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Financial Advisers Australia (FAA)

The Financial Advisers Australia Register is a database of individuals and organizations that provide financial advice in Australia. The register contains information about the qualifications and experience of financial advisers, as well as any disciplinary actions or regulatory sanctions they may have received. It is maintained by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the country's financial regulatory agency. Financial advisers in Australia are required to be registered with ASIC in order to provide advice to clients. The register is publicly available and can be searched online to help consumers find qualified and reputable financial advisers in their area.

Last update: Jan. 10, 2023

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LE Binh TA1257554
LE Han1264433
LE Vongpraseuth294616
LI Chang Liu1249895
LI Fang Rowlatt301089
LI GU1264610
LI Hang Kathleen Low456087
LI Hua1253192
LI Mae Loke1252934
LI Wei Zheng1232659
LI Wen Kang1248797
LI Wen Shen1258768
LU Cong1270449
LU Gan1254736
LY Holian1002505
Laccie Erin Henshaw1239585
Lacey Ellen Nicholson1255961
Lachlan Alexander Bell442577
Lachlan Alexander Booth1299280
Lachlan Alexander Mcphie259300
Lachlan Alexander Reynolds222877
Lachlan Andrew Blieschke316359
Lachlan Andrew Irvine1259517
Lachlan Andrews Barr292304
Lachlan Batchelor1005399
Lachlan Bruce Graham254980
Lachlan Cameron1005959
Lachlan Carter1269624
Lachlan Charles Downe1270166
Lachlan Charles Haughey1254677
Lachlan Charles Hudson Baker238573
Lachlan Clark1253808
Lachlan Cruickshank1296505
Lachlan Donald Ashelford225209
Lachlan Douglas Sunderland Schonfelder271129
Lachlan Edmund Semmens334065
Lachlan Ezard1252125
Lachlan Geoffrey Zimmer1257464
Lachlan Graeme Owen1247860
Lachlan Haverfield1007834
Lachlan Holmes1269790
Lachlan Iain Walton1249626
Lachlan Ian Mcpherson1249713
Lachlan James Anderson1002927
Lachlan James Haigh1296056
Lachlan James Kendall1266565
Lachlan James Meadow1275264
Lachlan James Mornard1299066
Lachlan James Sairlao1297675
Lachlan James Sparks1271727
Lachlan John Campbell1258222
Lachlan John King239769
Lachlan John Mcinnes1001850
Lachlan John Morgan318999
Lachlan John Wilson Wark1256262
Lachlan Keenan1268735
Lachlan Latham1006459
Lachlan Mahon1003208
Lachlan Mair1007400
Lachlan Mark Joseph Wood1265756
Lachlan Mckenzie-mcharg1004309
Lachlan Mcknight Whitehead Kempton1265066
Lachlan Mclean1000333
Lachlan Michael Caddy1270624
Lachlan Mill1263949
Lachlan Money424756
Lachlan Otto1003899
Lachlan Patten470449
Lachlan Pride Mcqueen456086
Lachlan Ritchie1004575
Lachlan Roarke Edward Knight1297816
Lachlan Robert Carmody467528
Lachlan Robert Mckean1269612
Lachlan Ross Robertson1298661
Lachlan Scott Hall1232902
Lachlan Stuart David ST Clair261460
Lachlan Stuart Rutherford1002372
Lachlan Sue1271549
Lachlan Wade Kennett412868
Lachlan William Harvey227293
Lachlan Wiltshire332713
Lacoya-breeze Tania-marie Kimura1267796
Lada Casais Cabarcos1259416
Ladan Ocora1007317
Laetitia Karen Boden1233176
Lahm LE1003846
Lai Kuen Wong1278150
Lai-fan Mandy Lam1004193
Laine Simon Brandis276446
Laird Kenneth Murchie260428
Laiyou Luo454695
Lakshan Udara Weerasinghe1242195
Lakshmanan Rajakumar1271625
Lakshmi Sreedhar1001533
Lally Del Vecchio1265475
Lam Koon1242447
Lan Anh HA Nguyen1257259
Lan Ngoc Nguyen233623
Lana Sofia Luciano1242620
Lana Vivienne Brown1004253
Lance Blake227470
Lance Cheung271252
Lance Colin Rowlands249444
Lance Everard Swansbra301425
Lance Kahler1247095
Lance Malcolm Milham334309
Lance Patrick Livermore264127
Lance Pierre Wright235785
Lance Porter467788
Lance Robert Meikle296207
Lance Roylan Staer300205
Lance Toutountzis266978
Lance Vivian Imeson1299085
Lancelot Craig Smith263524
Landon Jones1248392
Lane Taylor346050
Lanying Xiang Bevan420076
Lap Lap Chan1245015
Lara Hannah Shearman1240666
Lara Jane Reid313347
Lara Joanne Gill1237858
Lara Kable1003127
Lara Knight1264021
Lara Notarianni1242291
Lara Shearman1003963
Lara Tarrant1273462
Lara Ysabel Sanchez Angco1232894
Larene Gay Egan1242230
Larissa Butler1235685
Larissa Catherine Rachel Hall343785
Larissa Dever253550
Larissa John Tapsall1263179
Larissa Paige Coert1270730
Larissa Paige Cpoert1270720
Larissa Pucovski1238210
Larissa Tasker264028
Larry Anthony Piscioneri463425
Larry Fingleson239402
Larry Fracis Cavallo1247060
Larry Gehrig250973
Larry Gilmour1247018
Larry Hayman232309
Larry Howard Reisen1246051
Larry James Hopgood1002607
Larry John Ellis235255
Larry LI1246997
Larry LI Simon Francis1273750
Larry Owen Hanley267066
Larry Schreier268478
Larry Tee1004596
Lars Huttner461452
Lasadi Saranga Felsinger1237903
Lasanth Balendran1237592
Lasitha Rajakaruna1296109
Laumeesi Alaponi Latu467893
Launce Peter Ronald Kent442634
Laura Ann Kelly1267103
Laura Anne Purbrick1232864
Laura Baker1248031
