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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Altren Group Pty LtdSurfers Paradise504152
Aqua Loans Australia Pty LtdSurfers Paradise517365
Bell, PatrickSurfers Paradise483714
Bettany, NicholasSurfers Paradise516619
Brandt, Karl IvanSurfers Paradise499518
Bray, RoxanneSurfers Paradise510863
Broadwater Mortgage And Finance Pty LtdSurfers Paradise488771
C.a.s.t. Investments Pty LtdSurfers Paradise377314
Cagney, James FrederickSurfers Paradise462890
Cantarella, Justin JosephSurfers Paradise479637
Davies, Scott AnthonySurfers Paradise394049
Deen, Volkert RonnieSurfers Paradise509924
Dunne, Michael JamesSurfers Paradise388644
Elk Financier Pty LtdSurfers Paradise407326
Findlay, ReneeSurfers Paradise481246
Fogarty, LachlanSurfers Paradise425082 Pty LtdSurfers Paradise488424
GK Foncier Pty LtdSurfers Paradise395841
Goldsmith-scott, ScotSurfers Paradise505675
Hammond, Adam JosephSurfers Paradise517434
Harding, ElizabethSurfers Paradise496387
Harper, GeorgeSurfers Paradise517435
Harris, BenSurfers Paradise405131
Healey, Lisa PatriciaSurfers Paradise391863
Kebblewhite Van Basten Corporation Pty LimitedSurfers Paradise396542
Kebblewhite, Ian MatthewSurfers Paradise395846
Long, Karen AnneSurfers Paradise373699
Maitland, MeganSurfers Paradise506909
Manning, Peter LeonardSurfers Paradise484629
Maven Dental Group Pty LtdSurfers Paradise495662
Mawdsley, TanaSurfers Paradise496066
Mcintyre, ChristopherSurfers Paradise397885
Menzies, DarrelSurfers Paradise397889
Mistshore Pty LtdSurfers Paradise487794
Morley, MelissaSurfers Paradise496181
Nash, Daniel CraigSurfers Paradise456862
O'reilly, Jack DavidSurfers Paradise441729
P & J ManningSurfers Paradise484593
Pacific Commodity Brokers Pty LtdSurfers Paradise398613
Parabann Pty LtdSurfers Paradise365158
Paza Holdings Pty LtdSurfers Paradise473881
Quelhurst, NicoleSurfers Paradise397888
Raillard, Emeraude LucienneSurfers Paradise488913
Ramchandani, PuneetSurfers Paradise517366
Rgf Finance Pty LtdSurfers Paradise505869
Robinson, DerekSurfers Paradise383211
Ross, KristySurfers Paradise496068
Russell, NatashaSurfers Paradise496064
Samtess Pty LtdSurfers Paradise394047
Scarrott, Graham MarkSurfers Paradise479497
Sippel, WayneSurfers Paradise383212
Stone, Samuel MichaelSurfers Paradise458697
Thompson, Grant DavidSurfers Paradise381673
Tsoi, Yik HanSurfers Paradise377457
Vychytil, JiriSurfers Paradise476307
Williams, StephenSurfers Paradise510083
Winley, MatthewSurfers Paradise433577