Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Allen, Elizabeth AnneWantirna473919
Anderson, CameronWantirna494741
Bailey, JulianWantirna370001
Barker Financial Services Pty LtdWantirna374992
Barker, JohnWantirna374991
Becker, MarianneWantirna401248
Berryman, DamienWantirna376724
Brittain, Dwayne JamesWantirna432154
Buckley, KerryWantirna491675
Burgan, AndrewWantirna400225
Burrows, Suzanne JoyWantirna486528
Chowdhury, JamilWantirna494191
D'mello, DanielWantirna448067
DE Almeida, Aloysius SusanthaWantirna504830
Deelex Pty LtdWantirna451233
Dodd, Steven MarkWantirna441892
Donaldson, JulieWantirna491677
Dpb Developments Pty LtdWantirna364739
Dua, AnuritWantirna372967
Edgcumbe, ElizabethWantirna376233
Eme Financial Services Pty LtdWantirna364737
Finnsson, NicoleWantirna510333
Flanagan, Ann LouiseWantirna377479
Flanagan, Paul MichaelWantirna383500
Flantastic Solutions Pty LtdWantirna377318
Frazer, DebraWantirna459966
Gunther, CarolynWantirna497933
Harris, NicoleWantirna512974
Haylarin Pty LtdWantirna432153
Home Loan Saint Pty LtdWantirna396943
Jeffery, Charmaine MaryWantirna495184
Jones, Stephen JohnWantirna479082
Key Finance Pty LtdWantirna396994
Khera, NarinderWantirna372956
Kumar, AviralWantirna502799
Lime Financial Services Pty LtdWantirna397143
Modern Dwellings Pty. Ltd.Wantirna466649
Moyle, BrettWantirna399507
Nariman Pty. Ltd.Wantirna378435
Nikolov, LouieWantirna493745
Peng, FengWantirna480446
Philipose, JohnWantirna437726
Pritchard, JohnWantirna372312
Retro Finance Pty LtdWantirna501918
Rodrigo, Pramuditha AkalankaWantirna466650
Shah, Rajiv BharatkumarWantirna512222
Simple Path Financial Solutions Pty LtdWantirna500605
Skilled Finance Pty LtdWantirna504587
Streubel, Emily CassandraWantirna511761
Taccone, Vicky MarieWantirna473920
Tan, King HUWantirna388490
Think Advantage Group Pty LtdWantirna393346
Wantirna Community Financial Services LimitedWantirna374845
White, Alex ElleryWantirna451308
Wilcox, Jason CoreyWantirna393349
Wilcox, NatalieWantirna393348
Willis, KellyWantirna473921
Witt, BarbaraWantirna490561