Laura Baron1253288
Laura Beaini1245075
Laura Blitz1265532
Laura Bogusz341022
Laura Caldwell263913
Laura Campbell441267
Laura Carnevale1264432
Laura Casquet448806
Laura Coneliano1269733
Laura DE Cicco465573
Laura Donovan1000636
Laura Elanor Marschke459457
Laura Elizabeth Dix1004917
Laura Elizabeth Mazurek1242520
Laura Elizabeth Potts1249926
Laura Ellen Bastian1261497
Laura Ellen Culpitt1261414
Laura Ellen Redman1002535
Laura Fernanda Cano1272655
Laura Frances Drost1252918
Laura Jackson434888
Laura Jane Lewis1008655
Laura Jane Wilson1247646
Laura Janet Rogers1258225
Laura Jayne Cranage427499
Laura Jayne Salsbury1250634
Laura Jillian Baker1002943
Laura Jordan Imanse1263188
Laura Kathleen Moon1243608
Laura Louise Willis1273021
Laura Maree Macdonald1269748
Laura Maree Sicari1273207
Laura Maria Groves1260942
Laura Morris306433
Laura Peressini1002081
Laura Petito1269646
Laura Relph436149
Laura Rita Iacusso311262
Laura Rita Menschik473210
Laura Ritchie427495
Laura Sheather1268764
Laura Simone Bosman1271006
Laura Smillie1265917
Laura Sorensen1258731
Laura Velasquez1269439
Laura Wagner417510
Laura-jane Murray1235215
Laurain Durrani1270808
Laure Niveau1264159
Laurel Jane Shakespear306274
Laurel Joy Moulynox1001634
Laurelle Bryce466317
Lauren Abela322774
Lauren Ainsworth1271814
Lauren Ann Sawers400807
Lauren Anne Fisher1001520
Lauren Ashleigh Walker1245413
Lauren Bettina Josephine Subota1276324
Lauren Bree Hillier1272477
Lauren Carole Topp253451
Lauren Claire Welk1272942
Lauren Condick1297073
Lauren DE Landre458098
Lauren Dunsford1237970
Lauren Elizabeth Lockhart472184
Lauren Ellen Nolan1270936
Lauren Ellice Mitchelson457046
Lauren Ellie Nott1000630
Lauren Frances Fraser1239399
Lauren Frances Sinton1253348
Lauren Grace Dransfield1253834
Lauren Hammer441395
Lauren Hua1246955
Lauren Isles461247
Lauren Jade Ridley1267506
Lauren Jane Smith1250778
Lauren Jane Street1272066
Lauren Jayne Law1239326
Lauren Jilich1001563
Lauren Jones1242802
Lauren June Helmrich1246962
Lauren Kate Allen1271412
Lauren Kate Middleton1265031
Lauren Lily Baldry1272122
Lauren Maree Dunne1259578
Lauren Maree Smith1007863
Lauren Maree Telleman1299808
Lauren Maree Wilson279333
Lauren Margaret Salmon1007906
Lauren Mary Davis297143
Lauren Michelle Steinheuer1254979
Lauren Milich1238697
Lauren Miller344706
Lauren Mitsak267766
Lauren Nicole Hammer1250656
Lauren Paige Wallace1271906
Lauren Peta Hendy303185
Lauren Phelps453051
Lauren Phyllis Burchell1008249
Lauren Poole416283
Lauren Power398439
Lauren Purcell1238390
Lauren Radcliffe1261016
Lauren Samsely1000250
Lauren Sharry406100
Lauren Shen305773
Lauren Smith1007611
Lauren Styles1259584
Lauren Voon Yen Hallam1008738
Lauren Williamson1006937
Laurence Bonnici427583
Laurence Carwardine327515
Laurence Crawley376666
Laurence Grescos1269802
Laurence Hearne235709
Laurence Henry Grime258367
Laurence Ian Pennell224788
Laurence James Poulter1000112
Laurence John Madigan1250636
Laurence Khoo335845
Laurence Lock1247974
Laurence Martin Cunningham238590
Laurence Mccarthy247714
Laurence Michael Milne1009020
Laurence Patrick Conheady1272522
Laurence Peter Anthony Roso1252710
Laurence Ronald Frank Campbell-rogers415322
Laurence Roy Smith466676
Laurence Slomoi1250216
Laurence Victor Flynne1249438
Laurence Victor Saville265015
Laurie Elliss446430
Laurie Neville O'rourke263450
Laurie Scholes-robertson1273073
Laurie Thorp1000850
Laurie Wilson1258277
Laurinda Jurd329659
Lauryn Annette Manu1260530
Laval Jean Georges HO WO Cheong1002500
Lavanya Aravinthan1270126
Lavenia Wati Lewetuitovo472181
Lavett Barboza1004717
Lavina Paul1250435
Lavina Rubin Pinto1262238
Lawrance Godwin283679
Lawrence Alan Crane1248824
Lawrence Buchanan1234360
Lawrence Buono297286
Lawrence Cauchi1247508
Lawrence Chan327192
Lawrence Dean O'neill241900
Lawrence Dewis1000078
Lawrence Dorcas Raymond238844
Lawrence Edward Ferrari1260741
Lawrence Ernest Reid316161
Lawrence Fitzgerald231513
Lawrence Grasso1002703
Lawrence Hulse1006287
Lawrence Jarlath Miller451694
Lawrence Kennedy444505
Lawrence Lau1249782
Lawrence Law1001582
Lawrence Levy Shamrakov447547
Lawrence MA1300771
Lawrence Maxwell Canty331782
Lawrence Narayan1272869
Lawrence Nathan Tambyrajah276042
Lawrence Orlando242545
Lawrence Patrick Foley250450
Lawrence Peter Bartell1000747
Lawrence Raymond Cogger232632
Lawrence Raymond Green1236401
Lawrence Reginald Sawyer242560
Lawrence Sam-wah Lam1005677
Lawrence Toledo337582
Lawrence Vuong1272495
Lawrence Young1006604
Lawrie Carrozza1254201
Lawson Mavondo325096
Laxmi Nobokumar Manna1002602
Lay Chieng Chye1252557
Lay Hong Chua1243888
Layla Stoykovich1294223
Lazaros Lekakis318945
Lazarus Papadopoulos1269640
Lazo Lembovski1005934
Lea Jane Williams1247577
Lea Kerry Schodel462360
Lea Maree Rigby1257607
Lea Weiss1297380
Leah Alice Hall231567
Leah Ann Wells338988
Leah Anne Fraser1270655
Leah Ashton398566
Leah Browne360023
