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Financial Advisers Australia (FAA)

The Financial Advisers Australia Register is a database of individuals and organizations that provide financial advice in Australia. The register contains information about the qualifications and experience of financial advisers, as well as any disciplinary actions or regulatory sanctions they may have received. It is maintained by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the country's financial regulatory agency. Financial advisers in Australia are required to be registered with ASIC in order to provide advice to clients. The register is publicly available and can be searched online to help consumers find qualified and reputable financial advisers in their area.

Last update: Jan. 10, 2023

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QI Chen1272457
QI Ding274472
QI Jin463064
QI Lin David Liu1271005
QI Ting YE233223
QI Zhou1260669
Qadeer Ahmad461451
Qasim Syed1004019
Qian Chen1262148
Qian Wang472805
Qian XU302048
Qian Zhang1003290
Qiang (joey) Xue1272180
Qiang Zhu1008408
Qing Han1267588
Qing Yun Frearson1270627
Qingyi Zeng1239070
Qiong LI1266317
Qizhi Lian1240915
Quan LU248178
Quan Phan1256718
Quan TU Giang1002419
Quang HY TA1272975
Quang Huy Dang1245056
Quang Tat318902
Quang Tran297228
Quang Trung LY1273083
Que Hong Di-leo268502
Quenie King1259297
Quentin David Jones1271859
Quentin Price411530
Quentin Russell Matthew Moncrieff434076
Quentin Timothy Carter325367
Quenton James Desira1006526
Quiddity Jade Falevaai1266149
Quinhat XI437813
Quinton James Meyers1285010
Qun Zhen HE1273140
Quoc Thuan Nguyen1003880
Quoc Tuy Nguyen1008208
Quoc VU Kien1237819
Quoc Viet Johnny Tran273778
Quyen MY LY349126
Quyen Truong1271168