sound And Vision Pty LtdBelconnen325680
Eriksson, Jason Belconnen462267
Evans, Amor Belconnen279932
Evans, Faith Belconnen293938
Evans, Natalie Belconnen407243
Evans, Tori Belconnen255020
Everart, Christian Belconnen313816
Evers, Antonia Belconnen324637
Exposito, Jose Belconnen292135
Farmer, Shani-lee Belconnen271706
Feerick, Christine Belconnen293939
Fitzpatrick, Rhys Belconnen352030
Fitzpatrick, Sally AnneBelconnen312367
Floros, Matthew Belconnen437771
Flynn, Colleen Belconnen279890
Ford, Colin Belconnen254988
Ford, Renee Belconnen279907
Formales, Joseph Belconnen299493
Frammartino, Daniela Belconnen254923
Freeman, Lata Belconnen279926
Gangajinna Investments Pty LtdBelconnen290660
Garcia, Claren Belconnen320355
Gaukroger, Brooke Belconnen423576
Gehrig, Larry Belconnen250973
Genders, John Belconnen279928
Genders, Nicole Belconnen255209
Gibson, Judith AnneBelconnen260910
Gibson, Laura Belconnen320357
Gilbert, Sally Belconnen293940
Gilkes, Laura Belconnen258808
Gill, Geoff Belconnen294159
Gill, Heather Belconnen254920
Giraffe Loans Pty LtdBelconnen332391
Godwin, Joanne Belconnen255126
Goodwin, Lee-anne Belconnen261135
Gordon, Penny Belconnen255001
Gorham, Veronica Belconnen293941
Graham, Isabel Belconnen320613
Grainger Accounting Unit TrustBelconnen1250153
Grainger, Terence JohnBelconnen1250154
Grant, Cherrie Belconnen314361
Grant, Richard Belconnen279908
Green, Colleen Belconnen294160
Grguric, Jessica Belconnen447139
Grimshaw, Christopher ColinBelconnen309328
Gruber, Michael Belconnen463091
Gulati, Shivani Belconnen473634
Gulliford, Joy Belconnen279927
Hagan, Judith Belconnen258811
Hale, Jon Belconnen254996
Halliday, Gemma Belconnen324091
Halloran, Rosemary Belconnen279909
Hambridge, Andrew Belconnen309491
Hamilton, Iain Belconnen307733
Hamley, Scott AndrewBelconnen326996
Hammond, Scott Belconnen323039
Hannah, Norma Belconnen316804
Hannah, Tracey Belconnen278321
Hanrahan, Sonia Belconnen294044
Harper, Carly Belconnen387094
Harrison, Jane Belconnen293942
Hassan, Kaya Belconnen340978
Hay, Melissa Belconnen331125
Hayek-kuchel, Ashley Belconnen438767
Hayes, Marie Belconnen294161
Heidtmann, Lynette Belconnen358010
Heinrich, Brett Belconnen261106
Henning, Lee DanielBelconnen318776
Heslop, Jayne Belconnen294162
Hill, Laura Belconnen341935
Hill, Marguerite Belconnen255097
Hilton, Emma Belconnen373763
Hilton, Nikki Belconnen261137
Hitchcock, Sarah Belconnen309030
Hobday, Luke Belconnen254917
Hodgson, Phillip Belconnen294931
Hodgson, Sanja Belconnen279920
Hogan, Kelly-anne Belconnen309798
Holland, Jamie Belconnen437773
Hoogland, Lewis Belconnen406427
Hope, Andrew Belconnen405471
Hopkins, Julie Belconnen437777
Horan, Mark Belconnen255024
Hotchkis, Daniel Belconnen331481
Hyland, Kate Belconnen254995
Ivancic, Adam Belconnen320735
Izzard, Belinda Belconnen313525
Jain, Rashmi Belconnen255119
James, Scott Belconnen302783
Jamieson, James Belconnen255090
Janrule Pty. LimitedBelconnen243781
Jayanthi, Vaidehi Belconnen294163
Johnston, Douglas Belconnen284192
Johnstone, Kate Belconnen338985
Jones Financial Services Pty. LimitedBelconnen268224
