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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: May 6, 2020

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Ace - I.r.m. Financial Services Pty LtdBeenleigh299930
Advantage Broker Services Pty LtdBeenleigh252619
Albert Valley Properties Pty LtdBeenleigh272416
Ancb Pty LtdBeenleigh334443
Aylward, Karli Beenleigh431796
B D & R A O'reilly-nugentBeenleigh228150
Barnes, Michael CBeenleigh248168
Bebendorf, Kerry AnnBeenleigh1271133
Beenleigh Financial Services Pty LtdBeenleigh312531
Beenleigh Property Management Pty LtdBeenleigh294278
Behrens, Cory Beenleigh1239805
Bellaby, Amanda Beenleigh1266120
Beyond Financial Planning Pty LtdBeenleigh440582
Blackaby, Donald JamesBeenleigh335563
Blackaby, Gregory Beenleigh325438
Bollaert, Nicholas PaulBeenleigh425319
Bosse, Glenn IanBeenleigh243227
Brandy (qld) Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh272414
Brexmay Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh309568
Bristol Street Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh328675
Bristol Street Training Academy Pty LtdBeenleigh376166
Brown, Christopher WilliamBeenleigh325366
Brown, Racheal LeeBeenleigh307313
Buckley, Nathaniel Beenleigh460540
Buendicho, Vaughn Jerik RuideraBeenleigh1243423
Bussey, Graeme Beenleigh321612
C.s. Byrne Enterprises Pty LtdBeenleigh266740
Cooper Fozard Insurance Services Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh253661
Costa, Luke MichaelBeenleigh464538
Crandon Wesche Financial Planners Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh303888
Crandon, Michael JohnBeenleigh248183
Currie, Robert WilliamBeenleigh356603
De Wet, Gerrie Beenleigh1007639
Dickie, Helen HordumBeenleigh326220
Donnelly, Graham Beenleigh243491
Elite Super Advice Pty LtdBeenleigh458768
Elite Wealth Solutions Pty LtdBeenleigh382375
FP Connect Pty LtdBeenleigh339433
Fergusson, Jocelyn LesleyBeenleigh454025
Fisher, Cori JasonBeenleigh339436
Forster, Gregory PeterBeenleigh333703
Fozard, Christopher JohnBeenleigh253663
Fozard, Robin LesterBeenleigh278325
Freeman, Ceri JoanneBeenleigh454561
Fuller, Michael JohnBeenleigh326984
Garg, Mayank Beenleigh317490
Gidney, David ThomasBeenleigh456264
Godwin, Neil LawranceBeenleigh330387
Gold Investments Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh330386
Gray, Melinda Beenleigh1262737
Green, Peter Beenleigh317488
Greenham, Kylie Beenleigh368311
Grice, Morgan ArthurBeenleigh399436
Griffiths, Brett Beenleigh263665
Griffiths, Nicholas James Beenleigh1233252
Grow MY Wealth Pty LtdBeenleigh1263554
HB Property Qld Pty LtdBeenleigh302995
Haisman And Rabaud Pty LtdBeenleigh329228
Haisman, Ian VictorBeenleigh295477
Haisman, Melissa KayBeenleigh319142
Hamid Abdulrahimzai, Hamida Beenleigh1233503
Hamilton, Storm BernadetteBeenleigh251688
Hansen, Cathy Beenleigh236982
Harrison, Robert MarkBeenleigh251422
Head, Michael Beenleigh263562
Heatley-smith, Melanie Beenleigh339251
Heppell, Alan JamesBeenleigh249429
Hinge, Darren MichaelBeenleigh1007769
Honnery, Kim IvyBeenleigh1267426
Horn, Jennifer AnnBeenleigh328684
Howard, Terry PhillipBeenleigh266522
Hubner, Stephen RonaldBeenleigh318499
Hughes, Debra AnnBeenleigh1003360
Igm Financial Services Pty LtdBeenleigh438968