Leah Cameron1296314
Leah Cowley294544
Leah Florimo1261058
Leah Gai Smith1270474
Leah Galvin1269676
Leah Gaye Anderson1239385
Leah Henshaw402421
Leah Irene Mcquillan1258460
Leah Jane Keelan1286439
Leah Joan Kitley1247751
Leah Julie Supple1245726
Leah Maire Sakharova1271741
Leah Mary Henshaw1270614
Leah Narelle Smallman1243934
Leah Newman1268720
Leah Norbury1256634
Leah Shannine Cecere-palazzo239434
Leah Widdup Augusto1271034
Lealand Wayne Aldenhoven235895
Leanda Davison1003160
Leandri DE Hoop1272474
Leandro Nogueira Dos Santos Bonin1296409
Leang Sao414576
Leanna Katsikaris1003791
Leanne Barbara Bull250728
Leanne Bouma1004448
Leanne Brazel456984
Leanne Brentnall1272308
Leanne Brown1251571
Leanne Caroline Bielik1002785
Leanne Clune334149
Leanne Cowburn338762
Leanne Elizabeth Walker245288
Leanne Faye Dunchue1264443
Leanne Hegarty1243551
Leanne Jane Bailey1252273
Leanne Jane Dix419140
Leanne Joy Earwicker1255255
Leanne Joy Moir250700
Leanne Kay Jones337285
Leanne Kay Sparks289211
Leanne Kim Connor395836
Leanne King252324
Leanne Louise Watts1270074
Leanne Maree Mclaughlin1262262
Leanne Maree Schuppan1261268
Leanne Maree Stokes264719
Leanne Maree Woodhouse226297
Leanne Margaret Rudd429654
Leanne Marie Montaldo1247352
Leanne Martinez1003829
Leanne Mccutcheon1004119
Leanne Mensink273809
Leanne Michelle Birch1272305
Leanne Mulham342307
Leanne Nicole Bogoev1268086
Leanne Nicole Fewster1262755
Leanne Nunn1272741
Leanne Olsen1003893
Leanne Platts1240976
Leanne Powell1237079
Leanne Rachel Smith1262626
Leanne Romano335418
Leanne Rowley223142
Leanne Scott283649
Leanne Steen242330
Leanne Tsoucalas1236037
Leanne Van Der Hoek458775
Leanne Vida Tunbridge1243570
Leanne Walcott1248002
Leanne Willmann305979
Leanne Yvonne Mcdonald309141
Leanne Zhi Ying LI1273232
Lear Tromp1234954
Leasa May Collins246582
Lee Alan Walker413204
Lee Anne Withy246213
Lee Anthony Clarke1001091
Lee Anthony Jackson249424
Lee Anthony Sammartino1273528
Lee Aylward417533
Lee Bernard Just1271564
Lee Berry302432
Lee Bradley Martyn229833
Lee Chan247720
Lee Charles Martin385533
Lee Charles Purves1241523
Lee Craig Crombie1298981
Lee David Bowden406516
Lee Fen Goh326788
Lee Fleming326123
Lee Hendrick Riske271460
Lee Henwood421917
Lee Hutchison1004928
Lee James Forde296344
Lee James Wapling1268543
Lee Janelle Turner1244997
Lee Johnson277834
Lee Joseph Eaton318554
Lee Katie Nickelson391967
Lee Kenneth Moore322765
Lee Leng Sim1263292
Lee Maree Boreham1247329
Lee Michael Surace1238080
Lee Michele O'grady1244539
Lee Robert Jackson230878
Lee Rushton1006943
Lee Scott1005279
Lee Scott Emery1000178
Lee Sonia Fox1251071
Lee Stuart Fittler1277633
Lee Thomas Virgin247504
Lee Tomlinson1272405
Lee Yuin Chew1294547
Lee-anne Judith Parker1002437
Lee-anne Judith Saunders293505
Lee-anne Maree Whitson1234678
Lee-voon Leong455406
Leeann Padayachee1251661
Leeann Weatherley1241191
Leeanne Holborow421814
Leeanne Mary Baty1235152
Leeanne Teresa Swain1264793
Leearna Hope Martin1266976
Leela Wilson1272671
Leesa Gae Watkins1271090
Leesa Gay Bavell1267148
Leesa Jane Hutcheson1268648
Leesa Michelle Graham327931
Leesa Murphy Swain1284203
Leesa-maree Anderson306712
Legh Hewitson Davis259301
Lei Cai421473
Lei Chen1007793
Lei Cui1245925
Lei FU1299766
Lei Lazarevic1270390
Lei Mark Zhang1273189
Lei Wang1006101
Lei Zhang1256477
Leif Ringshaug1269376
Leigh Aida Jean Christensen1250011
Leigh Alan Parmenter1003903
Leigh Ann Johnston279808
Leigh Anoos238388
Leigh Anthony Martin407790
Leigh Birch346058
Leigh Bruce Stafford288334
Leigh Charles Birtles1268883
Leigh Collidge249267
Leigh David Longrigg1003809
Leigh Edward Hamilton1244243
Leigh Fernando454076
Leigh Filipovic342807
Leigh Fletcher444559
Leigh Goad242948
Leigh Gordon1293628
Leigh Gordon Bennett268412
Leigh Gordon Evans1006343
Leigh Harink1271387
Leigh Harry Scott1252656
Leigh J Allan1256515
Leigh James Corser466640
Leigh Jean Mansell1237859
Leigh Kerrin Wahlstrom263504
Leigh Mackie1292807
Leigh Maddison1264677
Leigh Mark Wallman1257193
Leigh Marriott1003609
Leigh Maxwell Brander1261210
Leigh Michael Crosby469596
Leigh Michael Marris1242774
Leigh Michelle Jenkins1002514
Leigh Morris431324
Leigh Norman Byron237791
Leigh Peter Semmens454185
Leigh Pettitt1244114
Leigh Prossor434844
Leigh Quade409195
Leigh Raymond Cuthbertson1240515
Leigh Ronald Hutton248238
Leigh Roy Christopher1239130
Leigh Sando309905
Leigh Smith470946
Leigh Stephen Clark1265200
Leigh Victor Vella245277
Leigh Winston Jobling231839
Leigh-anne Meyerowitz232090
Leighton Crisp1007346
Leighton Fah1268651
Leighton Taylor1297542
Leila Joan Rewha1241566
Leilani Jones1271968
Leisa Collins1248495
Leisa Mcmanus1005649
Leisa Quagliata468679
Leisa Thistlethwaite1256841
Leisa Van Geest1252967
Leisa Williamson1003119
Leith Anthony Thomas431184
Leka Ameti337011
Len Anthony Cirillo1269315
Lena Hilton231333
Lena Ngaio Peel1260908
Lenara Mukaieva1267784
