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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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Absolute Financial Solutions (wa) Pty LtdBayswater1240987
Accountable Home Loans Pty LtdBayswater437008
Allen, Diana Bayswater396318
Ameron Pty LtdBayswater442912
Aml Motor Group Pty LtdBayswater472990
Andreatta, Mark Bayswater351484
Atkins, Michelle Bayswater337077
Ausinous Pty. Ltd.Bayswater1246352
Ballard, Mark Bayswater303834
Bar Capital Pty LtdBayswater471673
Betteridge, Rachel ErinBayswater330674
Bgn Financial Management Pty LtdBayswater468796
Bhatt, Phalgu Bayswater1252090
Blair, Steve Bayswater280586
Boulder Holdings Pty LtdBayswater244079
Brodtmann, David Bayswater225067
Brown, Sarah AnnlillyBayswater451691
Browne, Toni NareeBayswater445628
Callahan, Glen RalphBayswater236321
Carewley Pty. Ltd.Bayswater279886
Chandra, Segran Bayswater316817
Chaplin, James Bayswater339174
Chelnokova, Marie Bayswater1000458
Clark, Daniel Bayswater277464
Clarke, Kim MareeBayswater310626
Clay, Anthony Bayswater332540
Cohen, Sarah Bayswater464505
Cook, Ebony JadeBayswater1245792
Coombes, Peter DouglasBayswater430621
DU Plessis, Bianca Bayswater319577
David Moses Pty LtdBayswater386559
Davies, Mike Bayswater410683
Dawes, James MatthewBayswater1244325
Derek Flatman & Associates Pty LtdBayswater338541
Deutsch, Rory Mor MacleodBayswater224868
Downes, Ada Bayswater1244284
Duffett, Charmaine Bayswater273961
Dyck, Peter Francis VincentBayswater248519
Eca Consulting Pty LtdBayswater226525
Ellul, Susan MareeBayswater1244280
Embleton Motor CO Pty LtdBayswater329960
Exclusive Motorcycles Pty LtdBayswater277017
Fankhauser, Kelly AmandaBayswater417653
Finance Available Pty LtdBayswater288884
Finch Computer Services Pty. LimitedBayswater324831
Fleming, Mary Bayswater306242
Foster-davies, Antony Bayswater339173
Genesis Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Bayswater277268
Globear Pty LtdBayswater228399
Graham, Andrew JamesBayswater1271054
Graham-nellor, Benjamin LukeBayswater291391
Grebe, Nerida LeeBayswater290960
Grimes, Anne MarieBayswater329180
Gunardi, Nadia Bayswater340315
H.f.p. Services Pty. Ltd.Bayswater242389
Hamilton, Chad Bayswater339172
Harding, Richard WilliamBayswater242219
Harris, David AnthonyBayswater276122
Haug, Stephen PaulBayswater238606
Hayes, Patrick Bayswater313338
Hipkin, Christopher LachlanBayswater224869
Hlgm Financial Services (bayswater) Pty LtdBayswater321412
I Revolution Imports & Exports Pty LtdBayswater444511
Ide Financial Group Pty LtdBayswater1237522
Ide, Merilyn Bayswater232088
J & M Complete Car Care Pty LtdBayswater442855
Jackson, Angelique EricaBayswater265965
Jago, Alison Bayswater265966
Jamieson, Jo-anne Bayswater286186
Jamns Pty LtdBayswater272862
Johnson, Jacinta Bayswater337081
Juzva, Mark Bayswater330676
Kay, Sean Bayswater265964
Kelaher, Melanie Bayswater419839
Kelly, Joe SamuelBayswater1275964
Kelva Holdings Pty LtdBayswater448112
Kendall, Rhonda JoyBayswater303155
Kenny, Nuala MarieBayswater422494
LR & JM NipperBayswater418844
Lake Ssangyong Pty LtdBayswater279379
Leask, Ronald MurisonBayswater336983
Lsa Superannuation Services Pty. Ltd.Bayswater242357
Maclanah Business Services Pty LtdBayswater274288
Mccartney, Rebecca LeeBayswater408818
Mclagan, Liam PhilipBayswater1240692
Melbourne Ski Boat Marine Pty. Ltd.Bayswater281768
Menezes, Madeleine AnneBayswater337082
Meyer, Samuel Bayswater340872
Milbourne, Paul Bayswater314274
Murray, Jenna Bayswater1257428
Nipper, Lancelot RoyBayswater418845
North South Group Pty LtdBayswater343120
O'brien, Melanie JuneBayswater1244279
Office Relocation Solutions Pty LtdBayswater451312
Olden, Greg Bayswater322979
P Minniti & N MinnitiBayswater334621
PM Marine Manufacturing Pty LtdBayswater328075
Pabari, Aagam Bayswater1261015
Pedersen, Michael PhillipBayswater390711
Peter Dyck Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Bayswater248640
Peterson, Colin FrancisBayswater224867
Pierre, Robert JamesBayswater1240986
Pignataro, Consolato Bayswater398090
Pillay, Sonny Bayswater280005
Priceline Proprietary LimitedBayswater396315
R.e. Appleby Pty. Ltd.Bayswater270329
Raizenberg, John Bayswater369262
Reitano, Josie Bayswater265968
Rennick, Thomas ChristopherBayswater405048
Renton Pty LtdBayswater1269068
Richter, Kirsten Bayswater341045
Rite Choice Car Sales Pty LtdBayswater435175
Ross, Jodie Bayswater304212
Ross, Jodie AnnBayswater265943
Schultz, Juergen Bayswater242923
Serra San-felin, Adam Bayswater327644
Shearer, Gary Bayswater338587
Silver Steam Pty LtdBayswater324441
Stolke, Kim Bayswater1254523
Streaker Marine Pty LtdBayswater262520
Sudji, Alexander Bayswater330885
Sullivan, Michelle Bayswater344481
T J & J A LeusenkampBayswater330935
Taylor, Steven LeslieBayswater466677
The Trustee For Jace Auto Import Trading TrustBayswater448937
The Trustee For Maylands Automotive Unit TrustBayswater329554
The Trustee For The Gbl Family TrustBayswater1009133
Todd, Susan Bayswater286188
Van Der Ross, Mark Bayswater234906
Vitali Pty. Ltd.Bayswater323077
Wang, Frank Bayswater336092
Warne, Daniel Bayswater265969
Warnock, Anthony DeanBayswater1240483
Welsh, Glenn EdwardBayswater265541
Whiffin, Lucas Bayswater305199
Whittles (bayswater) Pty LtdBayswater332842
Williams, Diane Bayswater309223
Wood, Robert AllanBayswater265660
X Factor Industries Pty. Ltd.Bayswater308748
Xu, Zheng Bayswater1242572
Zolotareva, Rada Bayswater319595