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The Banned and Disqualified Persons Dataset on is taken from ASIC's Banned and Disqualified Registers. This dataset is a snapshot of the register data at a specific point in time. It provides information about individuals who have been:

  • Disqualified from being involved in the management of a corporation
  • Disqualified from auditing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)
  • Banned from practicing in the Australian Financial Services (AFS) or credit industry

This information pertains to individuals who have been banned from the AFS or credit industry, as well as those who have been prohibited from the credit industry by a state or territory.

The information in this search is sourced from several registers, including the disqualified persons register, the credit banned/disqualified persons register, and the AFS banned/disqualified persons register. There may be instances of similar names with slight variations in details such as address and place of birth. It is important to note that the data is recorded as it was reported to ASIC, and we cannot confirm if these similar records are the same person.

Last update: July 14, 2024

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Name Locality
Zaal, Daniel Kilsyth
Zaicew, Jade Macquarie
Zaicew, Jade Lee Macquarie
Zajonc, Maurice Lennie Toorak
Zammit, Michael ST Clair
Zamprogno, Gabriele Smithfield
Zappelli, Douglas Melbourne
Zareei, Tony Sydney
Zarfati, Franco Leichhardt
Zattere, Paula Kellyville
Zawadski, Richard Cremorne
Zaya, Khoshaba Fairfield
Zaya, Sam Fairfield Heights
Zeaiter, Raymond Paul Guildford
Zeidan, Daniel Abbotsford
Zelka, Lukas Adelaide
Zhang, Liang Rhodes
Zhang, Victor
Zhao, Jeff
Zhao, Xiaoyi
Zheng, Tim
Zhu, GE Hurstville
Zhuang, Kang Cun Hawthorn
Ziegelaar, Tori Allansford
Zivanovic, Lou Beach
Zizikas, Harry Croydon
Zlatnik, Philip Richmond
Zoa Fakhoury, John Coogee
Zorbas, George Drummoyne
Zorbas, Nicholas
Zreika, Ramzi Guildford
Zreika, Salem Villawood
Zundovskis, Anne Juliet Mill Park