Lenka Petersen1270999
Lennon Rhys Lewis1243378
Leo Athanasakis1000464
Leo Brady1005955
Leo DI Battista253839
Leo Diniotis1005134
Leo Ignatius Menkens250534
Leo Kok Eng Tan1006349
Leo Louie Constant312827
Leo Maximos470821
Leo Sandhu320999
Leo Simon Andrew Byers1250530
Leo Tang1249689
Leo Terrence Dwan1006103
Leo Treble231775
Leo Zhang1236894
Leon Adam Howe296816
Leon Cheah316721
Leon Chiera1005085
Leon Craig Offenhauser1047491
Leon Falk250810
Leon Fujino Smith1275047
Leon Garry Ross293230
Leon IP1263848
Leon Ianowitzky1247914
Leon James Moran232084
Leon Jennings253123
Leon Kofmansky436886
Leon Lindsay Dier1260829
Leon Luke LA Rosa1007830
Leon Matthew Spadavecchia286351
Leon Mcdonald-chapell287944
Leon Newman231726
Leon Norman Stephan1237593
Leon Patrick Versace343279
Leon Phillips242593
Leon Reginald Jones304958
Leon Staropoli1295001
Leon Sydney Twelftree246189
Leon Travis Hinde331985
Leon Volovich274418
Leon Wilcox1249569
Leona Kaye Hallam1007703
Leonard Arthur Renuke Ganegoda1233711
Leonard Athol Little1238481
Leonard Gennusa312170
Leonard George Daniels264167
Leonard Henry O'meagher1295037
Leonard Hing Chau Tse231558
Leonard John French242962
Leonard John Green250579
Leonard King1244430
Leonard Norman Elias231043
Leonard Oscar Cain340841
Leonard Richard Eustice1269164
Leonard Rogerson231861
Leonard Sack457303
Leonard Sharman250791
Leonard Thomas Phillips324533
Leonard William Charles Mccarthy1238505
Leonardo Antonio Guterres1000847
Leonardo Arico250780
Leonardo Ciarroni1243514
Leonardo Dalla Rosa231870
Leonardo Ribeiro Dos Santos1271584
Leonardo Senese259302
Leonardo Vargiu246195
Leone Jane Saxby1261601
Leonel Campos Mahecha1242500
Leonie Annette Jansen1264458
Leonie Asani469427
Leonie Davis1261865
Leonie Dilorenzo1255336
Leonie Fisher340852
Leonie Gae Nagle303870
Leonie Gai Jack1253477
Leonie Gay Mason323406
Leonie Gaye Cowan278601
Leonie Hunter1273180
Leonie Irene Mckain458555
Leonie Jolly1249590
Leonie Lesley Taylor241968
Leonie Lockwood291490
Leonie Martin1257146
Leonie Monique Farmer1272032
Leonita Kosasih1267188
Leonna Gail Nash1264393
Leonna Nash1245307
Les Jordan1002403
Les William Batchelor1001217
Les William Dobbie1253588
Leschen Leah Smaller1258402
Lesley Ann Faehse297359
Lesley Ann Hubczenko225217
Lesley Anne Cross1239547
Lesley Chang Liu1259525
Lesley Dana Duncan250316
Lesley French294090
Lesley Ida Arendt1265468
Lesley Jane Bowen1001064
Lesley Jayne Mitchell1250213
Lesley Jennings457997
Lesley Joan Wenzel1243981
Lesley Kate Legg431600
Leslie Bruce Tate1242388
Leslie Charles Mcguire330477
Leslie Chi-wei Chin391725
Leslie Christopher Conceicao296710
Leslie Colin Fraser Mumme254945
Leslie George Taylor232249
Leslie Jamieson1271804
Leslie John Brown1297615
Leslie John Collard257105
Leslie Josh Eisemann307960
Leslie Keith Howard268498
Leslie Keith Mcintosh270850
Leslie Maurice Clarke1266629
Leslie Michael Coulcher1250805
Leslie Miller239447
Leslie Paul Hayward338139
Leslie Robert Fong249526
Leslie Robert Owen1001885
Leslie Saggus231909
Leslie Solange Aiello1244560
Leslie Stuart Grant259515
Leslie Szancer402544
Leslie Thomas King295497
Leslie Thomas Wigginton289488
Lester Archibald Steele239845
Lester Dean Rodrigues300828
Lester James Findlay1267675
Lester Mons Anthony Beling280295
Leszek Jarco429468
Leticia Anne Leggett297099
Letitia Jackson337032
Letitia Jayne Weatherhead1271135
Letty Mcrae1252972
Levent Aldogan1257944
Levi Blake Hohn331394
Levi Jorden Kerr1270367
Levi King1238142
Levi Olorenshaw1268943
Levi Paul Burrows1242980
Levi Scott Capper1255286
Levon Berge Lock1251351
Lewis Abraham Orr1272128
Lewis Cleve Waters241035
Lewis Donald Townsend1276406
Lewis Eric Watson472576
Lewis Jackson1261529
Lewis James Oliver1266730
Lewis Nisbet Johnson1001591
Lewis Noel Wegner1298193
Lewis Vassos268172
Lewis Vaughan243460
Lewis Wayne Osborne238639
Lewis William Clelland426392
Lewis William Tyson253007
Lex Benjamin Robins1244867
Lex Thomas Villanueva233077
Lexie Barbat1277293
Leyla Banaei1260968
Leyland James Roberts455060
Li-ting Han1296105
Lia Johnson471190
Liahm Kristofer Rogers1259855
Liam Andrew Taylor1254883
Liam Benedict Mcgrath1247518
Liam Cameron Thomas1298781
Liam Christopher Betts1248723
Liam Desmond Wilson1253352
Liam Diggin242722
Liam Duncan Cooper306774
Liam Dunne232142
Liam Eadie1299563
Liam Francis Webb1273399
Liam Henzell290247
Liam James Ronald Perry1279979
Liam James Russell1295252
Liam Jeffrey1250403
Liam John Haren1296704
Liam John Jeffrey1006545
Liam John Murphy376612
Liam Jon Rutty341968
Liam Jonah Vas1241629
Liam Mark Drady1267334
Liam Michael O'brien321968
Liam Michael Williams1240499
Liam Peter Hogan1235643
Liam Price343511
Liam Richard Joseph Gyde1251335
Liam Roderick Ferguson1001739
Liam Samuel Catchpole1272322
Liam Thomas1242274
Liam Wallace339587
Liam Wheatley1266824
Liam Willis1235057
Lian Hao1264655
Liana Frances Haymes244897
