Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: July 29, 2019

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A.l. & Associates Pty LtdApplecross237179
Absolute Financial Solutions Pty LtdApplecross237195
Accross Pty LtdApplecross272858
Ace Realty (wa) Pty LtdApplecross316501
Advicewest Pty LtdApplecross242460
Anderson, Renae JosephineApplecross1249396
Apple-x ON Riseley Pty LtdApplecross305073
Assurance Finance & Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.Applecross1275806
Austen, Glen SashaApplecross423431
Bai, Xue Applecross1258266
Bailye, Jarrad Applecross281042
Ballard, Ross WalterApplecross343417
Banovich & HillmanApplecross271155
Barnes, Timothy DavidApplecross265140
Barnsley, Jessica Applecross1008616
Beavis, Wade RobertApplecross453423
Bjs Agencies (wa) Pty LtdApplecross1000104
Bjs Insurance Brokers WA (north) Pty LtdApplecross1265731
Bluestone Enterprises Pty LtdApplecross261325
Boucaut, Nicole Applecross236959
Bowen, Martin RogerApplecross252946
Brayer Pty. Ltd.Applecross293173
Brenzi, Roger SilvioApplecross292782
Bushe-jones, David IanApplecross284286
Byrne, Lindsay Applecross300943
Calnan-oldfield Pty LimitedApplecross311541
Castelli Real Estate Pty LtdApplecross309574
Chafe, Mark Applecross1267663
Charteris, Vernon JosephApplecross1003415
Childs, Brian Applecross243462
Choo, Kenneth Tze WeiApplecross387172
Christie, James RobertApplecross1253435
Clive Elliott, Jennings & Company Pty LtdApplecross272857
Colisa Pty. Ltd.Applecross312361
Coyle, Stephen FrancisApplecross321818
Crossbow Corporation Pty LtdApplecross309061
Cusma, Corrado Applecross455841
Custom Financial Solutions Pty LtdApplecross1243069
Daniels, Natasha Applecross467395
Davidson, Anne LynetteApplecross237716
Davis, Grahame Applecross236938
De Mello, Shane Applecross1247085
Denner, Albert FrancisApplecross245892
Dival, Maureen KayeApplecross292781
Dunn, Warwick HamiltonApplecross280519
Dunwoody, Karen LeanneApplecross270145
Dwyer, Laurence JohnApplecross1000111
Dynalin Pty LtdApplecross1249395
Edwards, Anita Applecross236946
Endeavour Financial Planning Pty LtdApplecross332474
Esat, Fayroza Applecross320121
Estahbanati-zadeh, Farkhondeh HeliahApplecross310347
Farrar, Anthea AdelineApplecross270147
Fazio, Tammy Applecross1000107
Flynn, Robert PatrickApplecross1257178
Focus Strategic Investments Pty LtdApplecross351966
Francis, David GeorgeApplecross255826
Get Smart Capital Pty LtdApplecross455837
Gibson, Ian MarkApplecross226166
Goldstyle Investments Pty LtdApplecross243638
Goodridge, Daniel CharlesApplecross466478
Goodridge, Michael LeslieApplecross1235882
Grice, Patricia JaneApplecross302351
Hatton, Karen Applecross236960
Hawdon, Peter RowlandApplecross237717
Hayward, Charles Applecross224969
Hayward, Leslie PaulApplecross338139
Healey, Gregory RonaldApplecross249593
Hejoka Pty LtdApplecross326959
Henry, Samantha Applecross427215
Herbert, Anthony RonaldApplecross403321
Ho, Bryan Applecross1234885
Hood, Graeme DouglasApplecross250726
Hort, Alan FrancisApplecross290143
Hughes, Niall JohnApplecross1269803
Hunter, Kim AllanApplecross237790
Hurst, Alexander AubreyApplecross1237816
Hurst, Barry William JamesApplecross320122
Interlink Life Agency Pty LtdApplecross237180
Interwest Financial Services Pty LtdApplecross249522
Jamal, Hosna Applecross442786
Jeppesen, Camille JaneApplecross1253813
Jill Stiles & Associates Pty LtdApplecross411012
Kelly, Ryan PhilipApplecross354485
Kenney, Heidi Applecross311603
Kenney, Heidi ElizabethApplecross1244082
Kudla, Malgorzata KrystynaApplecross1243070
Lambe, Richard PhilipApplecross270505
Leake, Philip Applecross255308