Jones, Gareth OwenBelconnen283105
Jones, Karl CedricBelconnen263417
Jones, Shawn Belconnen1267056
Jorgensen, Kira Belconnen343900
Kamensky, Michelina Belconnen293943
Karapanagos, Irene Belconnen294164
Kavanagh, Sean Belconnen320216
Kelly, Lauren Belconnen302782
Keough, Adam Belconnen404297
Kidney, Dianne Belconnen294045
Kidney, Jason Belconnen294046
King, Rossa Belconnen303118
Kladnig, Gillian Belconnen299496
Klemke, Michelle Belconnen320956
Kocanov, Kristie Belconnen292137
Kocmar, Carole Belconnen293944
Koob, Carolyn Belconnen279889
Kos, Emerik Belconnen258813
Kristiansen, Christine Belconnen294165
Kumar, Nitish Belconnen1277657
Kyle, Pam Belconnen255117
Lancaster, Wendie Belconnen255214
Lang, Samuel Belconnen344572
Laria, Pasquale Belconnen320353
Laskovsky, Stefan Belconnen340594
Lawson, Simon Belconnen294047
Lee, Darian Belconnen336121
Leischke, Gregory Belconnen337779
Lemmon, Rachel Belconnen258799
Lieutier, Jason Belconnen378349
Lomas, Tarna Belconnen278260
Lord, Christopher Belconnen261121
Lorkin, Dianne Belconnen293945
Lukic, Dejan Belconnen335142
Mackay, Steve Belconnen382504
Madsen, Ole MichaelBelconnen1256365
Major, Hugh Belconnen255124
Malcolm, Barbara Belconnen258818
Maloney, David PatrickBelconnen231368
Maloney, Gabriele Belconnen317058
Mann, Evelyne Belconnen255065
Margules, Jennifer Belconnen317841
Marjan, Alan Belconnen335143
Markovic, Marcus Belconnen279900
Marsh, Daayna Belconnen401774
Martin, Debbie Belconnen356563
Martin, Luke Belconnen314333
Mason, Neal Belconnen294932
Mayer, Steven PhillipBelconnen1260875
Mcalister, Gareth Belconnen309029
Mcauliffe, Matt Belconnen335141
Mccoy, Rachael Belconnen320354
Mccurdy, Andrew Belconnen279931
Mccurdy, Nicole Belconnen255210
Mcdermott, Sarah Belconnen279919
Mcdevitt, Carly JaneBelconnen232273
Mcdonald, Emma-kate Belconnen416027
Mcdonald, Kim Belconnen415310
Mcgann, Gemma Belconnen255058
Mcgann, Lauren Belconnen395723
Mcgregor, Betty Belconnen279893
Mcjannett, Mandy Belconnen294048
Mckinstry, Lara Belconnen321765
Mckone, Scarlett Belconnen289216
Mclachlan, Cassandra Belconnen404294
Mcleod Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Belconnen415325
Mcleod, Ian Patrick JamesBelconnen413211
Mclinden, Katherine Belconnen313811
Mcmahon, Emily Belconnen416026
Mcnamara, Zoe Belconnen255215
Mcpherson, Kim Belconnen299497
Mcvicar, Nicole Belconnen314364
Melrose, John Belconnen442897
Mercer, Peter KeithBelconnen309494
Miller, Angela MareeBelconnen315734
Miller, Mary Belconnen279901
Miller, Michael Belconnen294933
Mitchell, David Belconnen279892
Mitchell, Jenea Belconnen294934
Modrak, Lynne Belconnen309493
Mohindra, Aditi Belconnen402239
Molinaro, Brunella Belconnen318199
Moloney, Shea Belconnen396380
Moore, Dawn Belconnen473635
Moore, Katie Belconnen307483
Mora, Anthony JamesBelconnen364356
Moriarty, Jennifer FrancesBelconnen335315
Moy, Nathan Belconnen342400
Mueller, Angelika Belconnen255095
Mukevska, Bilyana Belconnen309801
Myers, Rana Belconnen352031
Nair, Celleste Belconnen309490
Namgyal, Roslyn Belconnen279922
Nash, Nathan WilliamBelconnen231369