Liana Joyce Cauchi1003413
Liana Wai-hsien Tsai1238393
Liang Wei Wong1003096
Lianne Peters1005858
Liaquat Mohamed Hussein235979
Liarna O'brien1264809
Libero Dalla Zuanna400940
Lidia Maiuolo1261774
Lidia Straschko437582
Liesl Janelle Maslen1266111
Lih Jen Khoo1003284
Lijun Zhang1249976
Lili Hong1286176
Lilian Fisher1247141
Lilian Phuong Bone1267351
Lilian Shoo Waa NG308939
Liliana Calley1237825
Liliane Barcha1273557
Lilibeth Lourdes Guevarra DE Asis1266444
Lilibeth Ranchez Villegas1004003
Liling Ong1008144
Liljana Miladinovska337989
Lilli Bycroft1266648
Lillie Bernardo358709
Lilly Cunan1295152
Lilly Dam1271229
Lily Bao1243419
Lily Wai Wah Cheng313211
Lily Wiatkowski1003293
Lily Young233423
Lily-claire Magalie Adolphe1264345
Lima Dabbouk1004907
Liming Zhang1269081
Lin Boon Chen1242546
Lin Carey1263264
Lin Cong1247567
Lin Gao1238995
Lin Liu1241323
Lin Ngoc Thai1247514
Lin Zhu1269320
Lina DE Marco1264613
Lina Maria Stone1255875
Linan Browne1264606
Linan Zhong1238293
Lincoln Armstrong Kallady1241137
Lincoln Butt471983
Lincoln Edward Rego1263454
Lincoln Frost465171
Lincoln Haugh430165
Lincoln Holland292147
Lincoln Kallady1003065
Lincoln Kevin Lister1256004
Lincoln Lim1264363
Lincoln Peter Johnson318634
Lincoln Roger Allsopp1250240
Lincoln Scrymgeour331393
Linda Ann Farmer1245640
Linda Ann Ingleby227590
Linda Anne Winchcombe411230
Linda Austin1004877
Linda Barbagallo231585
Linda Bito-on233232
Linda Briers1001352
Linda Byrnes329896
Linda Christine Angledal466210
Linda Clay1007322
Linda Cook1239989
Linda Deanna Markov1255263
Linda Elise Mcelroy1270622
Linda Elizabeth Mckenna261177
Linda Fairweather1271130
Linda Fraser286280
Linda Gae Ewerlin1268978
Linda HE233367
Linda Horton313984
Linda Irene Ruck1267626
Linda Jane Roberts315030
Linda Joan Meates315375
Linda Joanne Berry1238104
Linda Joy Cole1000100
Linda Joy Kowalke1251161
Linda Joy Parkinson315795
Linda June Mackellar1245686
Linda Karlic1253561
Linda Kathy Hogan238216
Linda LI456227
Linda Langdon1272352
Linda Louise Ginever240605
Linda Mai1244466
Linda Maree Hogan439005
Linda Margaret Bernard1265872
Linda Margaret Coombes245383
Linda Margaret Crawford458539
Linda Marie Harrington292987
Linda Michelle Schreurs1247100
Linda O'kelly326599
Linda O'loughlin1006740
Linda Panaszek1235689
Linda Rose Tellis275929
Linda Ruth Phillips232051
Linda Sammut1005672
Linda Tang1005298
Linda Trinh339571
Linda Viveinne Druitt231453
Linden Madden1264810
Lindim Kamberi1254470
Lindley Jean Schneider1267566
Lindon Turnbull309665
Lindsay Almeida1273153
Lindsay Angus Mcleod242655
Lindsay Doniger242903
Lindsay Eric Mott1005827
Lindsay Evelyn Bridgland304803
Lindsay George Evans421863
Lindsay Gordon Karathanassis230898
Lindsay Gordon Latham342980
Lindsay Gordon Walker1001102
Lindsay Graham Yelland1006513
Lindsay Hodgson250843
Lindsay Holland293124
Lindsay James Brown1250997
Lindsay James Felsenthal1002821
Lindsay John Garnock328855
Lindsay John Vanstan443783
Lindsay Lawrence Hosking244924
Lindsay Marie Richardson317873
Lindsay Martin1004684
Lindsay Michael Binning265126
Lindsay Murray Byrne278410
Lindsay Osborne242547
Lindsay Philip Broadway1266372
Lindsay Poy250229
Lindsay Tang1005775
Lindsay William Antoniolli244260
Lindsay Wilson248990
Lindsey Lawrance1271620
Lindy Anne Iotti1002507
Lindy Anne Walker433120
Lindy Jan Mann230530
Lindy Jane Wibberley1001933
Lindy Margaret Jones269272
Lindzee-kate Tagliaferri1269973
Lindzi Beulah Caputo1248513
Ling Dias1006517
Ling Erin YI1007272
Ling Fang1005424
Ling Feng1239965
Ling Ling Wang1264892
Ling QI1270615
Ling Shi1009270
Ling Yao233537
Linh Pid Andree1271865
Linh Thi Thao Nguyen1235065
Linhui Zhao1299088
Linn David Highman1005869
Linna Dang1265096
Lino Mignanelli1007101
Linyuan Wang1272446
Lionel Alexander Mcfadyen1001861
Lionel Francis Rodrigues230280
Lionel George Larman252785
Lionel Hershel Werbeloff236682
Lionel Iheanacho1002528
Lionel John Brownsea309671
Lionel John O'mally1251765
Lionel Shayne Wootton-mcdonald279579
Liping Situ1232898
Liptan Kumar Ghosh1259925
Lisa Ann Watzek265136
Lisa Anne Baum1001051
Lisa Anne Burns1264792
Lisa Barker1002767
Lisa Baumann1300834
Lisa Bird1246112
Lisa Bouffler445642
Lisa Bourke278498
Lisa Brophy1007584
Lisa Byrnes1272423
Lisa Catherine Haberfield1243040
Lisa Cave1253130
Lisa Cernuschi1240079
Lisa Chew1264902
Lisa Christine Holland293240
Lisa Domique Richards294391
Lisa Fitzgerald318035
Lisa Foster1234476
Lisa Gage1273392
Lisa Gavranich231722
Lisa Gaye Duggan235729
Lisa Godden1238159
Lisa Gundry1257207
Lisa Haley1000764
Lisa Hickey1248162
Lisa Houlford1001989
Lisa Jane Dalmau1250545
Lisa Jane Faddy288362
Lisa Jane Harker265061
Lisa Jane Nili1262668
Lisa Jane Palmer317675
Lisa Jane Parsons315372
Lisa Jane Smith1002996
Lisa Jane Taylor232248
Lisa Jayne Mccombe464324
Lisa Jayne Morgan331951
Lisa Jones1257468
Lisa Katherine Cahill389278
Lisa Kaye Varker287711
