Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Anand, VibhuThomastown515873
Balehosur, ManoharThomastown481045
Cheng, Ling WanThomastown509314
Continental Equity Pty LtdThomastown507178
Cracknell, Darryl JohnThomastown494864
Dro Property Investments Pty LtdThomastown494863
Elliott, PeterThomastown366551
Fernando, AnilThomastown516614
Fin Guru Pty LtdThomastown456375
Finante Revenue Pty LtdThomastown486942
Global Ethical Finance Pty. Ltd.Thomastown501598
Gorr Finance Pty LtdThomastown508651
Gorton, JohnThomastown377419
Gray, Reginald EdwardThomastown429363
Greenwealth Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Thomastown485725
HK Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Thomastown478054
Hamza, AliThomastown495645
Holtham, Mathew RobertThomastown512660
Ivey, David ScottThomastown460591
Jain, AbhinavThomastown480198
Jnd Finance Pty LtdThomastown500362
Junawan, Sendy BahariThomastown393546
Kathpal, HiteshThomastown498660
Ke, ShuangshengThomastown469059
Kempaiah, VikasThomastown507705
Khalil, Hussam IbrahimThomastown505040
Kumar, RajeshThomastown499927
Kumar, RakeshThomastown456599
Lisa Phillips Group Pty LtdThomastown480675
Lowther, CraigThomastown367584
Maloney, DarrenThomastown425767
Mathew, PhilipThomastown367075
Matsoukas, StavrosThomastown366108
NQ Hai Anh Pty LtdThomastown512269
Nadda, NajimThomastown499131
Namo Pty LtdThomastown480988
Nasser, ZakariyaThomastown482144
Nayak, SantoshThomastown415262
Nguyen, Hai AnhThomastown512268
Phillips, LisaThomastown480656
Pop, ElisabetaThomastown429901
Saleem, OmarThomastown366103
Sauhrid, Mir SawamThomastown515115
Sawant, HarshadThomastown505686
Shah, Hardik NavnitbhaiThomastown461321
Sheo, Chun YIThomastown501788
Silva, MelitusThomastown474690
Singh, RajwinderThomastown514457
Singh, SandeepThomastown485726
Tanveer, TanveerThomastown514157
Terauds, Guntis ImantsThomastown516233
The Lending Centre (vic) Pty. Ltd.Thomastown415263
Tran, TrinhThomastown491195
Vashisht, AnchitThomastown501399