Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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8A Australia Pty LtdSeven Hills463165
Angsty Pty LimitedSeven Hills272318
Australasian Relocations Pty LtdSeven Hills314554
BP Consulting Pty LtdSeven Hills241204
Bacanak, Ali Seven Hills311379
Chen, YU Seven Hills463164
Computer Repairs Toongabbie Pty LtdSeven Hills339077
Cooper, Mark AndrewSeven Hills334729
Crude Lubricants Pty LtdSeven Hills333024
Cyber Finance Pty LtdSeven Hills1008984
Dawnew Pty. LimitedSeven Hills255937
Dusfim Consulting Pty. Ltd.Seven Hills301024
Eckerman, Johnny Seven Hills401117
Flood, Timothy JohnSeven Hills393683
Glo Property Services Pty LtdSeven Hills321540
Gorgees, Roky Seven Hills364900
Grace Worldwide (australia) Pty LtdSeven Hills259092
Green Ocean Capital Pty LtdSeven Hills1262739
Jagdale, Hitendra JaysinhSeven Hills287549
Johnson Motors Australia Pty. LimitedSeven Hills324286
Joshi, Ankit Seven Hills413557
Kelly, Jan PatriciaSeven Hills336708
Keser, Sibel Seven Hills422951
Landmark Real Estate Pty LtdSeven Hills291778
Len Robinson Strata & Community Management Pty LimitedSeven Hills281821
MY Address Pty LtdSeven Hills439684
New Home Group Pty LtdSeven Hills272320
OZ Credit And Finance Pty LtdSeven Hills1262027
Oliver, Peter Seven Hills1009149
Oss Holdings Pty LtdSeven Hills279802
Pattinson, Brian Seven Hills280408
Quinn, Wendy Seven Hills1249042
Ramavat, Nishant SnehiSeven Hills1262028
Residential Real Estate Pty LimitedSeven Hills272319
ST Hilliers Seven Hills Pty LtdSeven Hills286973
Shambe Ali, Babu Seven Hills1007924
Shrestha, Ashish Seven Hills1274706
Sikri, Karan DeepSeven Hills340367
Singh, Amandeep Seven Hills1266220
Yap, David Kiat GaySeven Hills284816
Zooom Wireless Australia Pty LtdSeven Hills443277