Lisa Leckey-malone1247357
Lisa Lee1004945
Lisa Lin1002649
Lisa Louise Evans1246899
Lisa Maree Barber247688
Lisa Maree Cross1286649
Lisa Maree Croy402955
Lisa Maree DI Cesare1263698
Lisa Maree Fowler1001442
Lisa Maree Kirk1004668
Lisa Maree Mcpherson249172
Lisa Maree Michael251021
Lisa Maree Newnham1272316
Lisa Maree Schultz1258561
Lisa Maree Steel242960
Lisa Maree Tait346048
Lisa Margaret Farnell290056
Lisa Marie Blakeley1247474
Lisa Marie Holman449983
Lisa Marie Knight279507
Lisa Marie Murgatroyd327928
Lisa Mary Backhouse382332
Lisa May Cuttriss1246896
Lisa Mcgregor455206
Lisa Monique Werner1272511
Lisa Moran1008477
Lisa Morgan1259426
Lisa Mortimer1268727
Lisa Narelle Bui1262534
Lisa Natasha Mitchell1240576
Lisa Nicole Smith311957
Lisa Osullivan239815
Lisa Paff1268940
Lisa Papachristoforos1247043
Lisa Purkis1247762
Lisa Renee Redmon1269855
Lisa Scott340112
Lisa Smith1235105
Lisa Taranto1272282
Lisa Therese Judge263522
Lisa Tsoulakis1269317
Lisa Voysey1272387
Lisa Weissel282181
Lisa Willis1242026
Lisa Yaacoub1251456
Lisa-anne Han423160
Lisa-jane Lohning457336
Lisbeth Jane Cadell Crombie326490
Lisette Anne Walsh290055
Lisiate Tonga280989
Lissa Anne Laffan329022
Listy Arianti Welsh463190
Livia York267672
Livio Caiolfa340081
Livio Luigi Tramontin1000338
Liviu Filip Tomulescu346210
Liwati FU1236749
Liz Bei Jon GE1271658
Liza Anne Coghlan1003016
Liza DE Las Alas1002023
Liza Grace Jane Wolmarans338015
Liza Janakievski1004438
Lizzy (naiqian) Zhang1003212
Ljiljana Clements1270683
Ljubica Kierno1008469
Ljupco Gorgijeski1008051
Ljupco Ivanov1248775
Llewellyn John Orr Eynon1246641
Lloyd Anthony Bebee1241164
Lloyd Antony Raphael1277180
Lloyd Deane242616
Lloyd Grant Levin297040
Lloyd Harris1004511
Lloyd Palmer266771
Lloyd Peter Guy1006561
Lloyd Raymond Hooper330413
Lloyd Robertson Thomas276881
Llyon Ngo1274016
Loc Huu Lam248144
Loc Huu Trinh1247235
Lochlan Stuhne-scott1273078
Loi Bao Mach1232741
Loi Mach1004364
Lois Marie Grosser1250382
Lois Middlemast1245512
Lois Roper1256001
Lok Lam Rosaline FU1241578
Lola Manitto472507
Long Nguyen392273
Lonis Karabesinis307605
Lonni Aylett1000538
Lonnie Clark1002024
Lonnie John Weeks453822
Lora Whippy307984
Loraini Marayawa1237398
Lord Kenneth Paguio Tiglao1289308
Loredana Asquith1271033
Loreena Michele Gillon1272527
Lorelle Price1002923
Loren Renee Brandle1000869
Lorena Millett288757
Lorenz Alphonso1002025
Lorenz Derek Austin Ebert1002791
Loreta Fontolan Bitteler468420
Loretta Anne Hill247396
Loretta Dawn Rabbitt231029
Lori Lynn Mitchell1007705
Lorianne Moss1004721
Lorin David Joyce1271485
Loriza Leshni Naidu1240567
Lorna Emery1271948
Lorraine Dawn Shoesmith406169
Lorraine Diane Carolan1252241
Lorraine Elizabeth Tyler1001309
Lorraine Elizabeth Weyman1292677
Lorraine Louise Shimizu462457
Lorraine Mia Sampson269325
Lorraine Patricia Dunn245911
Lorraine Pearl Harman1253504
Lorraine Roughton414766
Lorraine Swan470512
Losavati Rokolaqa280275
Lou Albert Delfos1001167
Lou Borrelli264933
Lou D'orazio1259976
Lou-anne Margaret Albertson1265894
Louay Sleiman1255265
Loucas Kyriacou1268950
Louella Jorge1004934
Louie Ognenovski1003186
Louie Papadakos261447
Louis Albert Delfos302632
Louis Alfred Zammit416029
Louis Almoro Grey328845
Louis Biscoe1269786
Louis Davis1297618
Louis Francis Dessardo1006497
Louis Georgiou242522
Louis John Dooley1293962
Louis John Turner1265905
Louis Lin1004965
Louis Lozada250398
Louis Merlin Bonomini351456
Louis Parkinson409475
Louis Salamon1006203
Louis Spagnuolo472563
Louis Van Coppenhagen285040
Louis Vlismas Strange433392
Louis Weingarten260224
Louis Zafiropoulos1257103
Louisa Andreucci1248165
Louisa Caroline Jammal344030
Louisa Jane Merry1249764
Louisa Joy Ellul1273089
Louisa Justina Sporn461899
Louisa Maree Swain1249699
Louisa May Edwards1296568
Louisa Munro387290
Louisa Toperoso1262975
Louise Aletta Sherwen-slater1272540
Louise Ann Mcneich426993
Louise Ann Tattersall1003344
Louise Anne Lennox1271633
Louise Anne Wiseman385223
Louise Barthelot1001354
Louise Bullock1248438
Louise Campbell1002469
Louise Catherine Davies335923
Louise Chadwick453759
Louise Doughty458182
Louise Drolz332585
Louise E Evans259908
Louise Edkins267287
Louise Elaine Agnew329310
Louise Elizabeth Birrell1250898
Louise Emma Ridout462711
Louise Falsone306149
Louise Fay Parker279435
Louise Gooden243497
Louise Halliday1006721
Louise Jane Henderson1250931
Louise Jane Thurston279401
Louise Janet Biti1272069
Louise Jealous-bennett283412
Louise Jean Wegner-parker285600
Louise Kate Watson1271246
Louise Laing1251325
Louise Maree Furner1248788
Louise Maree Lakomy224391
Louise Maree Mackiehan240661
Louise Maree Previtera306464
Louise Maree Sarracini1245597
Louise Mary Wilson1254287
Louise Munro1272270
Louise Newbound310389
Louise Parsons1273157
Louise Randi340752
Louise Raunik1250548
Louise Raylene Gibson1245971
Louise Rottier1008436
Louise Scott Coleman1261569
