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Tax Practitioners Board.

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is a national body responsible for the registration and regulation of tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers (collectively referred to as 'tax practitioners'). The TPB is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA), including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).

This is achieved by:

  • administering a system to register tax practitioners, ensuring they have the necessary competence and personal attributes
  • providing guidelines and information on relevant matters
  • investigating conduct that may breach the TASA, including non-compliance with the Code, and breaches of the civil penalty provisions
  • imposing administrative sanctions for non-compliance with the Code
  • applying to the Federal Court in relation to contraventions of the civil penalty provisions in the TASA.

The TPB consists of a Board and Chair appointed by the Treasurer and staff made available by the Commissioner of Taxation.

Last update: Sept. 24, 2020

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Terry W WilliamsonStrathfield
D W Sutherland & PtnrsStrathfield
C M Pitt & CoStrathfield
Graham F DoddStrathfield
Christina WuStrathfield
Ralph MelanoStrathfield
George DaaboulStrathfield
Vivien VerziStrathfield
Vincent FayadStrathfield
Jason G GereisStrathfield
Charles J AbrahamStrathfield
Louis CalabrettaStrathfield
Paul AbelaStrathfield
Anderson AccountingStrathfield
Ben Tsang & CoStrathfield
Carol M FongStrathfield
Madeleine MatteraStrathfield
Robin Kim & CoStrathfield
Van Thieu TsangStrathfield
Stephen Yoo & CoStrathfield
Tae J ChoiStrathfield
Jonson YooStrathfield
Jennifer PittStrathfield
Andrew Nam Accounting ServicesStrathfield
Won-Jai KimStrathfield
Patrick ChiuStrathfield
Nexus Tax AccountantsStrathfield
Sutherland Ho & TseStrathfield
Jonson Yoo & CoStrathfield
In AccountingStrathfield
JP Hyperior ServiceStrathfield
Rehan AhmedStrathfield
D.H.Song & AssociatesStrathfield
Se Yong ChunStrathfield
Lina AyadStrathfield
Niranjan KaleStrathfield
Jian Ping XieStrathfield
Hansol AccountingStrathfield
Mazher HamidStrathfield
Dong Myeong YouStrathfield
Sudesh K GuptaStrathfield
Gopala GatigantiStrathfield
Stephen Yoo & CoStrathfield
Eg Tax Consulting Pty LtdStrathfield
Calculus Accounting&Taxation ServicesStrathfield
Taxnet Australia Pty LtdStrathfield
Rakesh ChandStrathfield
Stephen KimStrathfield
HANLIM Pty LtdStrathfield
Accounting Plus Pty LimitedStrathfield
Cj Accounting Solutions Pty LtdStrathfield
Jkls Partners Pty LtdStrathfield
KKL Accounting And Financial ServicesStrathfield
Kostar AccountingStrathfield
Ki KimStrathfield
AlphaPlan FinancialStrathfield
Tuckers ConsultancyStrathfield
Hon LeongStrathfield
Margot Jeanne KennedyStrathfield
In Touch Business Solutions Australia Pty LtdStrathfield
Accounting One SolutionsStrathfield
Jung Wook LeeStrathfield
Tax Wealth Accountants Pty LtdStrathfield
J & J Accounting ProfessionalsStrathfield
Joseph FarhatStrathfield
Jane FarhatStrathfield
Yolanda LaiStrathfield
Chisholm Bookkeeping ServicesStrathfield
Claudia SzeStrathfield
Myreeann TchopourianStrathfield
Harkirat GillStrathfield
Benedict Accounting - Business & Tax ServicesStrathfield
Zahir PatelStrathfield
GRO Accounting & Tax SolutionsStrathfield
SW PartnersStrathfield
JW & Associates Pty LtdStrathfield
Perpetual accounting and business consultant pty LStrathfield
Paul BeilStrathfield
Rose ScalleyStrathfield
Hansol Accounting Partners Pty LtdStrathfield
Trung Chanh TranStrathfield
Strathfield AccountingStrathfield
Good Tax AccountantsStrathfield
Sung Chan LeeStrathfield
NA NOOM PTY LTDStrathfield
Jeong LeeStrathfield
Timoteo VargasStrathfield
Victor LouieStrathfield
Hansig KimStrathfield
Walker StrategiesStrathfield
Eun Suk YoonStrathfield
Natalie ShliapnikoffStrathfield
Sandeep MohalStrathfield
Hansung Accounting & Taxation ServicesStrathfield
Excellence Taxation and Accounting Services Pty LTDStrathfield
AFA Business SolutionsStrathfield
T N D Tax Consultants Pty LtdStrathfield
Benedict Accounting & Advisory Pty LtdStrathfield
Susup LeeStrathfield
FLS Advisory Pty LtdStrathfield
Mejed KabbaraStrathfield
Andrew YeeStrathfield
Huan FengStrathfield