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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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Aim Financial Solutions Pty LtdBrighton East438268
Balancy & Associates Financial Services Pty LtdBrighton East297976
Balancy, Gerald AntoineBrighton East297975
Barnes, Martyn CraigBrighton East257898
Bbg Financial Services Pty LtdBrighton East248172
Brown, Jarrod Richard JamesBrighton East1248601
Campbell, Lynne Brighton East265182
Consolidated Securities & Investments Pty LimitedBrighton East304135
Damen, Anthony JohnBrighton East288321
Dodds, Sheilanne Brighton East285817
Dodds, Shelley Brighton East268458
Donnelly, Maurice VincentBrighton East282066
Druery, Michele Brighton East336818
Edge Wealth Solutions Pty LtdBrighton East1233139
Fardipour, Somayeh Brighton East454780
Fintec Services Pty. Ltd.Brighton East269134
Galstyan, Artur Brighton East334574
Gnpol Pty LtdBrighton East398066
Goldin, Sergey Brighton East236617
Goodbell Pty LtdBrighton East445391
Gooding, Andrew Brighton East245955
Gregor, Richard DavidBrighton East438267
Grigg, Robert JohnBrighton East237157
Harding, Suzanne PatriciaBrighton East426467
Heraclea Pty. Ltd.Brighton East314613
Higgins, Peter Brighton East239762
Integrite Business Advisory Pty LtdBrighton East1268384
Italian Motor Company Pty LtdBrighton East312839
Jackson Sherbourne Pty. Ltd.Brighton East289151
Jago, Craig AlanBrighton East226200
Janev, Arsen Brighton East280484
Jayaratne, Vincent Brighton East300349
Kgr Retirement Services Pty LtdBrighton East258370
Lindsay, Michael SamuelBrighton East242844
Linstra Pty. Ltd.Brighton East289410
Lombard, Jacqueline DesireeBrighton East1265083
Luk, Anderson GeorgeBrighton East438205
MB Commercial Pty LtdBrighton East429333
Magill & Associates Pty LtdBrighton East443163
Magill, Roderick Brighton East275981
Moore, James MichaelBrighton East292805
O'brien, Garry JohnBrighton East245748
O'brien, Linda EvaBrighton East298583
Old Bgl FS Pty LtdBrighton East327062
Phillips, Adam Brighton East323795
Pitsikalis, Alexia Brighton East232239
Polevoy, Natasha Brighton East257902
Polmans, Gavin Brighton East322134
Powell, Timothy Brighton East429794
Ranvale Pty. Ltd.Brighton East261536
Reyment, Martin WilliamBrighton East300301
Richardson, Shane ChristopherBrighton East319182
Robertson, Glenn WilliamBrighton East287216
Rode, Gillian Brighton East352039
Rode, Gillian BarbaraBrighton East245172
Rode, Kevin Brighton East246126
Rode, Kevin NigelBrighton East391607
Schuiling, Train Angelo MahenBrighton East1000135
Scope Co. Wealth Management Pty LtdBrighton East300658
Sereika, Steven Brighton East324422
Sereika, Steven AnthonyBrighton East312792
Silverstone Group Pty LtdBrighton East387333
Smsf Wealth Group Pty LtdBrighton East416791
Splatt, Colin Brighton East255416
Sterenzon, Aaron Brighton East413862
Sudha Investments Pty LtdBrighton East1258701
Tadros, Anthony Brighton East416790
Thaper, Naresh Brighton East309535
The Trustee For The Brighton Honda Unit TrustBrighton East409351
Tmc Advisory Pty LtdBrighton East401818
Trenfield, Brian Brighton East232240
Turner, Paul McgregorBrighton East426466
Vatsonia Pty LtdBrighton East334426
Wingrove, Joshua AnthonyBrighton East421889
Wyatt, Glen Brighton East425739
Zanon, Damien Brighton East465053