Louise Sharon Lucas1248398
Louise Suzanne Greig1004286
Louise Terese Meijer1244957
Louise Valerie Pfeiffer1237613
Loula Kouzeleas253057
Lourens Geldenhuys330794
Lu-jean Barendse1248582
Luan Nguyen305726
Luana Quinino Matias1256142
Luang Poh Blythe Sim1272417
Lubche Srbinovski1273154
Lubos Polakovic1005659
Lucas Anthony Quinlan1270033
Lucas Benjamin Atkins1286677
Lucas Chagas1261899
Lucas Davies455937
Lucas Gordon Kenyon1271115
Lucas Ian Barsby1002772
Lucas James Koekoek1249105
Lucas Jordan Ntoumenopoulos1270868
Lucas Joseph Clayton438734
Lucas Kenyon1267376
Lucas Martin Garside329246
Lucas Mciver Brine1261280
Lucas Nguyen1241550
Lucas Owen Howe435325
Lucas Ralph Smithers323614
Lucas Robert Egan1273159
Lucas Robinson1001680
Lucas Vaughan1003394
Lucas Wade Parsons1238112
Lucas Ward Hainsworth1249402
Lucette Thompson1005302
Luci Biernacki276819
Lucia Nikolopoulos1271728
Lucian Russ407510
Luciana Benita Wagg233478
Luciana Harris429101
Luciano DI Labio1256378
Luciano DI Prinzio235829
Luciano Lattanzio232232
Luciano Signore245204
Lucie Mckenna1252204
Lucienne Marguerite Boyd1270763
Lucija Emina Saric280305
Lucille Margaret Harrison457356
Lucille Rose Hernandez1259341
Lucinda Bechor1248866
Lucinda Carwardine Thompson301059
Lucinda Chan1005083
Lucinda E Tassell1005777
Lucinda Gallop227619
Lucinda Karin Gear1276487
Lucinda Lea Mills1269916
Lucinda Maree Mulligan1002606
Lucinda Nutting1263402
Lucinda Tassell1257531
Lucretia Lloyd400716
Lucy Anne Levy1000692
Lucy Atkinson1264107
Lucy Boulos1265852
Lucy Claxton1297610
Lucy Eleanor Meagher1248709
Lucy Elizabeth Charlotte Smith1007874
Lucy Hateley447296
Lucy MA1299754
Lucy Madison Payne1239748
Lucy Mary Summers1003519
Lucy Mckillop242951
Lucy Raphael Lee1271322
Lucy Silvana Salaris1005628
Lucy Tilling1272389
Lucy Veronica Henbest1235175
Lucy Wang259307
Lucy Warner1005487
Lucy Xiao-wei Zheng422697
Luigi Emilio Scarpato245755
Luigi Geronazzo1006209
Luigi Iacullo250113
Luigi Mitrione249889
Luigi Perta1259824
Luigi Razzano1260178
Luigi Stanziano245228
Luigino Malacco1244798
Luis Aleixo1241931
Luis Arguello1273046
Luis Casado417986
Luis Eduardo Cordero469961
Luis Gabriel Fonseca Romero1008273
Luis German Silva1239951
Luisa Riccardi1246657
Luka Dukic1253156
Lukas Alexander Stergiou1270014
Lukas Colin Christensen440199
Lukas Zelka337008
Lukasz Czajka435525
Lukasz Morawski1263347
Luke (lyubomir) Galashchuk1272899
Luke Adam Medson1272174
Luke Alan Window432316
Luke Alexander1269826
Luke Alexander Fitridge333933
Luke Alexander Harlow1237865
Luke Alexander Smith288708
Luke Alexander Vidler1241020
Luke Allan Furner456572
Luke Allan Mcbean1247654
Luke Andrew Aitken1293590
Luke Andrew Curd1251334
Luke Andrew Innes1263394
Luke Andrew Marton314696
Luke Andrew Morris458025
Luke Andrew Papaelias317749
Luke Andrew Worth1245700
Luke Andrews386589
Luke Anthony Klapsis1296520
Luke Anthony Laidlaw1252902
Luke Anthony Marsden242954
Luke Anthony Morris1271688
Luke Anthony Patricks321928
Luke Anthony Price410555
Luke Anthony Smith1266164
Luke Anthony Spiller406989
Luke Anthony Styles1237142
Luke Anthony Wilson418809
Luke Bailey1005200
Luke Barker1005053
Luke Bartholomeusz1260997
Luke Basham1237389
Luke Bellamy1277181
Luke Benjamin Broxton305572
Luke Benjamin Rathborne334916
Luke Bolzonello472854
Luke Boon439590
Luke Bowler295174
Luke Bradley336464
Luke Branagan1269041
Luke Brendan Doyle1262353
Luke Brendish1298254
Luke Butcher1282284
Luke Calopedos1004073
Luke Campbell Palmer1004145
Luke Carrington1275617
Luke Carroll1253189
Luke Christian Elder316493
Luke Christopher Headland1004472
Luke Christopher Williams1254403
Luke Connor Shuttleworth Hogan1300761
Luke Considine282830
Luke Cooper1004442
Luke Courtland Oakes330331
Luke Crnjac1256472
Luke DI Pietro246869
Luke Damien Wolfe1257740
Luke Daniel Baker1269634
Luke Daniel Hernage1002863
Luke Daniel Matthews336756
Luke David Croudace1240980
Luke David Fletcher340281
Luke David Ford1299134
Luke David Mcculkin407588
Luke David Sheehan338906
Luke Dennis Powell1269857
Luke Desmond Feeney334668
Luke Desmond Kennelly1000084
Luke Dunstan Jensen345671
Luke Ebbesen Harris1249191
Luke Edward Sketchley1008386
Luke Elden Smith377450
Luke Eres230831
Luke Favetta1002818
Luke Feeney1237765
Luke Fussell1271506
Luke Geoffrey Pollard1269628
Luke Gerard Mather1272061
Luke Gilroy454598
Luke Gregory Caruana1000646
Luke Gregory Charles Marshall1252449
Luke Grundy1004693
Luke Guns1005738
Luke Hansen1269549
Luke Hanson1267124
Luke Headland1004621
Luke Herzog1269528
Luke Hill1005646
Luke Huang1238832
Luke Ian Berthelsen322889
Luke Immanuel Moses Seb Harvey1233315
Luke Jacob Dubbeld1268260
Luke James Andersen315391
Luke James Arthur1270593
Luke James Buttersfield242818
Luke James Dean421781
Luke James Kelly416693
Luke James White1269856
Luke Jarzynski239968
Luke John Kerry323440
Luke John Macgillivray1000666