Newson, Tiffany Belconnen307482
Nicholls, Malcolm AndrewBelconnen313814
Nocera, Sonja Belconnen255211
Norton, Bruce Belconnen1235199
O'connell, Maureen Belconnen289215
O'donnell, Michele Belconnen335316
O'gormon, Bridie Belconnen255021
O'neill, Penny Belconnen294166
O'regan, Christopher Belconnen437778
O'ryan, Jayne Belconnen292136
O'ryan, Monica Belconnen279904
O'sullivan, John Belconnen255216
Oberprieler, Beate Belconnen293946
Okafor, Emmanuel AmechiBelconnen330802
Olorenshaw, Eve Belconnen376901
Onorato, Patricia Belconnen258800
Overdijk, Rowan SamuelBelconnen384222
P.j. Drake Insurance Consultants Pty LtdBelconnen405107
Page, Malcolm Belconnen279925
Page, Pauline Belconnen313528
Palmer, Patricia Belconnen258795
Paolo, Naomi Belconnen387093
Pape, Craig Belconnen302595
Parisi, Joseph Belconnen378348
Parisi, Tonina Belconnen333322
Parkes, Richard Belconnen261139
Parnell, Van Belconnen255213
Patafta, Matthew LeeBelconnen374466
Patel, Mitesh Belconnen438411
Patterson, Kym Belconnen293947
Patton, Cecily Belconnen258815
Payne, Sophie Belconnen335134
Perceval, Gregory Belconnen337270
Perdrau, Sara Belconnen402238
Perry, Gareth Belconnen279895
Perryman, Laura Belconnen416566
Pese, Candice Belconnen352032
Peter, Anitha Belconnen333105
Peters, Sharon Belconnen352029
Pfohl, Maria Belconnen255061
Phidern (australia) Pty LtdBelconnen1250867
Pietrukowski, Mark Belconnen316803
Pigram, Scott Belconnen437770
Piltz, Hayley Belconnen326570
Pincott, Bruce Belconnen1244915
Pintos-lopez, Lola Belconnen278330
Pnl Financial Services Pty LtdBelconnen451008
Pocock, Karen Belconnen261132
Politch, Elleot Belconnen231367
Power, Katherine Belconnen313526
Premier Accounting Australia Pty LtdBelconnen1245766
Priestley, Tania Belconnen313832
Prieto, Marie Belconnen258804
Przydacz, Pauline Belconnen294167
Psaila, Alicia Belconnen258822
Purcell, Matthew Belconnen254993
Purnell, Anna Belconnen309031
Quinn, Jackie Belconnen402237
Rajic, Rudi Belconnen294049
Ralph, Michelle Belconnen254916
Rawlings, Trent Belconnen255088
Read, Louise Belconnen320218
Read, Melissa Belconnen315733
Redman, Katrina Belconnen437774
Redzic, Dean Belconnen425125
Revilla, Paul Belconnen343395
Rhynehart, Adam Belconnen294050
Richards, Sandra Belconnen294168
Richardson, Diana Belconnen317840
Rolfe Motor Corporation No. 4 Pty LtdBelconnen261915
Rolfe, Jenny LeeBelconnen249157
Rossiter, Geraldine Belconnen320612
Roux, Vic LynneBelconnen318777
Rozdarz, Simon Belconnen317839
Saals, Katrina Belconnen255092
Sadler, Sharon Belconnen432891
Salvestro, Gianna Belconnen255123
Sanders, Marcus Belconnen345490
Santosuosso, Nazzareno Belconnen258797
Sarak, Rassim Belconnen324090
Saunders, Gregory Belconnen294935
Savage, Tracy Belconnen294051
Scarborough, Nicole Belconnen279924
Scheld, Gary Belconnen294052
Scott, Dorothy Belconnen314363
Scott, Krystal Belconnen293948
Scott, Sarah Belconnen339345
Scott, Teresa Belconnen255094
Seczawa, Richard JanBelconnen306432
Senome, Nathaniel Belconnen473636
Sharma, Rajneesh Belconnen441769
Shead, Melissa Belconnen279902
Sheikh, Zahoor Belconnen258794
