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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A Hart & P.w HartVarsity Lakes494791
Abernethy, ChadVarsity Lakes517293
Adonis, Isjla MaureenVarsity Lakes495890
Afsharkhas, ImanVarsity Lakes512565
Anderson, KerryVarsity Lakes489019
Apar Finance Pty LtdVarsity Lakes502963
Arnott, AdamVarsity Lakes517297
Atkinson, RobynVarsity Lakes496655
Baboulas, AlexanderVarsity Lakes513722
Bailey, StuartVarsity Lakes419173
Bailey, Travis WadeVarsity Lakes505168
Barry, GillianVarsity Lakes496613
Bell, DianeVarsity Lakes446278
Bennett Cameron, Bennett CameronVarsity Lakes496607
Bennett, MelissaVarsity Lakes516800
Bhatia, HarishVarsity Lakes495902
Billett, Emily-roseVarsity Lakes516802
Binney, AlexanderVarsity Lakes510963
Bird, SharonVarsity Lakes496595
Birkbeck, ZaraVarsity Lakes517568
Birrell, VictoriaVarsity Lakes514968
Bishop, Dayna CristyVarsity Lakes513489
Bisset-mccann, JordanVarsity Lakes518775
Blair, JacquelineVarsity Lakes517562
Bloom, SharneeVarsity Lakes517286
Boyles, MichaelVarsity Lakes516409
Bradford, David ScottVarsity Lakes474990
Brandon, MeganVarsity Lakes505773
Briggs, DarcyVarsity Lakes501339
Brokas, IzabellaVarsity Lakes516401
Brookes, JoanneVarsity Lakes481309
Brooks, NicoleVarsity Lakes504409
Brown-paul, TrentVarsity Lakes513732
Bruce, LauraVarsity Lakes508276
Bryden, JasmineVarsity Lakes513390
Burgess, CybelleVarsity Lakes517557
Burgess, HollyVarsity Lakes514960
Buric, NickolasVarsity Lakes505754
Burrows, ErinVarsity Lakes501341
Busby, SamanthaVarsity Lakes513726
Caltabiano, SelenaVarsity Lakes514237
Cameron, AudreyVarsity Lakes496605
Cameron, BrendaVarsity Lakes445950
Cangelosi, JuanVarsity Lakes495889
Canizares, Mark AndrewVarsity Lakes517278
Caraway, MatthewVarsity Lakes504403
Carrington, LukeVarsity Lakes517528
Carrington, StevenVarsity Lakes450594
Carroll, BriannaVarsity Lakes517555
Cawbray Pty LtdVarsity Lakes407582
Centaurus Wealth Pty LtdVarsity Lakes408074
Chaloner, SimonVarsity Lakes496604
Chamma, AladdineVarsity Lakes512568
Chapman, MeraiaVarsity Lakes488110
Chauhan, SandeepVarsity Lakes508255
Cheah, Chee MunVarsity Lakes493286
Chengubraydoo, KarishmaVarsity Lakes514148
Chesney, JacquelinVarsity Lakes462550
Choi, Soo JungVarsity Lakes514146
Chu Olivares, JovankaVarsity Lakes513385
Ciborowski, AtaretaVarsity Lakes505741
Clare, GiselleVarsity Lakes495888
Clark, BradleyVarsity Lakes518714
Clarke, MarcVarsity Lakes517299
Classic Holiday Club Pty LtdVarsity Lakes453794
Claxton, HoseaVarsity Lakes514962
Clayton, KristyannVarsity Lakes501342
Clerk, BrittanyVarsity Lakes518773
Coast And Country Financial Services Pty LtdVarsity Lakes513231
Collins, TiarniVarsity Lakes514783
Commane, CharmaineVarsity Lakes495920
Coombridge, JamieVarsity Lakes517530
Cooney, HaydnVarsity Lakes502118
Cooper, KaiVarsity Lakes518023
Coote, Jade Patricia-anneVarsity Lakes514441
Corbett, MelissaVarsity Lakes504441
Cowan, HannahVarsity Lakes462547
Curtis, BriannaVarsity Lakes518780
Dabas, SachinVarsity Lakes518017
Dalton, SimonVarsity Lakes500163
Daly, CandiceVarsity Lakes503171
