Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Ademel Pty LtdMile End307436
Amos, Rebecca JaneMile End463555
Anderson, Michelle Mile End322898
Anderson, Sarah KateMile End391149
Andreou, Fay FoteniMile End288817
Angove, Brook Mile End307437
Apostolides, Christos Mile End275845
Ashley, Michael KeithMile End390694
Atkins, JO Mile End316073
Australian C.g.i. Pty LtdMile End448285
Baumeister, Harald ThomasMile End242795
Bawden, Jessica Mile End313633
Beall, Peter ChristophorMile End313250
Belperio, Barbara Mile End333168
Benovic, Natalie Mile End305112
Bernie Lewis Financial Solutions Pty LimitedMile End463401
Bernie Lewis Insurance Pty LtdMile End382368
Birch, Candice Mile End322150
Blackmore, Helen Mile End312356
Blucher, Steven Mile End297594
Boucher, Amanda Mile End327453
Bourne, Charissa Mile End317934
Bowick, Michelle Mile End319931
Brady, Scott Mile End391150
Briner, Nicholas Mile End323170
Bruce, Jonathon FrederickMile End309977
Bruce, Karen AnneMile End294425
Bruhn, Kerry Mile End300232
Buder, Neil Mile End294828
Buob, Jonathan Mile End319018
Burke, Jubert Mile End327862
Burman, Robyn Mile End294822
Burrell, Pamela LMile End319508
Butler, Angela Mile End312821
Cameron, Stephen Mile End299932
Campus Nominees Pty LtdMile End254818
Caveo Partners Pty LtdMile End320053
Chandler, Brooke Mile End297194
Cheek, Darren RoyMile End238583
Chiappini, Donna Mile End297193
Christou, Athos Mile End275848
Clark, Frederick JamesMile End293292
Clarke, Jane Mile End295364
Cocks, Rosalia Mile End290141
Conolan, Anthony JohnMile End1245655
Cooper, Darrell RaymondMile End298270
Cooper, Stephanie LouiseMile End319292
Cowell, Jeremy Mile End311383
Curtis, Jared Mile End316510
Cushing, Lindsay Mile End287353
Czerwinski, Eddie Mile End402181
Daly, Richard Mile End294826
Daniel, Aaron Mile End322897
Daniels, Stephen MarkMile End286622
De Simoni, Rebecca Mile End1002721
Demetriou, Andrea Mile End278569
Denton, Sally-anne Mile End336422
Devitt, Richard NeilMile End287534
Diakomichalis, Nicholas Mile End275859
Diakos, George Mile End301260
Dixon, Jai Mile End316074
Driver, Jolie Mile End336646
Duffield, Julie Mile End311977
Duggan, Kelly Mile End295354
Dunstan, Graeme JohnMile End287940
Edge Property Services Pty LtdMile End448284
Eldridge, Troy Mile End300011
Elvers, Kelly AnneMile End294811
Evangelou, Tina Mile End333167
Evans, Ian RaymondMile End1236978
Evans, Mark BarringtonMile End345997
Ferguson, Luke Mile End1235948
Ferguson, Peter Mile End1235947
Fgb Financial Strategies Pty LtdMile End466980
Field, Susan LynnMile End299995
Fitton, Adrienne Mile End264976
Fitzsimons, Benjamin JohnMile End287218
Fleming, Victoria Mile End294825
Flynn, Andrew ShaneMile End292504
Fortanier, Leanne Mile End294827
Freeman, Belinda JoanMile End294812
French, Lynda Mile End294665
French, Yvette Mile End295158
Garlec Pty LtdMile End436491
Garrett, Jason Mile End287540
Gdodakis, Peter Mile End333170
George, Anastasios Mile End341912
Gigos, Robert BusijaMile End297456
Gilgen, Kelly Mile End341312
Gilligan, Jonathan PaulMile End338928
Godfrey-brown, Nathan Mile End295363
Godrik, Aleksandra KazimieraMile End297823
Goodhand, Andrew BrianMile End290922
Graham, Keren Mile End270158
Grosser, Frank ColinMile End229290
Grundy, Brenton F AMile End308961
Guerra, Alexandra Mile End312822
Hack, Laurel Mile End294819
Hall, Cristy LeeMile End294817
Hammer, Marion Mile End300012
Hannam, Paul Mile End434729
Hansen, Alison Mile End297192
Harkness, Jacqaline Mile End295362
Harris, Sharon Mile End311385
Hartley, Sarah Mile End295648
Hassam, Gregory Mile End327864
Honner, Rachel Mile End341260
Hood, Samantha Mile End329822
Horner Management Pty. Ltd.Mile End269526
Hoskins, Amy LouiseMile End345548
Howard, Fiona Mile End294820
Hutt, Julie FayMile End298602
Illana, Matthew JoelMile End318884
Ivcm (aust) Pty LtdMile End1247569
Jabuk River Pty LtdMile End308773
Jacobssen, Alan Mile End316861
Jamieson, Jason Mile End319506
Jamieson, Michelle SusanMile End1263057
Jaunutis, Barbara Mile End294815
Johnson, Anthony Mile End307250
Kaiser, Lynda Mile End294823
Kalathas, Constantina Mile End275860
Kaselow, Michael Mile End327863
Keller, Rachel PatriciaMile End296459
Kennedy, Michael Mile End287547
Kennedy-andrews, Michael Mile End341261
Khuu, Linh LIMile End244965
Kirkwood, Scott Mile End242663
Kitchen, Ryan Mile End341259
Knight, Leah Mile End402180
Koklas, Anthony Mile End323171
Kray, Steven Mile End296948
Kyd, Dinah Mile End295360
LA Paglia, Melissa Mile End415539
LE Raye, Jaline Mile End333773
