Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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21c National Pty LtdGeelong West301316
Aberdeen Retirement Planning Pty. Ltd.Geelong West429985
Bain, Kenneth RamsayGeelong West263295
Beale, Leanne Geelong West275936
Beckingham, Koryn TamlaGeelong West303040
Belyea, Narelle ChristineGeelong West342747
Bennett, Kathrine FrancesGeelong West342748
Betts, Michael JohnGeelong West246386
Billett, Sarah KateGeelong West315500
Block, Timothy MichaelGeelong West1258687
Boseley, Nathan Geelong West460096
Bourke, Anthony CharlesGeelong West284638
Boyd, Ian DavidGeelong West284639
Boyle, Trevor JohnGeelong West322857
Britton, Bruce Geelong West248397
Burke, Peter JamesGeelong West249322
Butcher, Samantha Geelong West322593
Butcher, Samantha PatriciaGeelong West1004069
Byrne, James ThomasGeelong West284422
Caccamo, Connie MareeGeelong West366886
Cail, Todd Geelong West450287
Carboon Financial Services Pty LtdGeelong West1265274
Carboon, Stuart JohnGeelong West345478
Carey, Andrew JohnGeelong West332995
Ces Financial Services Pty LtdGeelong West424298
Chandley, John KevinGeelong West332838
Christiej Consulting Pty LtdGeelong West471473
Cox, Emily KateGeelong West246666
Dancevic, Vlado Joseph Geelong West245882
Dixon, Maxwell JamesGeelong West292827
Duggan, Mark Geelong West335036
Dunn, Michelle Geelong West326373
Edwards, Mark Geelong West324423
Ellis, Barnaby DavidGeelong West343471
Energy International Trading Pty LtdGeelong West1245027
Estero Pty. Ltd.Geelong West324159
Evans, Clare FrancesGeelong West253760
G And P Hart And Z And R PrzastekGeelong West261488
Geelong Finance Company Pty LtdGeelong West272667
Glynn, Michael JohnGeelong West294139
Hickey, Laura SusanneGeelong West246668
Jovic Global Pty LtdGeelong West1256164
Jovic, Renee GeorginaGeelong West1256163
Keys, Jamie RichardGeelong West319348
Keys, Lisa Geelong West287397
Keyte, Simon Geelong West425362
Kimpton, Rowan HarveyGeelong West235750
Kirtley, Timothy RogerGeelong West246676
Klemke, Patrick JamesGeelong West315762
Lamont, Adam Geelong West321551
Lamont, Adam GeoffreyGeelong West252239
Legoe, Timothy Geelong West420985
Lowther, Mark Geelong West313733
Luczo, Lisa Geelong West420151
Mayfield, Gerald KingsleyGeelong West224768
Mclean, Alistair CliveGeelong West289118
Moelands, Rebecca JaneGeelong West316068
Mojo Insurance Services Pty LtdGeelong West321552
Morrison Family Investments Pty LtdGeelong West268421
Morrissy, Peter WilliamGeelong West235941
Morrissy, Thomas PeterGeelong West248858
Myers, David JohnGeelong West340323
Nagle, David Geelong West284641
Nelis, Robert Geelong West249481
PB Financial Solutions Pty LtdGeelong West247993
Parker, Barry Geelong West256902
Pertzel, Nicole MichelleGeelong West284640
Przastek, Rashida Geelong West275645
Pullin, Brooklyn Geelong West335483
Quarrell, Brian LindsayGeelong West284642
Quay Financial Planning Pty LtdGeelong West322767
Ricchini, Brett AlexanderGeelong West305541
Rose, Daniel Geelong West247041
Rose, Ronald ArthurGeelong West290713
Rose-nealy, Jodi LeaGeelong West290714
Ross Hultgren Financial Planning Services Pty LtdGeelong West249250
Rowan Kimpton & Associates Pty. Ltd.Geelong West235452
Ryrie, Karen AnneGeelong West284643
Safronpalms Pty. Ltd.Geelong West1275486
Salmon, James RonaldGeelong West284644
Schapowal, Michael Geelong West413098
Shane Falls Wholesale Cars Pty. Ltd.Geelong West323087
Skidmore, John Geelong West1235425
Smith, Hope Geelong West345477
Solly, Lynne Geelong West258763
Successful Money Management Pty LtdGeelong West268251
The Trustee For Financial Freedom BY Design Unit TrustGeelong West415256
The Trustee For The Michael West Family TrustGeelong West428497
The Trustee For The Whitehorse TrustGeelong West428554
Thoms, Chris Geelong West277752
Thomson, Fleur DianGeelong West397864
Tidmarsh, Andrew Geelong West335484
Tomasevic, Vera Geelong West275649
Townsend, Alexandra AssuntaGeelong West1235620
Travel ON Pakington Pty LtdGeelong West298352
Wall, Joanne MareeGeelong West431849
Walsh, Rodney JosephGeelong West246673
Waterhouse Walsh Kirtley & Associates Insurance AgentsGeelong West246660
Waterhouse, Wayne EdwardGeelong West246674
West, Michael Geelong West277862
Wheeler Investment Advisors Pty. Ltd.Geelong West384342
Wilson, Sandra MichelleGeelong West322214
Windt, Adrian RobertGeelong West249905