Delaney, JasmineVarsity Lakes475331
Denton, HeidiVarsity Lakes505555
Dhamotharan, GangadharanVarsity Lakes516406
Donnelly, JessicaVarsity Lakes518776
Dube, MylesVarsity Lakes512563
Duong, Kim NgocVarsity Lakes467925
Dwarte, MelanieVarsity Lakes518014
Eade, JarredVarsity Lakes496621 Pty. Ltd.Varsity Lakes518885
Edwards, KirkVarsity Lakes510147
Eedy, Elizabeth BallantineVarsity Lakes495873
Efaraimo, ShandiVarsity Lakes510769
Elliott, StephanieVarsity Lakes518779
Emerton, JoshVarsity Lakes450617
Ewington, TraceyVarsity Lakes508274
Ffewkes, RachelVarsity Lakes517289
Fletcher, LeighVarsity Lakes495875
Ford, Paul EdwardVarsity Lakes388623
Forde, Jordon PatrickVarsity Lakes496327
Foster, StevenVarsity Lakes460835
Fryer, MicheleVarsity Lakes444832
Fuller, PatonVarsity Lakes502116
Gamble, JessicaVarsity Lakes504405
Garanovic, AlmiraVarsity Lakes450625
Garratt, JamesVarsity Lakes518777
Garside, VanessaVarsity Lakes517559
Gatea, DionVarsity Lakes516794
Gates, CheyenneVarsity Lakes508273
Geerlings, JethroVarsity Lakes496656
Gilligan, SimonVarsity Lakes505044
Glasgow, ZoeVarsity Lakes517570
Gleeson, AimeeVarsity Lakes509767
Gomez, AshleyVarsity Lakes504442
Graham, EbonyVarsity Lakes510766
Grant, DanielleVarsity Lakes518721
Grant, IanVarsity Lakes510966
Gray, NicoleVarsity Lakes517282
Griffiths, EmmaVarsity Lakes518715
Griffiths, TimothyVarsity Lakes513723
Grogan, JessicaVarsity Lakes512569
Guyer, StevenVarsity Lakes513388
Gwynne Pty LtdVarsity Lakes426831
Gwynne, PeterVarsity Lakes426849
Haddadi, KouroshVarsity Lakes499948
Hadfield, Jo-anneVarsity Lakes445975
Hagen-mullins, JasperVarsity Lakes516395
Halilovic, EdinVarsity Lakes495872
Hall, BenjaminVarsity Lakes508301
Hammad, SineadVarsity Lakes504452
Hammett, LachlanVarsity Lakes516798
Hankin, KirraVarsity Lakes517298
Hannagan Nominees Pty LtdVarsity Lakes495089
Hannon, MurrayVarsity Lakes513375
Harb, Vivian AssadVarsity Lakes512077
Harper, JasonVarsity Lakes475334
Harris-hughes, SandraVarsity Lakes514969
Hart, Philip WayneVarsity Lakes399916
Hawkins, LaraVarsity Lakes516793
Hely, MaddisonVarsity Lakes496664
Herman, JosephVarsity Lakes496630
Heskins, TeganVarsity Lakes517300
Hewitson, DionVarsity Lakes479156
Hill, TaliaVarsity Lakes446284
Hills, ZoeVarsity Lakes508306
Hodges, JosephVarsity Lakes518716
Holmes, RawiriVarsity Lakes496598
Hopper, MaxVarsity Lakes518774
Hubbers, MaddisonVarsity Lakes481313
Hughes-smith, MarkVarsity Lakes446286
Hunia, NikitaVarsity Lakes465391
Hunt, LeilaniVarsity Lakes496672
Hunter, GabiVarsity Lakes507494
Intasec Pty LtdVarsity Lakes507407
Invest Blue Pty LtdVarsity Lakes375044
Jackson, EmmaVarsity Lakes488111
Jensen, MathewVarsity Lakes517291
Jessop, LukeVarsity Lakes476335
Johnson, LuaunaVarsity Lakes517295
Katschner, IlonaVarsity Lakes496650
Kendall, MichelleVarsity Lakes507552
Kerwick, LloydVarsity Lakes517288
Khanna, KanchanVarsity Lakes511849
Khanum, ShaminaVarsity Lakes513377
King, CourtneyVarsity Lakes510960
King, FanVarsity Lakes501346
Knight, NatalieVarsity Lakes514967
Laajunen, LindaVarsity Lakes514784
Larkin, JayVarsity Lakes505744