Lee, Stephen Applecross1007476
Lewis Financial Services Pty LtdApplecross243637
Lewis, Mark Applecross243459
Lexington Financial Services Pty LtdApplecross237200
Lively's Pty LtdApplecross1258265
Looi, Siew Applecross1265953
Lord, Mark RussellApplecross330672
Lowth, Jason Applecross234464
Lunt, Peter JohnApplecross250725
Lynch, Richard Applecross255353
Lyon, Christine DaleApplecross432668
Maitland, Catherine Applecross243414
Mancini, Claude Applecross1247183
Mancini, Claudio Applecross311602
Martin, Kevin RoyApplecross246050
Martinovich, Peter JohnApplecross234461
Mccarthy, Adrian EvanApplecross222998
Mckay, Murray RanaldApplecross234476
Mercia Investment Advisors Pty LtdApplecross453427
Milio, Antonino Applecross344670
Miller, Jefferson WilliamApplecross288288
Morin, Cassandra MayApplecross270196
Morris, Dean Applecross327395
Mosconi, Ty Applecross1267665
Moyle, Bruce GregoryApplecross271041
Muirhead, Natalie Applecross1244090
Noonan, Michael AnthonyApplecross1003889
Numerical Strategies Smsf Advice Pty LtdApplecross432284
O'reilly, Hellen PatriciaApplecross1238424
Oldwise Holdings Pty LtdApplecross257492
Orchard, Jimmy Applecross255316
Osborne, John AlexanderApplecross255232
Paezold, Michelle Applecross1274497
Palmlake Corporation Pty LtdApplecross464275
Pearce, John ColinApplecross255585
Pearson, Marion Applecross236936
Perspective Advice Pty LtdApplecross1240968
Petit, Mark Applecross262961
Philip E. Leake & Associates Pty. Ltd.Applecross408302
Pillai, Manoj Applecross236957
Pilling, Steven RossApplecross332508
Premium Finance Solutions Australia Pty LtdApplecross320119
Prosperity Wealth Management Pty LtdApplecross338140
Questus Warrants Pty. Ltd.Applecross322449
Rajenthiran, Rama KrishnaApplecross295241
Rice, Darrell AnthonyApplecross286941
Robertson, Rachelle AnneApplecross281041
Rodriguez, Rafael AntonioApplecross245175
Rowney, Angela Applecross1267664
Russell, Danielle MarieApplecross240408
Saba, Elia Applecross300752
Sangalli, James Applecross1267670
Seaway Holdings Pty LtdApplecross272920
Seet, Darren ThomasApplecross1242284
Shaddock, John GraemeApplecross309060
Simmonds, Lynnette AnnApplecross332509
Skinner, Ben Applecross279371
Smythe, Ann Applecross236933
Southwide Holdings Pty LtdApplecross250275
Specialist Financial Solutions Pty LtdApplecross306056
Stammers, Paul JamesApplecross332510
Stewart Investments Pty LtdApplecross264271
Styleset Enterprises Pty LtdApplecross297406
Surianingrat, Stephanie AnnabelleApplecross411144
Tag Finance Australia Pty LtdApplecross427426
The Trustee For The Abc Unit TrustApplecross468032
The Trustee For The Canning Unit TrustApplecross1244079
The Trustee For Woods Midland Unit TrustApplecross1262140
Tran, Viet-ma Applecross224468
Trim, Frank Robert WinstonApplecross242571
Truong, Nguyen Duc DuyApplecross1234847
Tucker, Stuart AndrewApplecross255233
Varma, Satendra Applecross255362
Vaughan, Lewis Applecross243460
Vendor Finance Property (australia) Pty LtdApplecross1251432
Villegas, Arnold Applecross1242037
Visas Australia Pty LtdApplecross292306
Vision Finance Solutions Pty LtdApplecross332621
Walker, Benjamin Applecross310392
Waller, Trisha Applecross243463
Warren, Robert WilliamApplecross253873
Watts, Andrew RyanApplecross327257
Wealth Financial Planning Pty LtdApplecross1270131
Wells, Michele Applecross275820
White, Elizabeth FrancisApplecross270254
White, Joel GeorgeApplecross270253
Whittington, Shannon DavidApplecross223112
Wilson, David RobertApplecross250479
Wise, Trevor RaymondApplecross266794
Wisewest Investments Pty LtdApplecross291580
Wrightson, David BoydApplecross336681
Zhang, Shaopeng Applecross1275401