Luke John Murnane1300999
Luke John Rybarczyk1001916
Luke John Scott1262787
Luke John Taylor288888
Luke John Vincent Dickson1000656
Luke Johnson367299
Luke Joseph Carr342145
Luke Joseph Pitrone1267939
Luke Joshua Todaro1271084
Luke Justin Walker1002365
Luke Kenneth Robson466141
Luke Kermond415910
Luke Kidd1242685
Luke Koekoek1005724
Luke Kristian Smith331071
Luke Laretive345726
Luke Leonard Launder1007009
Luke Levis1253908
Luke Mahony453341
Luke Mase1245188
Luke Maxwell Felsch1003431
Luke Mccann1238681
Luke Mccoy338023
Luke Mcelwaine322493
Luke Mcnamara1260208
Luke Metherall454073
Luke Michael Costa464538
Luke Michael Mckinnon467526
Luke Michael Priddis282583
Luke Michael Whiteley324754
Luke Moorby1254565
Luke Muir1004413
Luke O'donnell249318
Luke Patrick Atkins1237269
Luke Patrick Naughtin315283
Luke Paul Dalziel-don301511
Luke Paul Wilson1001350
Luke Pavone450932
Luke Peter Durbin1267676
Luke Peter Moore1245435
Luke Peter Swinburne1005599
Luke Phillip George Price1257174
Luke Phillip Young471481
Luke Pirozzi1297364
Luke Poynter1000565
Luke Provis247638
Luke Pszczonka471811
Luke Purcell1002026
Luke Ranson248615
Luke Redmond Sanders339210
Luke Robert Boorman1002035
Luke Robert Crockford461057
Luke Robert Jones450154
Luke Rogers448160
Luke Russell Knoll1299346
Luke Russell Mansell422499
Luke Samuel Paenga1261413
Luke Sanders Watson338518
Luke Selfe1263132
Luke Shad1003955
Luke Shi Chuen Goy1294652
Luke Simon Peter Lucas1003704
Luke Smith1296111
Luke Stephen Coleman1258029
Luke Stephen Stedman445313
Luke Stewart Cameron1001137
Luke Stewart Martin1242408
Luke Strudwick431620
Luke Thaniotis1239264
Luke Thomas1003989
Luke Thomas Dagge242908
Luke Thomas Hutchison1001566
Luke Thomas Perrot1269940
Luke Thomas Powell1269752
Luke Thomas Saltmarsh1265971
Luke Tighe1005530
Luke Timothy Everson1273128
Luke Towers1005115
Luke Townsend1249517
Luke Tsafis325094
Luke Van Der Pligt331654
Luke Verwey314611
Luke Vincent1267988
Luke Volker426676
Luke Watkin Croft418739
Luke Wiggins1259152
Luke William Chick439377
Luke William Farrugia1262696
Luke William Fisher1252992
Luke William James Shrewsbury410100
Luke William Roberts1003053
Luke William Russell441442
Luke William Warren1258744
Luke Williams245316
Luke Wines1005545
Luke Youd1007612
Luke Young1000534
Lulu Zhou1269713
Lulua Mohammed Nuruddin Hamid1251451
Lusiana Kusiraki Tabuyaqona Tamanikaiyaroi1244570
Lusija Yardemian1255816
Luther Poier1006742
Lutunasobasoba Tora411338
Luying Guo1268777
Lyall Douglas Jones314519
Lyall Richardson1003925
Lydia Blakemore366512
Lydia Crystal Gardner471198
Lydia Oppermann433896
Lydia Rani Archer1249877
Lydia Tundzevski1003999
Lydon Wayne Luis Desa1269421
Lyell J Sheehan248576
Lyle Andrew Weir287662
Lyle Clifford315075
Lyle Edison Vinter1252976
Lyle Evan Alexis Filer438486
Lyle Fagan Meaney259309
Lyle John Greig286582
Lyle William Newton270999
Lylia Vera May Taylor271798
Lyn Dixon270718
Lyn Formica1245884
Lyn Strong1002247
Lyn Theresa Formica1271976
Lynda Ann Cross264429
Lynda Christine Loong1265949
Lynda Hills266776
Lynda Jane Hopkins1265906
Lynda Jane Trembath1001951
Lynda Joanne Middleby295746
Lynda Kwakkernaat1273177
Lynda Lee Christiana249226
Lynda Macpherson467614
Lynda Maree Griffith416845
Lynda May Logan1250169
Lynda Mckie1006631
Lynda Monique Sexton1264150
Lynda Myers1000563
Lynda Saqr449416
Lynda Soderlund1242577
Lynda Steiszkal1240846
Lynda Woods319171
Lyndal Jane Winnett259711
Lyndal Michelle Angove239700
Lyndall Ridley1270244
Lyndall Schulze1255513
Lynde Adams376129
Lyndell Abercrombie1249135
Lynden Paul Cowell1248896
Lyndley Sheridan Kane1238513
Lyndon Arthurson417492
Lyndon Brandt Watson293330
Lyndon Holland238608
Lyndon James Piastri1250601
Lyndon John Driscoll330262
Lyndon Mustafa1267123
Lyndon William Polson1255573
Lyndsay Craig Wortlehock247542
Lyndsay Jane Finlay1236830
Lyndsay Rushforth1268804
Lyndsay Wayenberg409884
Lyndsay Young289901
Lynelle Patricia Bower342584
Lynette Anne Rodda246598
Lynette Anne Williams453137
Lynette Callanan-thiel1240841
Lynette DA Costa Shuttleworth376793
Lynette Dorothy Nestor271427
Lynette Fay Anderson1241815
Lynette J Hiscox-price263952
Lynette Jean Corby1246773
Lynette Joy Kirkham1272763
Lynette Joy Newman1253666
Lynette Maree Smith289554
Lynette Margaret Heaysman235812
Lynette Marie Bettens1253587
Lynette Mcivor231518
Lynette Murray309332
Lynette Norma Meiklejohn238758
Lynette Pheme Lees244996
Lynette Shirley Thompson250752
Lynette Therese Green301997
Lyneve Almario1268076
Lynn Alison Steven1267502
Lynn Sturtzel242932
Lynne Collins315229
Lynne Dianne Windmill344579
Lynne Jackson259015
Lynne Maree Neville1260016
Lynne Maria Paterson1002901
Lynne Prowd235847
Lynne Tan301863
Lynne Violet Bowler250007
Lynnette Maree Ross417979
Lynnette Marlene White1009060
Lynton Burgemeister239716
Lynton Sallis1005269
Lynton Zawadzki1003087
Lyssa Arias Suarez1273274