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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Abh Financial Services Australia Pty LtdSouthport403208
Abh Financial Services Pty LtdSouthport374998
Acw Finance Pty LtdSouthport505454
Aim Finance Australia Pty. Ltd.Southport422340
Allstar Financial Pty. Ltd.Southport482141
Approved Car Loans Pty LtdSouthport408733
Armour Financial Services Pty LtdSouthport495420
Australasian Finance & Leasing Pty LtdSouthport500868
Babic, MarioSouthport369527
Bai, OUSouthport481138
Baker, JulieSouthport511071
Ballard, Jordan BrianSouthport514444
Balmain NB Commercial Mortgages (gold Coast) Pty LimitedSouthport366578
Belicka, Meegan-leaSouthport474010
Bernard, AdrianSouthport374997
Bnm Finance Solutions Pty LtdSouthport506914
Boutique Lending House Pty LtdSouthport499496
Bruce Lynton Pty. Ltd.Southport396043
Carkeek, Simone ElissaSouthport408734
Christie, Brent HaroldSouthport512651
Ciga Finance Pty LtdSouthport511533
Clemow, ReineSouthport471832
Collins, Adam TroySouthport479797
Contego Financial Solutions Pty LtdSouthport472433
Coventon, JenniferSouthport381564
Damora, Kylie MelissaSouthport514257
Davidson, MeganSouthport381201
Dawson, BradleySouthport443819
Dbs Southport Pty LtdSouthport372549
Demas, JamieSouthport372641
Denehey, Wayne StanleySouthport497305
Densley-law, Samantha ClareSouthport514636
Devlin, Vivienne AdeleSouthport507549
Duan, RuoxuSouthport500885
Duffy, LouiseSouthport504908
Durie, Gregory JamesSouthport456310
Evans, CameronSouthport452275
Farmer, StephanieSouthport388799
Ganet, JacqueSouthport477763
Gilliland, ChristineSouthport400545
Giltrap-ryall, Jordan MichaelSouthport508351
Glosko, MathewSouthport375023
Green, SimonSouthport404766
HQ Financial Solutions (aust) Pty LtdSouthport420229
Halse, Kay-tSouthport482679
Hanneman, CatrionaSouthport475108
Harris, DanaeSouthport511712
Hay, Alister DouglasSouthport454024
Hoffman, Kim LouiseSouthport392090
Hollis, RobynSouthport494603
Holloway, MitchellSouthport484511
Integral Financial Enterprises Pty. Ltd.Southport413010
J And J Finance Southport Pty LtdSouthport498755
JK Lending Pty LtdSouthport499165
James Frizelle's Automotive Group Pty. Ltd.Southport504725
Jarman, Marc EdwardSouthport490275
Jessmatt Pty Ltd & Pennell Family TrustSouthport364652
Jin, DISouthport456094
Jlm Brokerage Pty LtdSouthport513463
Jmgr Finance Pty LtdSouthport508604
Jones, GlynSouthport511474
Kapper, SarahSouthport515349
Keft, KirstenSouthport515123
Kennedy, WayneSouthport506305
Khalil, VanessaSouthport507128
Killian, Thomas JosephSouthport374680
Kwik Finance (qld) Pty LtdSouthport479250
Kwik Finance Pty. Ltd.Southport479251
Ldw Finance Group Pty LtdSouthport397663
Lim, JI SooSouthport381565
Lindley, Anthony GerardSouthport391722
Lrd Initiative Pty LtdSouthport464514
Lydeamore, CraigSouthport515522
MC Southport Pty LtdSouthport515534
Mackinnon, KarleighSouthport496131
Martin, Simon LukeSouthport422289
Mcpherson, Sharron LeeSouthport414045
Mercer, Andrew JohnSouthport492855
Millican, LynelleSouthport426282
Mortgage Super Centre Pty LtdSouthport385434
Murphy, Brett JohnSouthport514443
Mysmartproperty Pty LtdSouthport513219
Nakhla, James JasonSouthport372778
Neilsen, John LlewellynSouthport504800
Nocerino, Diana KimleeSouthport379089
O'donnell, ScottSouthport376000
O'sullivan, TerenceSouthport369015
Oceania Solutions Pty LtdSouthport456093
Pedley, IanSouthport369668
Pennell, Noel RobertSouthport364948
Phillips, JessicaSouthport507208
Professional Lending Corporation Pty. Ltd.Southport431468
Richardson, DavidSouthport367071
Richardson, Samantha ClareSouthport453536
Richardson, SimoneSouthport368094
Rmr Management Pty LtdSouthport486747
Rowe, Robert DenzilSouthport502510
Rwe & C Pty LtdSouthport507309
Schapowal, MichaelSouthport408615
Shrestha, MihirSouthport486828
Siviour, Paolo SantiagoSouthport507408
Splendid Group Pty LtdSouthport481137
Sullivan, GrantSouthport402018
Supernation Wealth Pty LtdSouthport467174
Teamwork International Financial Services Pty LtdSouthport408797
The Trustee For Jmgr Discretionary TrustSouthport508352
The Trustee For The Martin Family TrustSouthport434777
The Trustee For The Michael Lewis TrustSouthport511663
Thorn, RoderickSouthport477234
Thurston, MarkSouthport395491
Valavi, AlirezaSouthport506489
Vannucci, ErynSouthport495419
Vannucci, MatthewSouthport412372
Vazey, GeorgeSouthport364627
Vazey, MattSouthport440232
Vigus, Mark AshleySouthport472778
WK Solutions Pty LtdSouthport506192
Werder, TaraSouthport511729
Whittle, StuartSouthport373245
Wilkes, LeighSouthport400081
Wilkinson, Karen LeslieSouthport372779
Witalik, AdamSouthport380819
Wizard Gold Coast Pty LtdSouthport367903
Wood, David AnthonySouthport477366
Yang, Bobby LongSouthport506913