Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: Dec. 7, 2023

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Name Locality ID
AG N Vet Insurance Services Pty Limited Albury 1276040
Albury Dealership Pty Ltd Albury 1303313
Andronicos, Olympia Albury 1264555
Artt Group Pty Ltd Albury 1279153
Barnes, Meiken Jean Albury 437266
Border Financial Planning Pty Ltd Albury 1254013
Border Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Albury 336966
Briese Janissen & Associates Pty Ltd Albury 1253610
Canyon Financial Planning Pty Ltd Albury 1252036
Cooper, Fiona Mary Albury 228134
Dudenas, Jason Albury 1000808
Eames, Ashley Bruce Albury 1304420
Ellis, James Henry Albury 1000489
Felmingham, Paul Anthony Albury 256149
Giddins, Carolyn Leanne Albury 1296370
Graf, Raymond John Albury 1250768
Gray, John Albury 1302182
Greschke, Gaylene Albury 298932
Hartley, Sarah Maree Albury 1251751
Hawkins, Julie Albury 1303641
Hawton Travel Pty Ltd Albury 228807
Huggard, Chelsea-maree Albury 1292557
Hunt, Leanne Michelle Albury 1306504
Huon Financial Planning Pty Ltd Albury 381092
Hynes, Jacob John Albury 1288766
Kay, Ian Charles Albury 1302176
Last, Thomas Edwin Albury 254748
Lastyco Pty. Ltd. Albury 254746
Lawrence, Julie Ann Albury 332346
Lee, Christine Pamela Albury 1283402
Make Finance Group Pty Ltd Albury 1276442
Manwaring, Christopher John Albury 1237531
Martin, Bridget Albury 1302181
Mckinnon, Peter Angus Albury 343588
Mcmahon, Ian Gregory Albury 1285763
Michael Middleton Insurance Pty Ltd Albury 320367
Michael, Geoffrey Kenneth Albury 1276441
Middleton, Michael Thomas Albury 270008
Mitchell, Ann Elizabeth Albury 312702
Mnb Finance Pty Ltd Albury 1245062
Myers, Michael Albury 1302241
Nickols, James Fraser Albury 1254014
Nommicos Pty Ltd Albury 1304163
Patton, Elizabeth Albury 1304758
Pecotich, Luke Albury 1302192
Phillow Pty Ltd Albury 1289420
Pleming, Ben Albury 1303627
Pratt, Grant Walter Albury 409869
R & L Younger Pty Ltd Albury 1297521
Scott, Thomas Michael Albury 1302233
Smith, Krista May Albury 1304162
Smith, Martin Albury 1264060
Stapleton, Warren Albury 406010
The Next Step Financial Group Pty Ltd Albury 461357
The Trustee For Broadland Albury Unit Trust Albury 441422
The Trustee For Felmingham Family Trust & The Trustee For Paul Felmingham Family Trust Albury 470010
The Trustee For Greg Murdoch Family Trust Albury 1271032
Topalovic, Paul Anthony Albury 458694
Trippett, Deanna Albury 1302174
Tyne-side Holdings Pty Ltd Albury 312301
Viking Holdings Pty Ltd Albury 1008509
Waite, Hadyn Ross Albury 256218
Watson, Catherine Robyn Albury 1300941
Wayenberg, Lyndsay Albury 409884