Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Alarmal Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale263539
Alkemade, Raelene JanBairnsdale337361
Aloisio, Leanne RoseBairnsdale411023
Alvin, Jessica Bairnsdale255699
Ashley, Kelly JaneBairnsdale283003
Bairnsdale Insurance Services Pty LtdBairnsdale462147
Barritt, Karen Bairnsdale259462
Baylis, Sarah Bairnsdale410794
Behan, Bronwyn AnneBairnsdale278320
Bell, Wayne GeoffreyBairnsdale254830
Bitar, Romi Bairnsdale242328
Bkm Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale416968
Boyd, Kenneth DBairnsdale253402
Braybon, Douglas Bairnsdale387766
Britton, Dee-anne Bairnsdale294337
Browning, Ashley Bairnsdale326166
Caddy, Graeme GeorgeBairnsdale256236
Cameron, Julie AnneBairnsdale408406
Cane, Jessica Bairnsdale431733
Castle, John MiltonBairnsdale247686
Ccc Executive Services Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale224940
Chambers, Robert Bairnsdale345324
Chapman, Alan Bairnsdale253580
Chapman, Scott WarrenBairnsdale270013
Coles, Renae SimoneBairnsdale319049
Coles, Renee SimoneBairnsdale318654
Cook, Merryn AlishaBairnsdale274646
Cooke, Leonie MareeBairnsdale291854
Coopers Travel Pty LtdBairnsdale257450
Crisp, Susan Bairnsdale256237
Dawes Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale452576
Dawes, Graeme Bairnsdale337293
Donnan, Emma Bairnsdale259463
Downward, Kimberley Bairnsdale1238385
Doyle & Shields Proprietary LimitedBairnsdale261894
Draper, Rod Bairnsdale268447
Dyer, Nakita Bairnsdale308997
Eagers Financial Planning Pty LtdBairnsdale408780
Eastern Insurance Services Pty LtdBairnsdale256233
Eldridge, Andrew JamesBairnsdale433631
Ellis, Brianna LouiseBairnsdale297928
Elphick, Lynley MarieBairnsdale285565
Emu Management Projects Pty LtdBairnsdale253469
Emu Management Services Pty LtdBairnsdale315380
Engel, Serrin Bairnsdale270829
Farley, Melissa MartineBairnsdale470581
Financial Solutions Victoria Pty LtdBairnsdale1243845
Foster, Sandra Bairnsdale277322
Freshwater, Carl JefferyBairnsdale1001097
Gilmore, James ReginaldBairnsdale407279
Gippsland Brokers Pty LtdBairnsdale247196
Gippsland Finance Solutions Pty LtdBairnsdale470812
Goss, Camilla Bairnsdale253622
Grant, William DuncanBairnsdale325099
H.m.w. Proprietary LimitedBairnsdale326876
Hack, Michael WayneBairnsdale321883
Hall, Stuart AlexanderBairnsdale254825
Harris, Jason Bairnsdale231631
Harris, Leonie FayeBairnsdale251883
Hodder, Sam LaylandBairnsdale302854
Hodge, Virginia Bairnsdale1249474
Hooton, Amanda Bairnsdale469603
Imlach, Hayden Bairnsdale251698
J.j. Dwyer (wholesale) Proprietary LimitedBairnsdale243754
JC & LM Goodall Pty LtdBairnsdale333805
JR & WL Gilmore Pty LtdBairnsdale407280
Jaeger, Richard Bairnsdale1007164
Jeanette, Lear Bairnsdale407146
Jennifer, Strahan Bairnsdale293852
Johnson, Matthew DarylBairnsdale282346
Johnston, Kathryn EllenBairnsdale1234971
Jolley, Michelle Bairnsdale280145
Joubert, Peta Bairnsdale384899
Jr's Mower & Motorcycle Pty LtdBairnsdale340801
