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Tax Practitioners Board.

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is a national body responsible for the registration and regulation of tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers (collectively referred to as 'tax practitioners'). The TPB is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA), including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).

This is achieved by:

  • administering a system to register tax practitioners, ensuring they have the necessary competence and personal attributes
  • providing guidelines and information on relevant matters
  • investigating conduct that may breach the TASA, including non-compliance with the Code, and breaches of the civil penalty provisions
  • imposing administrative sanctions for non-compliance with the Code
  • applying to the Federal Court in relation to contraventions of the civil penalty provisions in the TASA.

The TPB consists of a Board and Chair appointed by the Treasurer and staff made available by the Commissioner of Taxation.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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William J GrovesCherrybrook
Terence A MicoCherrybrook
Ban H ChooCherrybrook
George HarrisCherrybrook
Neil John Cameron SmithCherrybrook
Roman I GoydychCherrybrook
William R ShorrockCherrybrook
Gennaro BittiCherrybrook
Catherine F DunbarCherrybrook
Michael A BorysCherrybrook
P N Philis & CoCherrybrook
Katherine S LimCherrybrook
Lynnette Jean MolanCherrybrook
Nicholas SaverimuttuCherrybrook
John D GowCherrybrook
F E Moody & CoCherrybrook
John YorkCherrybrook
Gilbert FurzerCherrybrook
Cham Pui YueCherrybrook
Sandra Anne BuckCherrybrook
Graeme Neal PalmerCherrybrook
Matthew CollinsCherrybrook
Gilbert G Furzer & Co Pty LtdCherrybrook
Clarke AccountingCherrybrook
Paul BreedonCherrybrook
Taxguru AccountantsCherrybrook
Annamaria MizzauCherrybrook
Sandra Buck - Tax AgentCherrybrook
Keystone Advice Pty LimitedCherrybrook
Mahmoud IbrahimCherrybrook
Mi TanCherrybrook
Yue & Kim Public AccountantsCherrybrook
Katherine S LimCherrybrook
James KingCherrybrook
Moneywatch Pty LtdCherrybrook
Elmetrics Business Services Pty LimitedCherrybrook
CC Business SolutionsCherrybrook
Quay Business Services Pty LtdCherrybrook
Rachel GoglisCherrybrook
Brenda LarkinCherrybrook
The Hills Bookkeeping PracticeCherrybrook
Mrs Robyn BarrettCherrybrook
Morgan TuckerCherrybrook
Marc LiewCherrybrook
Slavko VisevicCherrybrook
Valiollah BandpayCherrybrook
Gracia ZambranoCherrybrook
Stephen BlakerCherrybrook
Maria CheerCherrybrook
Gail Denise GaddCherrybrook
Venkataramanan K IyerCherrybrook
Katherine Louise MillerCherrybrook
Samantha StockwellCherrybrook
Stacey GreenacreCherrybrook
S.G. Consulting Services Pty LtdCherrybrook
Kes Moodley & AssociatesCherrybrook
Alison Jane WilliamsonCherrybrook
Kesigi MoodleyCherrybrook
Eternity Group AccountantsCherrybrook
Rakesh RajCherrybrook
G Iacono & R.R Jensen & D.J MarCherrybrook
Renu NevisCherrybrook
Hongwei SuCherrybrook
Ashraf SamimiCherrybrook
Kylie MilthorpeCherrybrook