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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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All Access Finance Pty LtdSouth Yarra446740
Althaus, EstherSouth Yarra369985
Anc International Holdings Pty LtdSouth Yarra508855
Ausadvisory Group Pty LtdSouth Yarra494260
Baernthaler, DmitraSouth Yarra517595
Barber, ChayaSouth Yarra510322
Barut Pty LtdSouth Yarra510992
Boghani, Rajesh ChhaganlalSouth Yarra506188
Brar, Hardeep SinghSouth Yarra507682
Budgeting Works Pty. Ltd.South Yarra436831
Bwm Licensees Pty. Ltd.South Yarra474369
C & M Howitt Pty LtdSouth Yarra393188
Cheong, Howard ChoiSouth Yarra511593
Chong, Joshua Yew-chengSouth Yarra509368
Condon, Marshall LeeSouth Yarra433492
Conquest, Lanie KathrynSouth Yarra504735
Consolidated FS Pty LtdSouth Yarra374098
Conte, David JosephSouth Yarra488763
Cooch, AlexanderSouth Yarra499144
Craig, Robert BruceSouth Yarra427149
Danish-ul-haque, MuhammadSouth Yarra514481
Dansart Pty LtdSouth Yarra475977
Dick, GeorgeSouth Yarra482250
Duan, MinfangSouth Yarra514751
Dudley, James EdwardSouth Yarra427150
Ease Group OF Companies Pty LtdSouth Yarra509315
Edge Lending Pty LtdSouth Yarra513932
Empire Broking Pty LtdSouth Yarra518152
Emporium Finance Pty. Ltd.South Yarra476355
Faife, Kristin GerardSouth Yarra462079
Finance Dynamix Pty LtdSouth Yarra518228
Five Rivers Bookkeeping Pty LtdSouth Yarra474786
Florens Pty LtdSouth Yarra511370
Fu, YUSouth Yarra471792
Fulqrum Group Pty LtdSouth Yarra514420
Giertz, RebeccaSouth Yarra498156
Grant, FreyaSouth Yarra507791
Grigg, Peter CliveSouth Yarra510971
Gunceler, AzarSouth Yarra483402
Hampton Group Holdings Pty LtdSouth Yarra504528
Harrington Consulting Pty LtdSouth Yarra512225
Harrington, Peter ThomasSouth Yarra512224
Heighten Finance Pty LtdSouth Yarra513960
Hosking, Lindsay LawrenceSouth Yarra510970
Howitt, Charles GodfreySouth Yarra393189
Ieko, YannickSouth Yarra432000
Jayasinghe, DennisSouth Yarra519050
Julnor Enterprises Pty LtdSouth Yarra402150
Karacan, ErkanSouth Yarra392614
Kaur, ManinderSouth Yarra474787
Kenos, LeeSouth Yarra508935
Kenter, BaileySouth Yarra507323
Kris Faife & Associates Pty LtdSouth Yarra500838
Lapthorne, JarrodSouth Yarra504012 Pty LtdSouth Yarra429141
Lycka Enterprises Pty LtdSouth Yarra489663
Macfarlaine, HelenSouth Yarra460354
Mahon, MatthewSouth Yarra493581
Mathai, Jijo OoramkuzhiyilSouth Yarra493315
Mclean, Kenneth AshleySouth Yarra517329
Merchant Street Pty. Ltd.South Yarra441435
Milburn, Brendan JohnSouth Yarra409157
Monark Property Finance Pty LtdSouth Yarra433780
Moylan, DavidSouth Yarra446939
Nguyen, GiangSouth Yarra477705
Noonan, StephanieSouth Yarra460245
Oakline Nominees Pty LtdSouth Yarra441432
Orange Financial Services Pty LtdSouth Yarra444041
Pack Finance Pty LtdSouth Yarra511592
Pantazopoulos, PaulSouth Yarra476441
Peason, SamanthaSouth Yarra476166
Perkins, Christopher WilliamSouth Yarra512469
Persoglia, Katherine EllenSouth Yarra492286
Perspective Financial Services Pty LtdSouth Yarra386114
Plotzza, Gary WilliamSouth Yarra515928
Punter, MatthewSouth Yarra474370
Rai, ManojSouth Yarra518729
Robilliard, Bijan JacqueSouth Yarra450244
Roger Boghani Loan & Mortgage Services Pty LtdSouth Yarra506146
SF Lending Pty LtdSouth Yarra471777
Saas Trading Pty LtdSouth Yarra514208
Sartori, Troy GarrySouth Yarra393330
Sharma, PratibhaSouth Yarra518695
Singh, JasmeetSouth Yarra493056
Singh, JaspreetSouth Yarra514019
Singh, TaranjitSouth Yarra488546
Slade-jacobson, AdamSouth Yarra433826
Smith, IsabelSouth Yarra417787
Sneddon, Daniel GeorgeSouth Yarra496079
Stafford, Leigh BruceSouth Yarra370026
Stellar Asia Pacific Pty LtdSouth Yarra491630
Stepancic, MarioSouth Yarra369188
Stewart, DerhamSouth Yarra517455
Stone, Lisa AnneSouth Yarra487997
Surfcoast Life Pty LimitedSouth Yarra504734
Syfs Group Pty LtdSouth Yarra408832
T & T Capital Pty LtdSouth Yarra485631
Taggan Group Pty LtdSouth Yarra374116
Tamm, NicholasSouth Yarra515845
Tanishka Traders Pty LtdSouth Yarra518672
Tax Affair Financial Pty LtdSouth Yarra510972
The Advice Exchange (melbourne) Pty. Ltd.South Yarra413595
The Trustee For Saas Family TrustSouth Yarra514217
Thoms, Gordon GreySouth Yarra372406
Together Financial Services Pty LtdSouth Yarra516765
Urban Property Finance Pty LtdSouth Yarra508841
Van Estrop, Hillary DennisSouth Yarra516784
Vip Corporate Pty LtdSouth Yarra483401
Waheji Pty LtdSouth Yarra507648
Wang, XuefeiSouth Yarra494261
Watkins, GlenSouth Yarra518786
Watson, Rochelle JaySouth Yarra487998
Weeks, Natalie JayneSouth Yarra519152
Wei, DavidSouth Yarra508874
Woon, Paul HueySouth Yarra494632
Wu, NicholasSouth Yarra474023
Wyld, MarkSouth Yarra414442