KB Insurance Agencies Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale339622
Kenair Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale228477
Kenny, Joshua JamesBairnsdale254827
King & Heath Pty LtdBairnsdale318329
L&p Box Pty LtdBairnsdale276367
Lancaster, Nichole Bairnsdale259464
Lear, Jeanette Bairnsdale345197
Levens, Anne Bairnsdale425022
Life Cycle Financial Planning Pty LtdBairnsdale332841
Liston, Tim Bairnsdale431734
Maginnity, Sarah Bairnsdale1239404
Martin, Grant Bairnsdale450364
Martin, Sally Bairnsdale277603
Maryella Pty LtdBairnsdale246243
Matthews, Hayley Bairnsdale473124
Mccaig, Sean Bairnsdale312656
Mcgirr, Wade PhilipBairnsdale264699
Mckail, Brian Bairnsdale231630
Mckail, Brian KeithBairnsdale319724
Mckeown, Tracey Bairnsdale309974
Micallef, Jared MichaelBairnsdale319025
Mitchell View Holdings Pty LtdBairnsdale271791
Morris, Margaret Bairnsdale255700
Morris, Murray Bairnsdale255701
Needham, Russell LeslieBairnsdale299397
Orr, Madeline Bairnsdale402964
Perrett, Denise Bairnsdale305986
Perrin, Brian Bairnsdale282348
Perry, Jodie NyreeBairnsdale304025
Peter Dullard Motor Group Pty LtdBairnsdale261843
Purnell, Keith Bairnsdale411238
Purnell, Michael KeithBairnsdale256234
Pye, Amy LouiseBairnsdale431735
Quatro Grande Pty LtdBairnsdale261765
R.a. & J. Stephenson Proprietary LimitedBairnsdale268448
Redenbach, James DanielBairnsdale280208
Redenbach, Matt Bairnsdale363304
Reynolds, Barbara Bairnsdale349789
Reynolds, Barbara Anne MargeryBairnsdale294871
Rhymemat Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale302096
Robert Trewin Mortgage Broking Pty LtdBairnsdale433801
Roberts, Kathleen Bairnsdale247057
Ross, Timothy BruceBairnsdale329666
SK Chapman & Sons Pty LtdBairnsdale308958
Savory, Jaime LouiseBairnsdale470811
Schmidt, Craig RaymondBairnsdale287872
Seventyseventh Claybank Proprietary LimitedBairnsdale282081
Sharp, Janeen PamelaBairnsdale264724
Sicura, Mary ElizabethBairnsdale256238
Sloane, Natasha MariaBairnsdale226848
Smith, Gary Bairnsdale386738
Smith, Gary WilliamBairnsdale256235
Smith, Ross ABairnsdale325977
Smsf Solutions Pty. Ltd.Bairnsdale431732
Stephenson, Ray Bairnsdale289204
Stewart, Geoff Bairnsdale289299
Stewart, Margaret Bairnsdale303168
Strahan, Jennifer Bairnsdale294768
Strecker, Kelly AnneBairnsdale256239
Super Solutions Victoria Pty LtdBairnsdale1253356
Tenant, Stacey Bairnsdale320020
The Trustee For Paynesville Developments Unit TrustBairnsdale434538
Tracey, Barry JamesBairnsdale273555
Trainer, Karan Bairnsdale1269486
Trainer, Karen Bairnsdale259465
Trentfield, Sally Bairnsdale332200
Trewin, Renee JeanetteBairnsdale428698
Trewin, Robert MichaelBairnsdale281577
Umback, Jolene Bairnsdale344810
Waddell, Dianne Bairnsdale419435
Waddell, Tracey MareeBairnsdale230769
Wagstaff, Joseph RonaldBairnsdale1234771
Ward, Peter MichaelBairnsdale254829
Watson, Donald Leslie RobertBairnsdale264711
Wealth Solutions Victoria Pty LtdBairnsdale377514
White, Kenneth Bairnsdale1236081
Wilson, Bethanie MayBairnsdale1240412
Zagami, Sharon Bairnsdale255702