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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Acuity Advisers Pty LtdWest Perth485414
Anderson, Zoe MareeWest Perth467632
Angove, ZachariahWest Perth425622
Approve Finance Pty LtdWest Perth508884
Award Mortgage Perth Pty LimitedWest Perth508328
Ayles, Scott IanWest Perth505312
Baker, Arron MatthewWest Perth442149
Barna, BorislavWest Perth516786
Bartle, John PaulWest Perth447357
Bayliss, Bree ReneeWest Perth510867
Black, MariaWest Perth478864
Blackburne Money Pty LtdWest Perth433258
Blake, Christopher DerekWest Perth395833
Bowler, Timothy JohnWest Perth439364
Bransby, ShaneWest Perth404549
Bray, DeanneWest Perth478398
Brinkman, ChananWest Perth485407
Brown, Paul EdwardWest Perth494419
Carlson, Marcus CharlesWest Perth485341
Carrello Holdings Pty LtdWest Perth506295
Chau, MichaelWest Perth452532
Chen, YingWest Perth512034
Chesson, Simon JamesWest Perth366673
Chesson, Sydney JamesWest Perth366674
Club Financial WA Pty LtdWest Perth379507
Cooper, Benjamin MarkWest Perth495467
Cornell, Anthony JamesWest Perth518402
Cornell, Brian RodneyWest Perth379508
Cox, Brendon CharlesWest Perth368435
Csi Financial Services Pty LtdWest Perth396958
D Game International Pty LtdWest Perth477430
Davis, Malcolm JohnWest Perth395326
Day, Paul MatthewWest Perth517187
Day, VickiWest Perth372081
Deeplaul, YashivWest Perth372092
Doig 2000 Pty LtdWest Perth511120
Drive Tribe Australia Pty LtdWest Perth518741
Ebm Finance Pty LtdWest Perth495485
Elkerbout, Peter DanielWest Perth476311
Elysian Wealth Services Pty LtdWest Perth374312
Ensure Finance Pty LtdWest Perth501452
Everett, SimonWest Perth374343
Fong, LeslieWest Perth371105
Gam, DavidWest Perth477429
Gartim Pty LtdWest Perth511119
Gilda Pty LtdWest Perth371106
Grant, KarenWest Perth394779
Grundy, Victor MichaelWest Perth514600
Hartley, AdamWest Perth468732
Hooper, Clare JoanWest Perth451586
Hui, Lok YiuWest Perth501284
Imperius Finance Pty LtdWest Perth514651
Insight Finance (wa) Pty LtdWest Perth408072
Investment & Financial Planning Pty LtdWest Perth369049
Jayawickrama, DayanariWest Perth480311
Jean-louis, Jacques-benoitWest Perth502041
John Mackenzie Wilson Nominees Pty LtdWest Perth386091
Kavanagh, MichaelWest Perth484622
Kennedy, Nicole LouiseWest Perth369191
Kennerlys Finance Pty LtdWest Perth503762
Khabbaz-saberi, ShivaWest Perth512349
Kim, Hae SooWest Perth508674
Kirkby, ElizabethWest Perth467638
Koltasz, Ryan DavidWest Perth499244
Leafe, JanineWest Perth471793
Lee, Damian JustinWest Perth510860
Les Mumme Pty LtdWest Perth451138
Li, RuiWest Perth517911
Li, ZhidongWest Perth511951
Mackenzie, Mitchell DouglasWest Perth513007
Macros Holdings Pty LtdWest Perth433818
Mahoney, Darren JohnWest Perth510225
Manandhar, SarojWest Perth514749
Mandic, MatejWest Perth512899
Markich, KatheleenWest Perth468466
Martino, Luciana JosephineWest Perth514579
Mather, Tony RobertWest Perth489477
Mcdonald, BradleyWest Perth413466
Mcguren, MarcusWest Perth370356
Mckie, Alexander KempWest Perth476040
Menis, JohnWest Perth468221
Midtime Pty LtdWest Perth388265
Moody, Andrew BrettWest Perth370368
Moody, CraigWest Perth370369
Mooney, JamesWest Perth371335
Muscat, DanielWest Perth504533
Netwealth Pty LtdWest Perth377359
Ngo, Billy ANWest Perth513470
Ni, Zheng JunWest Perth511950
Pabari, Aagam KishorWest Perth509332
Parcej, LukeWest Perth468223
Perth Financial Services Pty LtdWest Perth424864
Petrish Pty LtdWest Perth402625
Proxy Pty LtdWest Perth511116
R.a.c. Finance LimitedWest Perth466847
Reale, BenjaminWest Perth482991
Reid, ShaneWest Perth372327
Rousset, Damien StokesWest Perth438136
Sarfi Pty LtdWest Perth511117
Scally, Bradley JohnWest Perth438134
Shah, Ronil SandeepWest Perth501473
Shah, SaagerWest Perth499274
Shakespeare Leasing & Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdWest Perth394931
Sheng, Mark FongWest Perth509331
Singh, AmarjitWest Perth480113
Smith, LukeWest Perth372039
Spencer, PeterWest Perth372518
Stein, Casey ThomasWest Perth518286
Stephan, PaulWest Perth370029
Strategy Partners (wa) Pty LtdWest Perth367082
Stratman, MichaelWest Perth515583
Sunstyle Investments Pty LtdWest Perth397244
Sutherland, Daniel JohnWest Perth513337
Tan, LouieWest Perth518740
Thacker, Kirsten JunelleWest Perth438139
Thakkar, Malhar PravinkumarWest Perth505321
Thomas, Alan KeithWest Perth395338
Thomas, Bruce AndrewWest Perth464771
Torre, NathanWest Perth486293
Tran, HenryWest Perth511442
Triggs, MarkWest Perth404548
Van Der Walt, IlanaWest Perth405506
Venditti, RemoWest Perth503403
Venturo Nominees Pty LtdWest Perth511118
Versaci, Anna-mariaWest Perth467659
Veza, GemaWest Perth485578
Von Berg, Ian PeterWest Perth407767
WA Finance Services Pty LtdWest Perth452518
Wan, Tracy YirongWest Perth395340
Westbridge Securities Pty LtdWest Perth492799
Western Advisory Pty LtdWest Perth486552
Wilson, JohnWest Perth371845
Wiseman, DelinaWest Perth467661
Wood, Matthew LeighWest Perth491121
Your Direction Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.West Perth442112
Zampogna, Jessica RoseWest Perth439873
Zemunik, SeanWest Perth393641