Latoa, BenjaminVarsity Lakes517567
Leach, AshleighVarsity Lakes505750
Leach, JacksonVarsity Lakes510967
Levers, ChloeVarsity Lakes518021
Lewis, CarmenVarsity Lakes517569
Lewis, MarisaVarsity Lakes499949
Linlex Pty LtdVarsity Lakes471974
Littlewood, Jason KenjiVarsity Lakes497123
Locke, KellieVarsity Lakes452346
Louw, MichelleVarsity Lakes505553
Lui, NorrieVarsity Lakes517566
Macdonald, KathrynVarsity Lakes505779
Maera, MorganVarsity Lakes446482
Mahler, KimVarsity Lakes496673
Mahmutovic, ElmaVarsity Lakes514150
Manning, KadeVarsity Lakes518020
Martin, Guy EdenVarsity Lakes483149
Matenga, RyanVarsity Lakes518722
Mavrommatis, ReikoVarsity Lakes496616
Maynard, PetrinaVarsity Lakes510968
Mcalpine, Peter MichaelVarsity Lakes512078
Mcconnell, FionaVarsity Lakes517290
Mcdermott, ConanVarsity Lakes498971
Mcgrath, ConnorVarsity Lakes516394
Mcgrath, JackVarsity Lakes496657
Mcknight, DavidVarsity Lakes403133
Mcmillan, StephenVarsity Lakes513724
Mead, SarahVarsity Lakes518772
Mercer, JanineVarsity Lakes445742
Merigan, CherilynneVarsity Lakes513372
Mesanovic, AzraVarsity Lakes508269
Mody, SanjogtaVarsity Lakes507486
Morillo, ClaudiaVarsity Lakes518727
Muddle, SelbyVarsity Lakes506418
Mundt, KylieVarsity Lakes453619
Murphy, Bradley JamesVarsity Lakes459636
Najjar, NatashjaVarsity Lakes517279
Nano, AlexandriaVarsity Lakes512562
Neary, Natasha MarieVarsity Lakes508507
Neill, KevinVarsity Lakes505047
Nelson, PaulVarsity Lakes508302
Newby, JordanVarsity Lakes517525
Norvill, SamVarsity Lakes517532
O'brien, CourtneyVarsity Lakes518012
O'donnell, HayleyVarsity Lakes513728
Obod, LucyVarsity Lakes518010
Oliver, RhodaVarsity Lakes503173
Orton, AndrewVarsity Lakes450699
Owens, PhillipVarsity Lakes496651
Parsons, ElishaVarsity Lakes490434
Pask, SilinaVarsity Lakes496665
Patel, BineetaVarsity Lakes496679
Pcf Wealth Pty LtdVarsity Lakes507531
Pedraza Arias, Carlos AlbertoVarsity Lakes482547
Penas, KristineVarsity Lakes518723
Penjaq Pty LtdVarsity Lakes458582
Pereira, TiannaVarsity Lakes516801
Pericleous, AndrewVarsity Lakes371228
Perry, David MichaelVarsity Lakes470069
Perry, DennisVarsity Lakes376659
Petty, WendyVarsity Lakes508303
Pinchin, SusanVarsity Lakes508300
Powell, PieterVarsity Lakes495876
Pruchniewicz, GabriellaVarsity Lakes517565
Puailiu, Emily-janeVarsity Lakes499951
Pucci, FrancaVarsity Lakes509773
Pulford, ToddVarsity Lakes507372
Q Financial Group Pty LtdVarsity Lakes501575
Queensland Financial Services Varsity Lakes Pty LtdVarsity Lakes488967
Quinlan, RosimeireVarsity Lakes517554
Rados, AdrianaVarsity Lakes503488
Rangi, PatsyVarsity Lakes510961
Redfearn, KevinVarsity Lakes406499
Rees, TatianaVarsity Lakes495881
Reid, ZacheriaVarsity Lakes513735
Richardson, KimVarsity Lakes506429
Rickards, LoganVarsity Lakes518720
Ricketts Dalton, DanielaVarsity Lakes516407
Rix, KerrinVarsity Lakes506419
Roberts, NathanVarsity Lakes518728
Robertson, Hugh StaffordVarsity Lakes400962
Robinson, AlieshaVarsity Lakes504408
Rogers, MataVarsity Lakes513730
Roots, Megan LeighVarsity Lakes495187
Rose, TrentVarsity Lakes375093
Rothlisberg, Debbie AnneVarsity Lakes478471
