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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: May 6, 2020

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AJ And DP Morrison Pty LtdMawson Lakes297238
Abram, David JohnMawson Lakes285516
Activate Finance Pty LtdMawson Lakes295690
Alafaci, David MarioMawson Lakes236542
Allan, Jackie Mawson Lakes345340
Amk Distribution Pty LtdMawson Lakes384772
Anderson, Nelson TerenceMawson Lakes285683
Ausglobal Travel Pty LtdMawson Lakes280626
Ayris, Paul WayneMawson Lakes319885
Baker, Gary WilliamMawson Lakes344993
Bettison, Dianne PamelaMawson Lakes280039
Brandip Pty LtdMawson Lakes441045
Breakwell, Armin SiegfriedMawson Lakes306888
Burford, Craig AnthonyMawson Lakes326966
C.a Burford & Darebb Consultants Pty. Ltd.Mawson Lakes437363
Carver, Andrew JohnMawson Lakes1004080
Charter Equity Australia Pty LtdMawson Lakes303362
Christoforou, Christakis Mawson Lakes242895
Elite Loans Pty LtdMawson Lakes426658
Falco, Robert Mawson Lakes323820
Herreen, Jennifer AnneMawson Lakes306725
Key Accountants Pty LtdMawson Lakes1244600
Key Wealth Advisors Pty LtdMawson Lakes1263703
Lam, Noi ThanhMawson Lakes287942
Laperouse Nominees Pty. Ltd.Mawson Lakes1249435
Larsson, Debra Mawson Lakes319817
Mundy, Daniel JamesMawson Lakes323821
Nagundla, Neelam ChoudaryMawson Lakes465724
Napier, Troy Mawson Lakes318714
P J D'antonio Pty. Ltd.Mawson Lakes1276854
Paradiso, Phillip Mawson Lakes323819
Pegoli, Gianni Mawson Lakes298302
Peters, Kristie Mawson Lakes239694
Peters, Shane WilliamMawson Lakes235935
Purba, Balraj Mawson Lakes432031
Reimann, Peter WayneMawson Lakes1249434
Smith, Robert NewellMawson Lakes301195
Stephens Curving And Manufacturing Pty LtdMawson Lakes305377
Substantial Financial Pty. Ltd.Mawson Lakes420241
Sutherland, David BarryMawson Lakes246169
The Heat Seat Company Pty LtdMawson Lakes319833
The Trustee For The Pachira Investment TrustMawson Lakes1255659
The Trustee For Vps Unit TrustMawson Lakes462906
The Trustee For Weniton Family TrustMawson Lakes1244367
Tito, Tracey LeeMawson Lakes245260
Vallelonga, Larry Mawson Lakes442605
Walford, Stephen JohnMawson Lakes318716
Wealth Planning Professionals Pty LtdMawson Lakes286321
Weissgerber, Amber LeaMawson Lakes321033
Wellman, Daniel RyanMawson Lakes345341
Wigley, Robert WayneMawson Lakes326824
Xu, Manyi Mawson Lakes1239955