LE Raye, Paul Mile End333774
Ladas, Andrew Mile End283266
Lagudi, James Mile End292864
Lawson, Benjamin Mile End306968
Lewis, Kent RogerMile End452101
Lines-mawdsley, Peggy Mile End305518
Linke, Blake RobertMile End302071
Lorenzoni, Aldo Mile End288060
Madden, Judith Mile End288159
Maddox, Anthony Mile End336647
Magliulo, Sarah Mile End297195
Makris, Helen Mile End327974
Malcolm, Simpson Mile End327513
Martens, Dale LeighMile End324477
Martin, Tracey Mile End294816
Mason, Shirley Mile End321648
Matthews, Holly Mile End319507
Maurmo, Kimberley SarahMile End320520
Mavilio, Emilio AnthonyMile End313247
Mccann, Susan Mile End329820
Mccarten, Belinda JoanMile End329922
Mccormack, Bradley Mile End314584
Mcgarrigan, Brendan Mile End327749
Mcglynn, Jared ScottMile End418522
Mcguire, Anne-marie Mile End311384
Mcilvar, James Mile End322950
Mcluckie, Andrew JohnMile End294818
Mcmahon, Cheryl Mile End294821
Mcphee, Keiran ThomasMile End379628
Mellar, Kylie Mile End364772
Mercer, Eric GeorgeMile End303691
Miller, Travis Mile End329823
Monga, Catherine Mile End305904
Morgan, Jennifer Mile End302073
Morrison, Robert DavidMile End287543
Mudge, Dion JamesMile End341116
Muller, Fabian Mile End312819
Murdock, Andrew NeilMile End239457
Murray, Heidi Mile End333296
Nguyen, Michael Anh NgocMile End1255071
Nixon, Annette Mile End317933
O'leary, Angela Mile End321503
Odvs Financial Services Pty LtdMile End238687
Olbrich, Gary Mile End240986
Palmer, Jonathan MichaelMile End303015
Palmer, Susan Mile End271219
Pardede, Joshua AlexanderMile End291275
Patsakios, John ChristopherMile End294814
Pech, Leeanne Mile End295487
Perry, Scott Ianin ListonMile End297154
Pertsinidis, Theodoros Mile End336654
Petineris, Jonathon Mile End364773
Pomeroy, Daniel Mile End1242860
Powell, Troy Mile End364774
Pritchard, Robert MatthewMile End295358
Pulford, William RaymondMile End287544
Rabah, Danielle Mile End295355
Rapassanis, Melissa Mile End298507
Rapisarda, Megan Mile End341609
Retyre Sales Pty LtdMile End290793
Richmond, Carrie Mile End271220
Rilling, Emma LouiseMile End294666
Roberts, Kristy Mile End295649
Roberts, Trisha Mile End302075
Rodda, Michael Mile End322951
Romeo, Dominic Mile End241011
Rosenberg, Leigh AnneMile End287941
Rosewarne, Christine Mile End305111
Royals, Peter BasilMile End287542
Rule, Ron Mile End240982
Sainsbury, Lisa Mile End341608
Samakovlis, John Mile End275852
Savva, Christopher AnthonyMile End1235288
Sayas, Kathryn Mile End322452
Schelbach, Loretta Mile End329821
Schemmell, Monica Mile End341258
Schofield, Cindy Mile End412987
Schulz, Marie Mile End294824
Searles, Trevor Mile End295361
Shallow, Kerrie Mile End333169
Sianis, Helen Mile End294806
Simpson, Malcolm Mile End327518
Simpson, Mark AndrewMile End391148
Smith, Cheryl Mile End271218
Speake, Jennifer Mile End321649
Spehr, Dianne Mile End294813
Stafford, Fiona Mile End312432
Stathopoulos, Angelo Mile End275870
Stehbens, Mostyn GooleyMile End287533
Stirling, Trevor AlbertMile End238665
Stratford, Jennifer Mile End288585
Strudwicke, Toby Mile End327750
Sweet, Michael RossMile End287102
Taylor, Donna Mile End333171
Taylor, Vivienne ElaineMile End295647
Teakle, Kerry JuneMile End292477
Testa, Joe Mile End407428
Testa, Tania Mile End339312
The Storm Gully SettlementMile End325151
The Trustee For The Financial Wellness Unit TrustMile End448286
Thomas, David ArnellMile End328589
Thompson, Christine Mile End341314
Thompson, Narelle Mile End322896
Thomson, Carol Mile End295359
Thredgold, Graeme Mile End330604
Tkachuk, Annia Mile End419167
Treader, Gerald Mile End448407
Tudini, Gabriel Mile End295356
Turkiewicz, Roman Mile End317932
Turner, Matthew Mile End412986
Tutt, Paul Mile End287546
Underwood, Jade Mile End295646
Uszynski, Alexander JohnMile End454401
Uuranen, Maryann Mile End327751
Van Tijn, Stuart DouglasMile End341499
Vant Padje, Joshua Mile End316436
Villios, Stephen NicolasMile End325112
Violi, Domenico Mile End321647
Vrettis, Gregoria Mile End289786
Wade, Joy Mile End317935
Wakelin, Janine Mile End295488
Walker, Keryn Mile End295365
Wang, Feng Mile End1245449
White, Natalie Mile End327865
Whitehill, Belinda MargaretMile End328503
Whitington, Lynette Mile End314582
Whittle, Samuel Mile End302074
Wilde, Patricia Mile End336423
Willans, Roger Mile End287548
Willson, Lauren Mile End319509
Windsor, Leigh JohnMile End287545
Wright, Lisa Mile End314583
Wright, Sam DavidMile End302072
Xenides, Michael AndrewMile End287365
Yates, Karen Mile End333174
Yorke, Keryn Mile End364771
Zacharias Travel Pty LtdMile End258645