Rourke-baldwin, NikitaVarsity Lakes517526
Ruddy, AlexVarsity Lakes445766
Ryan, Michael JohnVarsity Lakes495931
Saldana, VoltaireVarsity Lakes444866
Sanbits Pty LtdVarsity Lakes485709
Sankey, KatrinaVarsity Lakes518781
Sas, Anthony GabrialVarsity Lakes419678
Sauchella, ChantelleVarsity Lakes514789
Saunders, MorganVarsity Lakes518013
Scarborough, JadeVarsity Lakes518018
Scorse, TaleajVarsity Lakes501028
Scott, OwenVarsity Lakes446666
Scrivens, TobyVarsity Lakes518713
Seq Investigations Pty LtdVarsity Lakes503616
Sheikha, SameerahVarsity Lakes518015
Shelton, BiancaVarsity Lakes496660
Silay, CathalVarsity Lakes496666
Sime, RebekahVarsity Lakes518768
Simpkins, MatthewVarsity Lakes488073
Sims, PaulVarsity Lakes496167
Sinclair, KaitlynVarsity Lakes506428
Singh, ShashiVarsity Lakes516408
Skipper, BrookeVarsity Lakes518771
Smith, AdamVarsity Lakes372040
Smith, MckeelyVarsity Lakes505762
Snooks, WadeVarsity Lakes517260
Spark, GrahamVarsity Lakes446674
Spellacy, DianeVarsity Lakes518769
Star Mortgage Australia Pty LtdVarsity Lakes518664
Sterl Lending Services Pty LtdVarsity Lakes476680
Stevenson, AndrewVarsity Lakes416632
Stevenson, TimothyVarsity Lakes513295
Stockwell, Michael SVarsity Lakes482631
Stojanovski, VladanVarsity Lakes512830
Stojovski, DannyVarsity Lakes479579
Stokoe- Bissolati, MicahVarsity Lakes518770
Stower, RachaelVarsity Lakes450735
Sully, RachelVarsity Lakes517561
Susan, ElizabethVarsity Lakes488117
TE Wini, HaydenVarsity Lakes518778
Tarr, Ryan KeithVarsity Lakes427833
Tatters, MitchellVarsity Lakes512614
Taylor, AshleeVarsity Lakes518718
Taylor, TineshaVarsity Lakes462499
Tearle, HollyVarsity Lakes518024
Terry, RhiannonVarsity Lakes518022
Thompson, Gary FrancesVarsity Lakes514440
Thompson, RyanVarsity Lakes500168
Thurstun, JudyVarsity Lakes517294
Tibbits, Sandra ElizabethVarsity Lakes485710
Toledo, MarceloVarsity Lakes517524
Tongs, GerardVarsity Lakes504453
Tonkin, Anne-marie RitaVarsity Lakes502467
Tonkin, PeterVarsity Lakes514234
Toosi, Seyed-behrangVarsity Lakes495887
Touchstone Finance Pty LtdVarsity Lakes507371
Tuarae, MamaVarsity Lakes518025
Uriega Villalobos, RicardoVarsity Lakes496326
Vailini, FaalasiaVarsity Lakes481315
Vanlierop, DanielleVarsity Lakes504445
Varsity Lakes Financial Services LimitedVarsity Lakes374843
Vrbancic, Ana-linaVarsity Lakes509966
Wajda, Martin JanVarsity Lakes425147
Walker, EleanorVarsity Lakes505755
Walker, LouiseVarsity Lakes504465
Ward, CameronVarsity Lakes513392
Waters, NicolaVarsity Lakes517564
Watts, StevenVarsity Lakes479153
Wealth Technology Financial Planning Pty LtdVarsity Lakes474588
Westerlund, GenevieveVarsity Lakes452326
Whalan, KarenVarsity Lakes510151
Wharekawa, TaniaVarsity Lakes444892
Wheal, Shane DarrenVarsity Lakes388627
Whyman, Judith LynnVarsity Lakes501283
Wilden, TanyaVarsity Lakes479160
Wilson, FrancisVarsity Lakes518726
Wilson, LaurieVarsity Lakes517553
Wilson, WilliamVarsity Lakes512615
Woodward, MackenzieVarsity Lakes517531
Woodwiss, MeganVarsity Lakes496593
Woolley, VanessaVarsity Lakes482632
Yates, RorreyVarsity Lakes504460
Youssef, Salib FahimVarsity Lakes518678