Inq Financial Planning Pty LtdBeenleigh329400
Jagg Holdings Qld Pty LtdBeenleigh318165
Jamieson, Holly MarieBeenleigh279981
Jarawac Pty LtdBeenleigh461191
Johnson, Anthony WilliamBeenleigh238612
Johnstone, Nada Beenleigh236983
Jones, Jayshari Beenleigh1254684
Karaberidis, Peter Beenleigh453945
Kempthorne, Glenda Beenleigh251879
Kohler, Judith KayBeenleigh317489
Lauremeg Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh272417
Laverty, Jacqueline Beenleigh451738
Lawlor, Jody MareeBeenleigh312013
Lederman, Michael Beenleigh306176
Leong, Adam Beenleigh1243436
Maris, George Beenleigh298074
Marlow, Ben ThomasBeenleigh1260299
Marsh Financial Services Pty LtdBeenleigh1266095
Mcadam, Raelene KimBeenleigh274974
Mccauley, Graham KBeenleigh452157
Mcdonald, Alia Beenleigh263560
Mcervale, Daniel Beenleigh452802
Mcervale, Daniel EugeneBeenleigh343548
Mcgrath, Annette MareeBeenleigh339437
Mcniven Ross & MariaBeenleigh298620
Mcniven, Ross Beenleigh318497
Mignot, Odile Beenleigh455192
Millard, Nicole GayeBeenleigh308111
Miller Grymski & Associates Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh296878
Moffatt, Chris Beenleigh338621
Monaghans Bray Pty LtdBeenleigh464539
Montgomery, Janet ClaireBeenleigh343476
Muller, Alison Beenleigh469705
Murphy, Paul MichaelBeenleigh231825
Muscat, Frazer JonBeenleigh377076
Nagorcka, Kerri AnneBeenleigh252117
Nicholls, Stuart CBeenleigh328808
Noah Insurance Pty LtdBeenleigh429963
Noble, Jeffrey DarrenBeenleigh268330
Norcon Investments Pty. Ltd.Beenleigh296059
O'reilly Nugent, Rosemary Beenleigh259593
Orlovac-josipovic, Diana Beenleigh345965
Overton, Lynette Beenleigh1278866
Parker, Daniel MichaelBeenleigh392847
Phillips, Adam DavidBeenleigh339435
Piper, Debbie Beenleigh338622
Profit Power International Pty LtdBeenleigh307275
Pullen, Sharon Beenleigh1273412
RM & ML Investments Pty LtdBeenleigh252118
Rayner, Karen Beenleigh264693
Real Potential (qld) Pty LtdBeenleigh298906
Richards, Timothy AaronBeenleigh1266096
Roberton, Martyn Beenleigh314073
Roberts, Michael Beenleigh344566
Rodriguez, Miguel Beenleigh386855
Ryan, Kathryn Beenleigh442013
Scen Pty LtdBeenleigh273507
Scm Securities Pty LtdBeenleigh381687
Shapter, Katrina AlyceBeenleigh317304
Shaw, Barbara Beenleigh259594
Shortus, Margaret Beenleigh312869
Siepen, Rowan Beenleigh458769
Sihto, Aki JuhaniBeenleigh300606
Smith, Bruce James SuttonBeenleigh339434
Southeast Auto Pty LtdBeenleigh326711
Stevenson, Benjamin ScottBeenleigh342547
Stubbs, Connor Beenleigh1000520
T & K Investments (qld) Pty LtdBeenleigh362944
T2gws Pty LtdBeenleigh446250
Talty, Therese CatherineBeenleigh1264938
Terry, Douglas Beenleigh296709
The Trustee For Haisman Family TrustBeenleigh1270969
The Trustee For Npb Enterprises Discretionary TrustBeenleigh1276805
Thomasen, Charles WilliamBeenleigh296060
Thomson, Adam Beenleigh278782
Thomson, Adam TroyBeenleigh1248253
Thorpe, Matthew Beenleigh300478
Ward, Jessica LeeBeenleigh1247187
Ways, Arthur PaulBeenleigh337772
Weir, Martin JosephBeenleigh423256
Wennerbom, Michael Beenleigh321212
Wesche, Neal GBeenleigh248642
Willmann, Leanne Beenleigh305979
Wishart, Kevin AndrewBeenleigh1256680
Wood, Rhys LeslieBeenleigh322869
Woodland, Gavin IanBeenleigh318498
Zinck, Kenneth Beenleigh1235203