Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 3, 2019

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Amore, DaniellaTemplestowe443055
Australia Pacific Financial Services Pty LtdTemplestowe483658
Australian Capital Solutions Pty LtdTemplestowe511811
Bagala, LaurenTemplestowe459685
Buxtfam Enterprises Pty LtdTemplestowe388541
Buxton, Rodney DouglasTemplestowe388542
Capital 72 Pty LtdTemplestowe477056
Chen, WeilinTemplestowe508858
Ellard, MichelleTemplestowe405833
Esler, KennethTemplestowe399193
Financial One Group Pty. Ltd.Templestowe496367
Fu, YzxzaoTemplestowe495111
Goel, RajatTemplestowe502514
H.w. & H. Investments Pty. Ltd.Templestowe493239
Harvey, MarschelleTemplestowe517389
Hon, Shan YungTemplestowe509257
Integrity Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdTemplestowe491914
Jkb Finance Solutions Pty LtdTemplestowe502513
Lee, Tabatha PennyTemplestowe427200
Liang, Hua WeiTemplestowe515554
Momentum S Group Pty LtdTemplestowe509258
Mustafa, FatmirTemplestowe411236
Nihill, KimTemplestowe459686
Peony Finance Pty LtdTemplestowe515553
Poci, AnthonyTemplestowe370234
Riminni Pty. Ltd.Templestowe505608
Rohde, LyleTemplestowe502188
S & S Consulting Services Pty LtdTemplestowe504017
Sembo Pty. Ltd.Templestowe406044
Sheehan, Timothy VincentTemplestowe436865
Singh, GurpreetTemplestowe501662
Singh, RatanjitTemplestowe483685
Su, SusanTemplestowe512492
Tang, WesleyTemplestowe517910
Vlassis, ChristopherTemplestowe399845
Xia, YanTemplestowe475885
Xnc Pty LtdTemplestowe481941
Zhang, ZehuaTemplestowe517971
Zinnker Finance Pty LtdTemplestowe508691