Financial Advisers

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to keep the details of their financial advisers up to date on ASIC's Financial Advisers Register. Information contained in the register is made available to the public to search via ASIC's Moneysmart website.

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XI Fei1254957
XI Ryan LI1269366
XI WU1260284
XU Qing LI1248565
XU Zhang425897
Xanthe Lee Ayton1243643
Xavier Craven247675
Xavier LO1251756
Xenia Mcgee1004263
Xian WU456923
Xiangxin Wang1236087
Xiao HE1262013
Xiao Jie Wang1004744
Xiao Xia WU1270025
Xiao Xue1235107
Xiao YI Wang1007688
Xiao Yong Chen1003003
Xiao-pei Yan233405
Xiaodan Luo1269348
Xiaodi Fan1255205
Xiaoen Zheng1259504
Xiaofeng Pang1240327
Xiaohua WU1009131
Xiaojing Liu1251020
Xiaoli LI1266831
Xiaoli Wang1272513
Xiaolin Zhou1003554
Xiaoling Chen1257121
Xiaomei Liu1261577
Xiaoming Huang457460
Xiaomu Chen1258412
Xiaoning Lin1243804
Xiaosi Chaney Qian1244531
Xiaotian Tony Shan1273175
Xiaowei Shen1241961
Xiaoyan (jessie) Shi1233085
Xiaoyin Jessie Xue1003578
Xiaoyin Xue1233172
Xiaoying DU1249831
Xiawei Wang1261496
Xie Chang1251100
Xin (nichole) Lian1265867
Xin Dang1002805
Xin HE410787
Xin LI307951
Xin Ping Chen1267515
Xin Wei1268539
Xin YI Goh1233006
Xin Zhou1268678
Xin-yao Liang1242245
Xing Paul Liu1256415
Xinqi Wang1254010
Xinsheng Huang1247900
Xinyang LU1248225
Xiong Min Miao445560
Xiren Wan401798
Xuan Huy Nghiem1254620
Xuan XU233548
Xuan Yang1241526
Xudong Chen1265248
Xue Bai1258266
Xue WU1258171
Xue Xia1256699
Xue Ying Feng1269938
Xue Zhang1004237
Xueda Zheng1272268
Xuesong Dong1270117
Xuewei Liang1238450