Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Ahmad, KaleemWest Melbourne515828
Arora, ParidhiWest Melbourne515776
Atanasov, KostaWest Melbourne492387
Australian Loans Group Pty LtdWest Melbourne482636
Banfield, Heath SimonWest Melbourne470045
Banfield, TerenceWest Melbourne370010
Belot, MatthewWest Melbourne383256
Bhatia, Amandeep SinghWest Melbourne502305
Boyd, Anthony EdwardWest Melbourne514801
Chaing, MichelleWest Melbourne451689
Chawang, K AjonliuWest Melbourne515771
Chen, Iris WeiWest Melbourne502304
D'cruz, GlenWest Melbourne427233
Das, BiplabWest Melbourne515775
Donnelly, DavidWest Melbourne394484
Ejm Financial Services Pty LtdWest Melbourne373423
Elston, David KurtWest Melbourne394444
Exquisite Two Holdings Pty LtdWest Melbourne488522
Giusti, RenatoWest Melbourne512835
Haidar, Charlene KateWest Melbourne433443
Jacob, EldoWest Melbourne505957
Jedlo Profile Financial Planning Pty LtdWest Melbourne378303
Jodha, Satyaveer SinghWest Melbourne490440
Kumar, AshishWest Melbourne515772
Le, HA Thanh LienWest Melbourne506233
Low, ThiowWest Melbourne370497
Malik, Ankur KumarWest Melbourne453893
Marriott, Kathryn RenaeWest Melbourne507270
Masters, Terence AllanWest Melbourne502075
Mcdonagh, Peter KennethWest Melbourne505938
Mcinerney, MatthewWest Melbourne516043
Mckl Pty LtdWest Melbourne489734
Mezzasalma, EmanuelWest Melbourne373422
Michaels, ZeinWest Melbourne513715
Mortgage & Capital Solutions Pty LtdWest Melbourne394440
Nakos, WilliamWest Melbourne513708
Ong, Kah ArnWest Melbourne370501
Optimal Transnational Pty LtdWest Melbourne515711
Perkins, Christopher WilliamWest Melbourne512469
Rahman, ZiaurWest Melbourne515767
Robinson, GarethWest Melbourne450342
Robinson, Melissa AnnWest Melbourne466004
Rogers, Alisha KateWest Melbourne513599
Romeo, JesseWest Melbourne486957
Search Financial Group Pty LtdWest Melbourne495948
Sercombe, RoryWest Melbourne372552
Sharma, ShailyWest Melbourne515768
Shukla, GinniWest Melbourne515777
Singh, NaveenWest Melbourne515770
Smirnov, PeterWest Melbourne516073
Talib, Tanzeel RaheemWest Melbourne515829
Terry Banfield Pty. Ltd.West Melbourne370008
Thapa, Pirath KumarWest Melbourne515769
The Invested Finance CO Pty LtdWest Melbourne511862
Van Dort, NatalieWest Melbourne461893
Verma, AkshayWest Melbourne515774
Westlake, Shane LawrenceWest Melbourne414561
Zhao, YangWest Melbourne465167
Zhu, XIWest Melbourne498064
Zimik, AS HungmiyaWest Melbourne515773