Shepheard, Cara Belconnen424796
Sibly, Joe Belconnen313812
Sibly, Ned Belconnen317838
Simpson, Michael Belconnen279903
Simpson, Sandra Belconnen294169
Sims, Julie Belconnen407148
Sira, Kaineet Belconnen1267057
Sjostedt, Arne Belconnen255120
Small, Paula Belconnen279923
Smith, Emma Belconnen279894
Smith, William Belconnen344573
Sobczyk, Jane Belconnen333106
Soles, Betty Belconnen261490
Spannari, Steve Belconnen279918
Spice, Jayne Belconnen285315
Spyglass Pty. Ltd.Belconnen269863
Staltari, Tammie Belconnen254999
Staples, Max Belconnen293949
Steadman, Eva Belconnen289214
Steele, Samantha Belconnen254990
Stefanac, Mirko Belconnen261136
Stephinson, Tim Belconnen293950
Stevens, Sandra Belconnen299498
Stewart, Brian Belconnen254921
Stidworthy, Sara Belconnen254925
Stirling, Ian Belconnen255089
Street, Paul Belconnen279906
Super Advisory Pty LimitedBelconnen1256364
Sutherland, Andrew Belconnen472412
Sutherland, Vincent Christopher MartinBelconnen338849
Swarup, Amit Belconnen320356
Sykes, Rose Belconnen294170
Syrek, Michael Belconnen255116
Talsma, Blake Belconnen377228
Tang, Chih Leong Belconnen1242235
Tang, Kie HoeBelconnen1276484
Thambyah, Dilani Belconnen255122
The Trustee For Scollay Motors Unit TrustBelconnen1238885
Thompson, Elizabeth Belconnen279929
Timbs, Lisa Belconnen325474
Tippett, Brendan Belconnen292138
Tonge, Christine AnneBelconnen309495
Total Asset Management Pty LtdBelconnen278259
Tottenham, Chris Belconnen406426
Townsend, Matthew Belconnen323402
Tran, Kajang Belconnen261124
Transton, Melissa Belconnen330412
Travel Wise Pty. Ltd.Belconnen472884
Tremayne, Helen Belconnen313527
Trevaskis, Carla Belconnen299499
Treverrow, Lisa MareeBelconnen321764
Troxell, Carla Belconnen431249
Turner, Kenneth Belconnen335135
Turner, Leesa Belconnen335136
U-stow-it Holdings Pty LimitedBelconnen287731
Unwin, Carol Belconnen294053
Vager Pty LtdBelconnen243889
Van Akker, Matthew JonBelconnen314334
Vangelov, Neda Belconnen258802
Vanzwan Accounting Plus Pty LtdBelconnen316033
Vanzwan Financial Planning Plus Pty LtdBelconnen456800
Vanzwan General Insurance Plus Pty LtdBelconnen1000386
Wallace, Deborah Belconnen292139
Ward, Julie Belconnen258809
Ward, Kim Belconnen384945
Warwick, Penelope Belconnen340593
Waterford, Reyhan Belconnen345785
Waters, Monica Belconnen373765
Webb, Nicole Belconnen333325
Webber, Bruce Belconnen255022
Weeks, Kylie Belconnen294936
White, Tony Belconnen279912
Whitehall, Catherine Belconnen404295
Whitton, Steven Belconnen258796
Whyte, Charmaine LouiseBelconnen313813
Wild, Lynette Belconnen293255
Wilkinson, Nick Belconnen333324
Williams, Michael Belconnen343033
Williamson, Angela Belconnen408375
Williamson, Lyn Belconnen255026
Willis, Lianne Belconnen279899
Wilson, Andrea Belconnen309496
Wilson, Hazel Belconnen294054
Wood, Sebastian Belconnen255093
Woodbridge, Julie AnneBelconnen384221
Woodbridge, Phillip Belconnen261138
Woulfe, John JosephBelconnen224939
York, Christopher Belconnen404296
Young, Stephen Belconnen294055
Zakharoff, David Belconnen321763
Zikas, Arthur Belconnen290333
Zulkefli, Evelyn Belconnen362416